Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Prepare for the Christmas Rush of Shoe Shopping

As a shoe store owner, there are certain occasions where you need to prepare for what they call the “shopping rush.” This is the time of the year when almost everyone seems to be at the mall, searching for something, everything. One of these moments is during the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for giving gifts and trying new things, especially for Christmas parties. Besides the clothes and jewelry to wear, shoes are also an issue. This is why many shoe stores are cramped during this season. Sellers make sure to buy wholesale women’s shoes and fill up their racks in order to meet the demands of people on that day. If you are not prepared for the Christmas rush, you could lose a lot of opportunities to make money and garner some loyal customers.

To help you prepare for the Christmas rush, here is a guideline on keeping your store up and ready for whenever the working class decides to make their shopping sprees.

1. Order shoes at least 3 weeks to a month before the rush

For many shoe sellers, buying shoes on a budget can be an issue, especially during the holidays. If you buy your stocks of shoes during peak season, you might end up spending over your budget. Unfortunately on Christmas, your supplier might end up increasing their prices as well. In order to avoid this increase, order your shoes 3 weeks or a month beforehand. At least, by Christmas time, you still have a lot of shoes for sale and you’ve only invested at regular price. You won’t have to worry about paying extra money just because you bought your stocks during peak season. Rent a good storage space to keep the shoes in good condition while you’re preparing for the Christmas rush. It’s always better to buy beforehand to save money and avoid running out of shoes during peak hours.

2. Be updated with the latest fashion

What good will it do you and your shoe store if you buy stocks of shoes and end up not selling them because they are not the current trend? You need to make sure that every design or style of shoe that you buy is currently trending in the fashion industry. You cannot buy outdated shoes and expect them to sell of the racks. You need to give your customers what they want – updated fashion.

3. Get the schedule of your employees prepared

It’s not good to come to an empty shoe store. If there are a lot of shoppers on that day, then there should also be a lot of employees to help them pick out the shoes they need. When it’s peak season like Christmas, be prepared with a good schedule for your employees. Give them bonuses so they’ll be prepared to extend their hours or add new days to their schedule just for the Christmas rush. The more people to help your customers, the better it’ll be for your business – profit and reputation wise.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Suggested Types of Shoes for Christmas

Christmas is a time of gift-giving and parties. If people won’t be looking for shoes to give to friends and family, they’ll end up buying something to wear to their company Christmas party. Christmas season is definitely a time to prepare your shoe store for more possible sales. If you have bought enough fashion shoes on wholesale, then you just might impress your customers with the extensive variety and collections you have at your store. And when it’s Christmas, everyone wants one or two of these types of shoes.

1. Boots – in some places, Christmas equals winter. So once the Christmas season starts, it’s also time to start selling your best boots. This means you need to restock your stylish leather boots collection, calf boots, winter boots collection and any other thick-material made boots that any girl might be interested in. Although fur boots and Uggs aren’t all that popular anymore, there may still be a few people who might look for those kinds of boots. After all, when it’s winter, not all people dress for fashion anymore. Despite that, it’s always best to look for warm, thick but fashionable boots for those who like to take a risk for fashion.

2. Booties – because of Christmas parties, not all boots may be appropriate at times. In fact, if you’ll be attending an indoor party, fur boots may not be recommended at all. Instead, you might want to look for a pair of warm booties to fill your feet instead. Booties are almost like boots, covering up most parts of your foot up to your ankles. However, they still have high heels and are quite fashionable to wear. If you want to look your best for a party, booties may be your best option.

3. Knee high boots – not everyone wears these kinds of boots. But for an outdoor event, knee-high boots may be a good idea on a cold day. Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also keep your feet and legs warm inside the boots. At the same time, with a good heel height, you won’t need to stray far from long skirts or trench coats either. Give your customers a good selection of knee-high boots just for this season.

4. Flat shoes – when you’re taking a time out from work and parties, it’s time to settle down with friends and family at home, with a fire and some hot chocolate. During these downtimes, people will need a pair of shoes where they can simply relax without any pain or discomfort. Flat shoes are the best types of shoes to enjoy a quiet evening with. Flat shoes are warm and comfortable, especially for use inside the house.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Shipping on Ceriwholesale!

Nothing is ever too late! Despite the fact that it’s Christmas season and everything else is priced way too high to take advantage of the upcoming festivities, Ceriwholesale will be giving shoe shop owners a chance to save some money while they buy wholesale women’s shoes to restock their stores. You won’t have to worry about blowing all of your cash on stocks anymore.

When you have a supplier like Ceriwholesale, one of your biggest worries – besides getting the stocks you want – is paying for the shipping fee, which is usually paid above the total amount of your shoes. If you happen to buy more shoes, then you’re entitled to pay a bigger amount of shipping fee. As a store owner, this can be a big hassle. Of course, you really can’t just go pick them up, after all, if you’re ordering a lot, you won’t be able to handle all of it. Thus, paying for the shipping fee is an essential part of your investment.

This Christmas, Ceriwholesale gives shoe store owners a special promo that will help them during the highly sought out season.

From December 1 to December 21, Ceriwholesale offers its clients a free shipping promo for those with purchases over $150! This means everyone who buys a pack of shoes worth $150 or more can enjoy their shoes shipped straight to their homes for free! For those who own shoe stores, this may just be the lucky break that you need. Since shipping fees can be quite a hefty investment, now is the time to beat the odds and purchase the shoes you want and need without worrying about extra overhead prizes.

To help you pick out the shoes to buy, here are a few suggestions:

Boots – since Winter is slowly creeping in, your shoe store has to be ready with the best winter boots possible. Besides winter boots, you can always count on thigh-high boots, fur boots and leather boots, which are all popular types of shoes for a cold season. Usually, boots can be pretty expensive. But if you buy them now with Ceriwholesale’s discount, you might be able to sell your shoes at a cheaper price – and still get a good profit out of it!

High heeled Booties – Winter and Christmas isn’t exactly a weather-friendly combination. Because of the festive season, this means there will be several women looking for shoes to wear to special Christmas parties. But because it’s Christmas, they’ll end up looking for boots. Give them the option to wear high heels and remain warm by selling booties. Nothing like a little style and comfort to make your customers happy.

What are you waiting for? Ceriwholesale’s free shipping promo will last until December 21.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ceriwholesale Welcomes You to Their Holiday Sale!

Ahh. Holidays. Sales. Do you know what the best part of the year is? It’s both the holidays and the sales put together! While that’s a rare case because holidays are the perfect days to sell and make money, this is different for Ceriwholesale. Just when everyone increases their prices to sell more and earn more this upcoming holidays, Ceriwholesale brings to you their collection especially for the holidays itself.

Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, whatever you call it. The holidays are a great reason to dress up and have fun while you’re at it. Schools will be holding parties to celebrate the end of the year. Families will throw dinner parties and plan travels to special destinations. People have to start dressing up for the holidays. If they have the right clothes, they should also have the right pairs of shoes. This is why you need to prepare and start purchasing holiday fashion shoes on wholesale. The earlier you can put good shoes on the market, the more you can sell to your target market.

To help you choose the types of holiday shoes to sell, here are a few of our star shoes:

1. Holiday Peep toe Pumps

There’s just something about gold, silver and black, right? When you’re going to a holiday party, you have to dress your best. And there’s nothing more sophisticated than wearing beautiful pumps with sophisticated colors. This pair of peep toe pumps has a height of 6 inches, including the platform. It may be uncomfortable, but if you want to make an elegant statement, high, high heels are a definite must have. The design of the shoes is also decorated with pretty rhinestones and glitter material that make it shine above all others. At $186 for 12 pairs, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

2. Evening strappy sandals

On the other hand, if you truly want to make a statement with your friends and family, this pair of evening strappy sandals makes the perfect pair of shoes. Available in gold and silver, this 5 inch pair of shoes is designed with glittery, strappy sandals that reach up to your calf. The straps are filled with tiny rhinestones so you can imagine the glimmer it can make during evening events. This pair of shoes will definitely look good with any gorgeous dress or gown for special occasions. Dress to impress? Check!

3. Evening Prom sandals

When you look at this pair of shoes, one thing will come to mind: PROM. And for teenagers who might be looking for something to wear to their school dances, this pair might be an option. Since it is less high than the other gorgeous sandals, it may be a little more comfortable to wear. It’ll also be a good option for those who have chubby feet. Slingback shoes and peep toes give the illusion of length instead of width so this pair is the ideal pair. With rhinestone embellishments, this pair of shoes comes in silver, black and champagne colors.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Clearance Sale on Ceriwholesale!

Do you know what the best part of Thanksgiving is? It’s the sale that every shop around the world seems to be holding! And why wouldn’t they? It’s Thanksgiving, after all. That being said, Ceriwholesale is not one to lack in celebration. In fact, they’re very generous this Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Ceriwholesale is giving out wholesale women’s shoes at 20 – 40% off its original price! And if you’re a retail seller of shoes, 20 – 40% is already a huge deal. So what are you waiting for? Avail now of some of our items on sale!

To give you an idea of the shoes that you can buy, here are a few interesting shoes.

1. Spiked platform pumps

Gone are the days when women would just step back and let the men do the job. Today, it’s a woman’s job to look awesome in a killer outfit. And with these shoes, she can definitely accomplish being awesome and looking like a killer. We kid, we kid. But those spikes are surely something. If they don’t catch your attention, what can? These gorgeous pumps are on sale for over $40 off the price for 12 pairs! Imagine how much money you can earn if you sell these to your customers. We bet it’ll be off the racks once you display them.

2. Winter boots

Did you forget Winter is about to come? If you did, then it’s definitely time to invest in these shoes. Boots are a definite must have for the cold season. You can’t run out of stocks, otherwise, you could lose the chance to earn. These Winter boots from Ceriwholesale is available in 5 colors – mustard, red, black, brown and purple. For 12 pairs, you can get it at $168! From its original price, you’ve saved as much as $60! For retail shoe sellers, $60 is a pretty big deal. Now that everyone is probably looking for Winter boots, these would be an ideal investment.

3. Calf boots

Calf Boots

Do we really have to emphasize on the fact that everyone truly needs boots this winter? No? Well, anyway, these calf boots from Ceriwholesale make a great investment as well. If the winter boots above aren’t enough to fill your racks, other people may also be interested in simple and classy boots like these. Although it’s only available in 3 colors – taupe, brown and black, the straps at its sides make it seem very elegant. Don’t worry, these boots don’t have heels so customers will enjoy walking around in them during Winter. Best news, yet? These are actually even cheaper than the Winter boots!

4. Checkered pumps

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something less Winter but more stylish, these checkered pumps might make the cut. Despite the fact that it’s made of fabric material that could easily be harmed when wet, it will still be a good pair of shoes for indoor events. The shoes have a heel height of 4.5 inches, so it’s definitely not an outdoor pair, especially if it snows outside.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clearance Sale at Ceriwholesale!

It’s that time of the season again when everything new gets reduced rates! Because we offer wholesale women’s shoes, this is a great time for retailers to take advantage of the sale and get their shop more stocks to sell. Here are just a few of the great shoes for sale on Ceriwholesale this November:

Flats Galore

Flat shoes are always undermined by platform shoes and high heels. However, flats are really comfortable and taller women like to wear them for longer walks. If you can offer your customers a good pair of flats, you can give them an option of dressing casually and comfortably. Besides, with this pair of flat shoes designed to look like loafers with silver studs, anyone can easily get away with wearing this on a day of partying. From $126 for a pack of 12 pairs, you can get it for only $84. Sweet deal? Definitely. This design comes in black, orange, turquoise, red and yellow.

Mary Jane Platforms

For those who can’t really wear flats all the time (maybe due to height issues), high heel shoes are a must. And if you’re a retail seller, you have to buy wholesale high heels every time you renew your stocks. These colorfully designed Mary Jane platforms look almost too formal for a party. However, because they are available in funky, multi-colors, they make a great partner to a good dress. Don’t worry about those hollow heels though, they still make a strong foundation for any shoe. This design sold for almost $200 for a pack of 12 pumps. But because of the clearance sale, they are now on sale for $156 for a pack. Pretty good deal for a colorful selection of shoes. The design can be bought in fuchsia, black, orange and royal blue.

Winter Boots

In preparation for the upcoming season, boots are definitely a must-buy. You shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas though. Buy the boots now, especially when they’re on sale like these winter boots. Designed with thick soles and Aztec colors along the upper ankles, these pairs of winter boots are a great addition to any winter collection. Boots can be pretty expensive. But now that this design is on sale, you can get them at $168 only for a wholesale pack of 12 pairs. The boots can be bought at dark brown, black, mustard, red and royal blue.

What are you waiting for? More wholesale shoes on clearance sale at Ceriwholesale!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Set Up a Wholesale Shoe Store Online

Starting any kind of business is hard. There’s really no secret to starting an easy business. If you want to make the business survive, then you have to go through all the hardships first in order to ensure its stability and foundation. Despite the fact that starting an online business is much cheaper than starting a business with a physical store, this doesn’t mean that there is less stress in successfully launching an online business. In fact, when you buy wholesale shoes online, you have a lot of things to consider and settle before officially opening to the public.

wholesale women's shoes
Setting up a shoe store online

To set up a shoe store online, here are the first few steps you have to go through to ensure its successful launching.

1. Picking out a host for your website

This is the foundation of your store. If you don’t pick out a good host for your e-commerce website, then you really have no room to start your business. Unless you’re willing to settle on taking space in a larger shopping network like Amazon, eBay or Multiply, then picking out a good host is the first and most important thing you have to consider. Remember, pick out a host that can provide you unlimited space and bandwidth. But do check out the terms and conditions first, otherwise you could be easily fooled by the terms provided by the host.

2. Create the e-commerce site

Now that you have your host, set up your e-commerce website. If you have plans to create your own shopping cart and check out buttons, then it’ll take a lot of time and developers to whip your plans and designs into action. You can also use existing platforms to help you make an e-commerce website. While this won’t give you a lot of options to personalize your site, it will make the website easier to build. Before you launch the website, consider the design as well. People don’t like shopping in websites that make it harder for them to find the product they want.

3. Get a supplier and upload your products

In order to be a successful seller, you need to have a good supplier for your products. Start by looking for a list of fashion wholesale shoes supplier. From there, choose a good supplier and get your stocks beforehand. Pre-selling may be a good idea for start-up companies but if you don’t want to cause any delay to your customers, you need to have a few stocks on hand.

4. Open up social media accounts

When you have a shop online for shoes, the best way for you to connect to people is by going through various social media platforms. If you really want to connect with your customers, open up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. It’ll be a great way to spread the news about your online shop. Besides, you can get friends and family to help you promote your shop through social media.

Starting a business is never easy, whether or not the business is online.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Save on the Shoe Sale Rush for Halloween

During Halloween, everyone seems to be rushing to get that perfect pair of shoes to complete their Halloween outfit. As a retail shoe store, you might be having a hard time trying to get all the stocks in before everyone starts panicking. But because you’re buying everything a few days before the event, you end up paying a whole lot of money just because you need to give your customers what they want. In order to save yourself the money and time rushing to get things to your shop before the Halloween rush, here are a few tips you might find useful.

wholesale women's shoes
Halloween Boots

1. Buy the shoes 1-2 months earlier

Never join other people when it comes to rushing for the things they need. The price of the supply always doubles whenever the occasion approaches and if you buy your stocks a day or two before Halloween, not only will you be hassled by your customers, but you’ll also be one of the last to put up Halloween stocks. Always make the point to buy your stocks a month or two earlier. The prices wouldn’t have gone up just yet and you can still ask for a discount if you’ll be buying wholesale women’s shoes.

2. Sell boot covers

Not everyone has the money to buy a new pair of shoes. So instead, you can sell boot covers. Whether you make them yourself or you have someone else make them for you, these boot covers are helpful in making a Halloween cover without having to buy a new pair of shoes.

3. Sell shoe clips

Shoe clips are similar to boot covers. They can be made to clip onto your shoes so that you don’t have to buy a new pair. The best thing about shoe clips is that they are very cheap, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have plans to wear the shoes for too long.

4. Hold promos a week or two before

People like to panic buy just before the event itself. To push them to buy earlier, hold a discount or promo for your shoes a week or two before Halloween. Not only will you save yourself the midnight rush of Halloween, but you can also save them the traffic and the amount of people who will come into your store to buy costume shoes on the day of the event.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A List of Possible Real Halloween Costume Shoes

It’s hard to run a shoe business. You need to make sure that every design of the shoe you get is popular and fashionable so that you won’t have to worry about shoes being stocked up in the storage room. You have to ensure that everything you sell is made out of good quality with pretty designs. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of money when you don’t sell the shoes. Before you go to your supplier to buy wholesale women’s shoes, you should take a look at this list to know which shoes are currently a few of the ugliest and scariest shoes in the fashion industry.

1. Shoes for goats?

Goat Heels

Do you want to be targeted by PETA? No? Well then you definitely should avoid buying this for your retail store. Look at those shoes! Unless they’ll be decorating their house (hopefully, not with something so drastic and depressing!) or displaying it for some kind of exhibit, that’s the only time anyone would really buy those shoes. Designed by Iris Schieferstein, these heels were made with the inspiration of dead animals.

2. Armadillo Heels

Designed by the controversial, but talented shoe designer Alexander McQueen, these armadillo heels are pretty intriguing, but only because Lady Gaga wore them in Bad Romance. Now, besides those times, these heels are pretty treacherous. Especially for your feet. Unless you can walk in these stick high heels, you should definitely avoid getting these shoes for your store.

3. Feet springs

Do you want boots? Because these feet springs are far, far from the ordinary type of boots known by most people. Yes, these boots from Zaha Hadid for Lacoste are actually pretty creative. However, when you think about putting them on, you don’t even know where to start! Besides, imagine how uncomfortable these shoes would be.

4. Gaming shoes

There’s just something so cute about these gaming shoes. But like the hoof shoes, these should only be displayed or used as decoration. At least, compared to the hoof shoes, these gaming shoes look slightly more entertaining than drastic. Still, no one will actually wear these shoes. Not just because they are heavy and twice the size of an actual shoe, but also because there are too many prettier shoes out there.

Scary Beautiful Heels

5. Beautiful, but scary

This beautiful pair of shoes may look classic in its exterior. But when someone actually starts wearing it – they are truly one scary pair of footwear. This collaboration between Leannie Van Der Vyver and Rene Van Den Berg is designed to have the foot backwards, pointed straight down, while the shins lean on the heels. Yes, this is not an ordinary type of shoe.

These shoes are pretty creative and amusing. But when you’re selling shoes on a retail basis, they’re not the kind of shoes you want.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Recommended Shoes For Your Halloween Costume

It’s that time of the year again! Lighted pumpkins, scary stories, creepy faces and dark cloaks. Nothing like a day of the year when it’s actually legal to scare somebody. Now that it’s that time of the year, you need to prepare your shoe store for the people who will be looking for something to complete their look. Since this is the time when people need something for their Halloween costume, you need to know the different types of shoes popular during the occasion.

Instead of the usual stocks of wholesale women’s shoes that you buy, stock up on these kinds of shoes to satisfy the annual scare-fest lovers.

wholesale women's shoes
Boots for Halloween


Of course, boots are the number one type of shoes wanted during Halloween. Could there be anything darker than a pair of shoes that wraps your whole feet and even thighs (thigh high boots)? Besides, if you have boots for sale in your retail store, you can easily suggest simple costumes to your customers. Famous cloaked costumes usually require boots. Even superheroes require boots. But the best thing about these boots is that even if Halloween is over, you’d still be able to sell them well, especially because the weather is getting colder, due to the upcoming winter season.

Platform heels

Now, besides boots, black platform heels are also very popular. Platform heels are those shoes with its own layer at the bottom of the shoes itself. This doesn’t just give the shoes extra height; it also makes it easier for the wearer to walk heels with an even bigger height advantage. These shoes are great for costumes like female superheroes and rockstar icons.

Spiked shoes

Nothing like spiked shoes to scare other people, right? This is a good thing, because today, high heels with spikes are actually very stylish. If black is too dark for your costume, Ceriwholesale also has other stylish spiked shoes that may be appropriate for Halloween parties.

Dark colored flats or sneakers

One of the fun activities that some people do on Halloween is to play a game of the Walking Dead where zombies chase people around town. For those who will be joining this game, it is best to buy flats or sneakers instead. After all, you can’t really run fast if you’re wearing high heels. Flats or sneakers will give you the freedom to walk longer and run faster. Now you can definitely outrun those zombies.

Halloween is fast approaching. Make sure that you don’t run out of stocks for these shoes so you can sell them to those who are looking for shoes to their Halloween party.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips for Protecting Your Feet From Office Footwear

Footwear is one of the most important things you need to consider when you want to make an impression. Sure, clothes are very important because they make up 3/4s of the outfit. But in order to complete your outfit and the impression you want to make on your hopefully future boss, you need to wear impressive office footwear. This is why many ladies who work in the office have to find high heeled shoes with shining shimmering colors to impress their bosses. Unfortunately, this is also the same reason why many women find themselves hurting their feet.

wholesale women's shoes
Protecting Feet From Office Footwear

Before you buy wholesale women’s shoes to sell at your retail store, share with your customers how they can protect their feet from tight, office footwear.

1. First of all, you need to warn them about shoes with pointed and super narrow toe areas. This is one of the major qualities of an ideal office shoe. However, because it has less space for your toes, it increases your chances of developing neromas and bunions. If you put more pressure on your toes, this will make the process of achieving foot conditions faster. Unfortunately, when you stand upright in a narrow shoe, you put more pressure onto your toes.

2. When you wear a slip-on footwear with an open back (another ideal, stylish shoe for the office), you end up gripping your toe too tightly. As a result, you end up increasing your chances of obtaining hammer toes and foot tension. Instead of picking this type of shoe, you can suggest to your customers to find a shoe with straps wrapped around the ankles or foot. This way, the toes don’t have to do much work to keep the shoe attached to the foot.

3. Now, if the customer’s ankles wobble while they walk, then they need a heel that can help them increase their hip strength. This means that they need a heel suitable enough to carry their weight. Remember, wobbling while you’re walking in heels is not a fashion statement. Get a pair of shoes with suitable heels to prevent any wobbling.

4. If your customer truly wants to improve the conditions of their knees, back and feet, then they should choose a shoe with a lower heel than usual. The height of the heels greatly depends on the height of the customer. However, anything less than 2 inches is good enough. Do remember that putting any amount of height on your heels can do some damage.

As a seller, you should know some things about the shoes you sell. You might not want to scare your customers off, but you need to let them know the risks they’re facing. Besides, they will appreciate any help you can give them.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 Things You Need to Start a Shoe Business

Did you really think that running a shoe business would be easy? Of course it’s not. There are so many things that you need in order to run a business. You need funds, investors, research and more. But besides the material things that you need for your business, you also need to know if starting a shoe store is right for you. You see, businesses are not easy to come by. Success isn’t easy to reach especially if the business you have is not fit for who you are. You need to be sure that a shoe business is right for you before you start to buy wholesale women’s shoes from your supplier.

wholesale women's shoes
Is selling shoes right for you?

How? Here are a few non-material things you need to make sure that you can handle a shoe business.

1. A love for shoes

Before a person starts a business, they need to be passionate about what they want. For example, a person who loves cars can run a car business. A person who enjoys cooking can start a catering business. In the same way, before you start a shoe business, you should have a love for shoes. Not just any ordinary “I love my shoes” kind of love. But you need to be passionate about it. Passionate enough that you won’t get tired of dealing with shoes for the rest of your business’ life. Are you that kind of person? If you are, then a shoe business is definitely your thing.

2. Knowledge on shoes and fashion

Shoes are directly related to fashion. In order to be successful at selling it, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. You should be able to distinguish which shoes will sell and which shoes can stay with the supplier. Besides that, knowledge of various shoes will help with your business. You should know what materials will make a shoe strong. You should have an idea of what materials will make a shoe look good. That way, when you check the shoes for their physical condition, you can easily spot flaws.

3. Knowledge on marketing and selling

A shoe business isn’t just about passion and shoes, however. It’s also about selling to your target market. Do you know how to market and sell? Do you know how to create marketing strategies to attract attention? While it’s not as important as the first two requirements, it will also help, especially if you’re a start-up. Besides, in today’s industry, selling is not just about marketing strategies anymore. It’s also about impressing your customers and building relationships.

4. Commitment to business

If you want to start a business, you have to really want it. Not just because it’ll give you money. But because you know you can grow it in the future. In order to succeed with your shoe business, you need to be committed to making it a success. You have to want to make it a success. Otherwise, all your other efforts can go down the drain.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Celebrities With Their Own Shoe Lines

When it comes to running a shoe business, you need to know the latest trends. The only way to know the latest trends in shoes is to be updated with what the celebrities are wearing. This way, the next time you buy wholesale women’s shoes for your store, you know what type of shoes is currently trending.

However, celebrities are not just known for their good fashion style. Some are also known for launching their own shoe lines. Here are 5 celebrities that boast of their own shoe lines.


wholesale women's shoes
Beyonce's shoes line

Not just the singer, Beyonce is also one heck of a businesswoman. Along with her mom, Tina Knowles, the singer launched her very own fashion line in 2004. The House of Dereon is a collection of classy and elegant couture shoes. And with a very good eye for fashion, who wouldn’t want to wear a design from Beyonce’s own collection, right? The real question is – can you afford it?

Kim Kardashian

Of course! Not one to be left behind when it comes to fashion, Kim Kardashian also has her own shoe collection. Shoedazzle is Kim Kardashian’s latest project. And while her boyfriend’s fashion sense may not be up to date just yet, Kim’s shoe collection is actually a big hit. Especially when the shoes are only $39.95. Now that’s cheap for a shoe line from a celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez

As a fashion icon who has never stepped into the fashion police’s Not Hot list of celebrities, Jennifer Lopez definitely deserves to have her own line of shoes. As a lover of shoes herself with a self acclaimed Imelda Marcos type of shoe collection (possibly less, of course), it was only fitting that she share her love for shoes with other fashionistas.

wholesale women's shoes
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Did you think she can run Project Runway without her own shoe collection? Of course not! Heidi Klum is one fashionable celebrity whose style and fashion has inspired many, many designers around the world. Her line of shoes, HK by Heidi Klum includes boots, pumps, wedges and sandals. Now if you can only pair her shoes with some good clothes, right?

These are just 5 of the style icons you should watch out for. The shoes they wear can really turn heads so you might want to check them out before you go off buying the next stocks for your shoe store. What they wear will make the next trend for fashionistas.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Women’s Shoes

As a shoe store, buying wholesale women’s shoes can be really hard because there are a lot of decisions to make. You can’t simply choose the designs of shoes you want and then expect that it will sell well without research. And because you’re running a business, you have to consider a lot of factors along the way. If you don’t, you might end up risking a lot of money by making the wrong decisions. So before you go off choosing the types of shoes to buy on wholesale, you might want to consider these 4 things first.

Price per shoe
wholesale women's shoes

Buying wholesale shoes is very much different from buying the shoes you want at a store. If you’re buying for yourself, all you have to do is find the kind of shoes you want, try it on and make the purchase. However, if you’re buying shoes for a shop, you can’t think of the shoes YOU want. Instead, you have to think on a bigger basis. And this includes the price. How much does the pair of shoes cost? How many pairs are required to make the purchase? Since most wholesale suppliers require a minimum amount of purchases, you will have to decide on how many pairs you want before placing your order. The more pairs you buy, the bigger the cost. On the brighter side, you get to offer a lot of shoes for your customers.

Percentage of sales per shoe

This is where it gets tricky. Will the shoes sell well? If you display the shoes at your store, will people buy it? The only way you can determine the possible percentage of sale per shoe is to buy the shoes that are currently in trend. You can watch television shows, read magazines and be updated with celebrity and model fashion. The more updated you are, the more you’ll know if a pair of shoes will sell well to your customers.

Amount of space in the store

This is one of the biggest problems that you will have when you own a store – the amount of space. Whether it’s for storage or display, you need to have ample amount of space for your shoes. If you cannot accommodate the pairs of shoes, you might have to wait to sell more first before you purchase more. That way, you don’t end up stocking up too much and your shoes won’t get too dusty in the storage room.

Sizes to get

Some wholesale shops allow you to get assorted sizes for your wholesale purchase. Others, however, are not so flexible. Before you make your purchase, discuss first how many pairs per size you should get so you don’t end up with too many or too little stocks per size.

It’d be best if your supplier has a good customer support system so you can get their advice while making your purchase.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clearance Sale: September’s Featured Must-Go Items

Who doesn’t love a discount? Especially, when the items put on sale are smoking hot and perfect for the season. For those who are looking to add more wholesale women’s shoes to their retail store, here are some choices you may want to consider. The good news? It’s on sale!

Because it’s Autumn, it is time to hide the open sandals and peep toes and bring out the boots!

- Platform Pump Boots

wholesale women's shoes
spiked platform boots

One of the definite must-goes is this pair of platform pump boots, designed with spikes on its heels. Made out of stretched micro suede material, this platform pump boots is great for selling this Autumn. Chic and stylish, trendsetters in your area will be fawning for this. And you can get it for a cheaper price! The shoes have a hidden platform and its heels are 5.5 inches high. This selection of shoes is available in brown, plum red, royal blue and black colors.

- Colored Platform Booties

wholesale women's shoes
red platform boots

Designed with fun shades of colors, this poly synthetic pair of platform booties is pretty cheap for its wholesale price of 6 pairs. It has a hidden platform beneath the design with heels that go as high as 6 inches. While that may be too high for many customers, the funky design is enough to impress just about any lover of shoes, which is of course, almost every girl in the country. This style of shoes can be bought in royal blue, camel, black or red colors.

- Peep toe Booties

wholesale women's shoes
yellow peep toe booties

So, not all peep toes should be hidden. This pair of peep toe booties are made out of velvet material, also good at keeping feet warm on a chilly night. The pair of shoes is designed to alternate a fun color with black, giving the shoes an interesting, summery-autumn kind of look. The best part of these peep toe booties is that it has a wide range of colors available – yellow, tan, red, orange and gray. But because they are peep toes after all, do remind your customers to wear socks, just in case the night gets even colder. You don’t want your customers sacrificing their feet just for fashion.

Boots are best on sale during cooler seasons. This sale is now your chance to buy great shoes for your customers at cheaper prices.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Boots to Sell This September

Now that the chilly winds have officially signaled the start of Autumn, it’s time to bring out all of the special shoes for the season.

Because of the cold weather, many people are most likely to wear boots. And to help you sell well during this season, here are some of the top wholesale women’s shoes you should get for your retail shop.

Heelless Wedge Boots

wholesale women's shoes
heelless wedge boots

Despite its abnormal form, heelless shoes are actually very much a trend these days. However, if you’ll be wearing open sandals to a night out in Autumn, your feet will catch frostbite before you reach your car. So instead of suffering from the cold winds at night, be in style with these heelless wedge boots. Not only is this pair of boots in style, but it will also keep the feet warm. For those who are conscious about the colors, these wedge boots are available in 6 colors at Ceriwholesale. Selling a selection of these shoes will benefit your customers who love to party at night and keep in style. Do remind them to be careful when walking though. It is imperative to step forward first when walking to prevent outbalancing.

Studded Ankle Boots
wholesale women's shoes
studded ankle boots

There are many different kinds of ankle boots. This special pair is a chic, double-wrapped ankle boots, decorated with fancy studs around the ankle. This pair of boots also has heels so it’d be perfect for those who need to add height. Available in funky red, chic purple and classic black colors, this studded pair of ankle boots will definitely be a top seller for the season. These shoes are perfect for wearing with jeans or dresses and trench coats.

Knee-high Cowboy-Like Boots
wholesale women's shoes
thigh high boots

Designed with a shaded ankle d├ęcor and thin straps, this knee-high boots almost look like cowboy boots except that they actually have 4.5 inch heels. Now, this is a pair of boots that customers can use with short outfits. With its snake-skin texture, it will help to keep the feet and legs warm, even during the night. This glam-rock cowboy-like boots is available in red, camel, royal blue and black colors. These boots can be bought at a wholesale price at Ceriwholesale.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Shoes to Sell in Autumn

Now that autumn has officially begun, it is time to discuss what to sell during this cool season. While it’s not yet entirely winter, the wind will blow cold during this season and you’ll need to be prepared. If it’s time to wear hoodies and jackets, it’s also time to bring out some of the special autumn shoes.

For those who are buying wholesale women’s shoes to sell in their own retail stores, acknowledging the start of this cool season allows you to prepare your store for what everyone would be looking for. In light of this autumn season, here are some of the best shoes to sell during this cool weather.

Thigh High Boots
wholesale women's shoes
purple thigh high boots

During autumn, everything is about bundling up. While that may be a little more conservative than usual, it’s the fashion that caters to the current season. And when the season is too cold, there’s nothing better than to support full-clothed styles. This includes thigh high boots, of course, every girl’s best bet at being stylish and keeping warm at the same time. Thigh high boots have always been thought of as something one wears to a rock-glam party. Usually, only those who support underground music wear thigh high boots. But during autumn, these boots are very popular. It’s best to be prepared with a good set of thigh high boots just in case women around the area want to change their old ones.

Fur boots
fur boots

Now, not all thigh high boots look great on some people. If the thigh high boots are too tall and too hot, women usually end up wearing fur boots instead. Fur boots are available in a wide variety of designs. You can get ankle boots made out of fur or even calf boots, if you prefer these over thigh high boots. Fur boots work best during winter, but because of the cool winds of autumn, fur boots can also be worn to keep warm. Besides, it’s easier to find an outfit to wear with fur boots compared to thigh-high boots.

Closed pumps

For those who are not yet ready to wear boots during this semi-cold season, pumps are always a popular choice. In fact, just about any pair of shoes will work, as long as they’re not peep toes or sandals. Do remind your customers, however, that they might want to wear ankle socks or leg warmers with their pumps. After all, closed pumps and leg warmers are pretty much stylish during autumn. Just make sure the colors of their outfit matches. Maybe you can even sell leg warmers in your shop too. It’s definitely a good way to advertise pumps when selling to customers.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips to Starting Your Shoe Business Without Going Bankrupt

Are you scared to start your shoe store because you’re worried you don’t have enough money? This is one of the major concerns of all business owners. In fact, many are so worried about their start up money that they don’t start the business at all!

When it comes to business matters, being scared isn’t going to help your cause. If you’re too scared to take risks, you may not be living the life you could have. After all, in order to get the best things in life, you have to take risks. While starting a shoe business can be a really huge risk to take, you can find ways to turn it into a success – even if your progress is slow. Remember, it’s not how fast you grow your business. If the growth of your business is steady but slow, this could mean good opportunities for your future.

So how do you make sure that you don’t go bankrupt after only a year of business?
wholesale women's shoes
start small

Start small

Not all businesses have to start big. Every business once had to start somewhere and in all cases – they all had to start small. Don’t be afraid to take things slow, especially when it comes to money matters. Buy only a steady selection of wholesale women’s shoes. Calculate your expenses and your profits regularly and make sure that you are updated with your community’s fashion trend. Just because you only have a small shoe store doesn’t make your start-up a failure.

Go online

Take advantage of the online world. Many businessmen who cannot afford the expenses of a physical store start online where they won’t have to pay for extra overhead costs just to sell their shoes. Use your time online well and build yourself a good shoe store. Learn about marketing online to help yourself gain more customers. And if you run out of stocks, be open to buying your shoes online.

Be smart in allocating expenses

When it comes to spending your capital investment, be wise. This is not the time for any impulsive buying or purchasing just because you want to. Your business has to be calculated, planned and prepared. Before you open up shop, make sure you allocate your expenses well so that every aspect of your business has enough money for operation. Do your research and ask around so that you don’t underestimate your budget too much.

Ask for help

When all things fail, ask for help. Everyone needs help from time to time and you cannot just build a business without getting any. If you need help, ask for it. Ask your family and friends to help with the business. Get them all to market your shoe store. Have them buy from you. Get some advice from expert businessmen. People will help if you ask them. The more you ask, the more you will learn and the bigger the possibility of your business becoming a success.
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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pros of Starting an Online Retail Shoe Store

Now that we’ve tackled how to start an online retail shoe store, we go over the benefits of actually starting one. You see, selling wholesale women’s shoes is not an exact science. But it isn’t all that easy either, especially if you’re not acquainted with fashion and style. On the other hand, with some marketing skills, you can easily turn your business into a success. So, what makes online shoes selling so much easier than putting up an actual store?
wholesale women's shoes
build a website

Easy to start

Unlike putting up your own physical store, building a website is much easier. If you’re not that technical, you can have someone create your own website for a few hundred bucks. But if you know how to work your way around a CPanel and a domain name, you can easily set up your own website within a few minutes. Now all you have to figure out is how to get a check-out counter and payment methods on your website.

Less capital

When you open up a shoe store with an actual physical shop, you’ll need a lot of money. There’s the rent for the place, equipment, counter, electricity and even water. You need a lot of capital to start your business. However, with an online retail shoe store, you won’t need as much because you’re only working from home through the internet. The rest of your budget could be used to buy more shoes instead.

Bigger market to target

If you currently live in a small neighborhood, starting a shoe store can be pretty hard, especially because you’re not in town to cater to a lot of people. You don’t have a big market to generate a lot of profit. But if you’re selling online and you market your products well, you can sell to people from different states. When you’ve grown into a bigger business, you can even tap into an international market! Having an online business can be pretty hard because of your competition. As long as you have a loyal client base, you’ll do just fine.

No hassles of an actual store

Running an actual store means that you will have to work the same amount of hours as an ordinary job. Possibly 8 – 10 hours a day, long hours on the weekend, probably even more during holidays and special sales. This is the horrors of running your own shoe shop. However, if you run an online shoe store, not only can you check your website and sales while you’re at home, you can even do it while getting your hair done or cooking dinner. No going home late at night, no worries about traffic or long hours during the weekend.

While an online store is definitely easier to handle, it’s not a job for everyone. If you think this is your type of work, go ahead. Otherwise, if you have a big market in your community, an actual shoe store also has a lot of benefits to offer.
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Start an Online Retail Shoe Store

Unlike starting an offline shoe store, it may be a tad easier to start a retail shoe store online. Offline stores require you to get a good space, lots of capital for the store itself, the products to sell and some good business marketing. On the other hand, if you’re to start a shoe store online, the only thing you’ll really need is capital for your first set of shoes and a website to start off your business. If you weigh the costs, setting up an online shoe store is definitely cheaper.

But how do you set up a retail shoe store for yourself?
wholesale women's shoes
shoes for sale

1. Find a good supplier

No retail shoe store can be set up without an actual supplier. You need to find one first before you open up shop. In order to do this, you can either look for a wholesale women’s shoes supplier online or try out different stores around the area. You can even personally pick out pairs of shoes to sell online, only this might be a little more expensive compared to buying in bulk. Once you have a good set of shoes to start selling, you can now begin the next step.

However, do make sure that your choices in shoes are those that will sell well. Check fashion magazines, online articles and Hollywood sites. Shoes that are worn by famous celebrities are those that are currently in trend and easy to sell. Be creative in finding suppliers. If you find a good pair of shoes on a celebrity, see if you can find a similar one in your supplier’s shop. That way, you can offer the same design for a cheaper price.

2. Get a website

Once you have a supplier, your next step is to buy a website. Not only should you think of a catchy domain name, you should also lay out some categories and requirements to make your website functional. First, divide your shoes into categories. Do you have boots? What kind of boots? Stilettos or high heels? Flats and pumps? This way, buyers would know where to find what they’re looking for. Next, set up a page for customer service. Give them a way to contact you easily or at least set up some social media accounts. Also make sure that you design your website to allow customers to easily navigate through it. The easier to handle the website, the more people will buy from you.

3. Start promoting

Now that you have the basic requirements for your retail shoe store, you can now start promoting your shop. Make sure to target the right market when you start advertising. Ask for help from friends and family. Regularly check your website too, just in case there are error pages or images that don’t work. These can easily turn off customers and you wouldn’t want that to happen.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Tell if a Pair of Shoes Will Sell

If you own a shoe store, you need to know if a pair of shoes will sell well first before you can buy a whole set of it. Unless you’re willing to buy wholesale women's shoes and keep it stocked in the storage room, then it’s always safer to find a pair of shoes that you’re sure will sell.

But, how would you know if these shoes will sell if you don’t try?

Good question. However, unlike other types of businesses, shoes are usually predictable, especially because its sales depend highly on a number of factors. These factors can help you tell if a pair of shoes will successfully sell to your customers.
wholesale women's shoes
current fashion trends

The current fashion trends

As one of the most important factors in selling shoes, what is currently trending will help you tell which pairs of shoes will be a success to your customers. Many people love to copy the look of their favorite celebrities. Some people get style ideas from celebrities and if you pay attention to the hottest celebrities in your town, you’ll help yourself decide if a pair of shoes will look good.

If you need help knowing who the hottest celebrities are in your area, you might want to take a look at the hottest movies showing in the cinemas. You can also go to food joints and stores; you’ll probably see the most famous celebrities with sponsored ads. If that doesn’t work, ask your teenager. They’ll probably know more than you ever really want to.

Weather condition and current season
wholesale women's shoes
winter shoes

The weather plays a very important factor in selling shoes. Despite the current fashion trends, if the weather doesn’t permit it, people won’t wear it. If you’ve lived in your town for a long time, then you already know when the weather is bad and when it’ll feel like summer. Play up these weather conditions and offer shoes that are appropriate for it. For example, during the summer, selling fur boots may not be as wise as selling gladiator sandals.

The Usuals

Sometimes, there are just some pairs of shoes that will never run out of season. Otherwise known as the usual pairs or the common pairs of shoes, these are the shoes that are always going to be needed by the people in your town or vicinity of service. Formal shoes, black high heels – these are just two types of shoes that will probably always be in the market. Until companies stop requiring interviews, these shoes will never run out season. Make sure you have a good set of designer, formal high heels to keep your regular job hunters satisfied. And don’t worry, there’s also a big possibility that you’ll never run out of job-seekers in your area.

Buying stocks for your shoe store is an investment and you have to be careful as to where you put your money. However, you also have to remember that sometimes, business risks can also be the most worthy of them all. Learn to calculate your risks and be prepared for any fallbacks.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Benefits of Getting Pre-Ordered Shoes

There are many ways to get wholesale women’s shoes for your shoe store. You might visit your supplier every other week to check their new arrivals. Maybe you have a favorite online supplier that you check stocks every day. But then there are also some pairs of shoes under the pre-order category.

If you’ve already started buying wholesale shoes online, it might be time to start investing in pre-ordered shoes as well.

wholesale women's shoes
Pre-ordered shoes

But before we go on, you need to know what Pre-Order means.

Pre-ordered wholesale shoes are usually those pairs that are currently not in stock – at the moment. If there are New Arrivals to your supplier’s store, there are also those “Will be arriving soon.” These stocks are much more updated than those in new arrivals and a good supplier will give their clients a chance to order them before they run out of stock.

Then again, if you are a shoe store, why should you get pre-ordered shoes for your shop?

1. You’ll enjoy the latest designs and pairs of shoes.

There’s nothing like the joy of knowing that you have the latest when it comes to your shoes. You get to have new designs first. If your shoe supplier offers the pair of shoes similar to that of a famous celebrity, you can easily be one of the first to get your hands on it. If your supplier has an online page that showcases the designs, you’ll also be able to see the upcoming styles of shoes, choose which ones you think will sell and you can use that and pre-market the design to your customers.

2. Your shoe stocks are much more updated than many other shoe stores

Nothing like a healthy competition to keep the ball going, right? Every shoe store has to fight their competitor at being the top-selling store in the area – maybe even in the county! The only way they can do this is to prove to customers that they have the most updated fashionable shoes than any other store. With this advantage over the others, you can be sure that people will keep coming back to your store to check out what’s new in the latest shoe fashion.

3. You get to give your customers a chance to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion.

And because you have the latest stocks when it comes to shoe fashion, you can give your customers a chance to own the newest pairs of shoes. Just like you, fashionistas love to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to making fashion statements. By offering newer than new arrivals, your customers will appreciate your help in giving them a fashionable edge over other fashionistas.

Don’t let your competitor get the latest pairs of shoes before you. Be ahead of the shoe fashion industry and help your customers do the same too! Happy shoe shopping, sellers and enjoy the healthy competition!
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Characteristics of a Good Wholesale Shop

One of the most important factors in putting up a shoe store is finding the perfect wholesale shoes supplier. Part of your success and the ability to stretch your budget well will be put onto how you and your supplier will get along. It is essential that you are satisfied with your supplier before moving onto creating a physical store or opening up shop for your customers. Otherwise, not only will you be wasting money, you’ll also be wasting a lot of time and effort in marketing your products.

When you’re looking for a good supplier for your shoe store, it might be a little hard for you to tell which suppliers are legit and which are just in for the money. If you’re hoping to find a good supplier online, it is advisable to take extra care, especially in choosing the best supplier for your shop.

In order to know if you have found a good supplier, you need to look out for these characteristics:

wholesale women's shoes
customer service has to be excellent! Image from

Customer Service

Suppliers need to have good customer service if you want to build good relationships with them. If you would like to build trust between you and your customer, a good supplier will also want to build a good relationship with you. Make sure that your supplier can offer real and above-satisfactory customer services. That way, if you have questions, suggestions or feedback, you can easily contact them. It will also be best if they have good means of communication – like chat, email, phone numbers and the likes.

Variety of styles

When you’re buying wholesale women’s shoes for your store, you need to be open to purchasing a variety of styles. Women love shopping and if they can only find limited designs in your store, they’ll easily forget your store and move on elsewhere. A good supplier should also offer a variety of styles for their customers. If they can offer different styles, it will be easier for them to gain loyalty because all of their customers won’t have to look elsewhere just to find a specific style of shoes.


Since you are buying shoes on wholesale, it also means you’re looking for a huge discount. Suppliers should know this. In fact, they should implement it because they are, after all, selling on wholesale. Before you agree to partner with a supplier, make sure they give away good discounts for their clients. You’d want a supplier who truly cares about your business, rather than just making money. Also be open to suppliers who regularly give discounts especially for the opening of fashion seasons. Your store will benefit greatly from these kinds of sales.

Updated Trends

wholesale women's shoes
updated trends make a supplier reliable

Just like you, who has to keep up with the updated fashion trends in order to attract your customer’s attention, suppliers also have to be attentive to these stuff. Since they will be providing stocks for your store, they should know what you want and need too. It’s disappointing when your supplier seems to have outdated stuff that might not sell anymore. Having a supplier that regularly updates their stocks according to the fashion industry will help you sell better.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Benefits of Ordering 6 Pack Pairs of Shoes for Your Shop

Starting a shoe shop is never easy. You’ll have to go through so many decisions before even buying your actual products to sell. But even before that, you have to consider your budget. Do you have enough money to buy a variety of shoes? Or would you have to settle for co-signing your products?

While co-signing has definitely been beneficial for many shoe sellers, it is not always the best decision, especially for those who want variety and freedom of suppliers for their shop. This is why it might be a good idea for you to invest on 6 pack wholesale shoes instead.

wholesale women's shoes
buying wholesale shoes can be very beneficial

But why a pack of 6 pairs of shoes? Why not just 2 pairs? There are many benefits of getting a 6 pair pack and you’ll be able to use these benefits for more profit.

By ordering 6 pairs of shoes, you have enough supplies, but not too limited

The situation in buying a 6 pack is that you only have 6 pairs of shoes. If the style or design of these shoes apparently sells well to customers, you have enough pairs to sell to your customers. But if the shoes are currently not in season and the sales are slow, you won’t have to worry because you only have 6 pairs of it! By ordering only 6 pairs of a specific design of shoes, your supplies are not limited and at the same time, not too much, no matter how the shoes sell.

wholesale women's shoes
different styles of shoes

Variety of shoes

Buying a 6 pair pack will also allow you to get a variety of designs for your shop. This way, you can buy more packs in different designs and offer variety to your customers. Variety is also important to keep your customers happy. If they see that you have limited designs, they’ll easily lose interest. But if you happen to sell all of the latest pairs of shoes, you may be able to get yourself some loyal customers.

Budget constraints

In building a business, budget is one of the most important factors. If you have a limited budget, getting 6 pairs per design will allow you to limit the amount you spend on each style. This way, the rest of your budget can go to different styles and you won’t have to worry about spending too much per style. Not only will your budget be allocated well to different styles of shoes, you’ll also be investing in a variety of shoes for your store.

Discounts per 6 pairs

The good thing about buying per 6 pair pack is that you get to have a good discount when you buy. For example, if you’re buying 6 pairs of high-heeled pumps, you’re already availing wholesale women’s shoes, which will entitle you to a good discount. The more you buy, the bigger your discount can be. If you’re trying to save, buying in wholesale will help you to cut down on expenses.

Start off your shop with a good 6 pair pack of shoes. You’ll enjoy the discount and benefit from the variety you can give your shop.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Prepare Your Shoe Store for the Opening of the School Year

Now that it’s August, the last month of vacation for most students, this means that people will soon be thinking of buying their supplies for the start of school. For businesses, this means they should be prepared to provide for their customers. Stocking up on wholesale women’s shoes will help you provide for the upcoming gaggle of people who will all be looking for shoes for school.

wholesale woman's shoes
good for school?

But before you can make your purchase, you should know some very important factors first. These factors may definitely affect the success of your sales.

Find out if there are nearby schools in your area

As a shoe store, you should always be aware of the companies, organizations and schools around you. Most likely, people who work or go to these places are those who will also drop by your store. To prepare for the opening of the school year, you need to know if the schools in your area have uniforms or required shoes for the students. If they do, you need to be prepared to sell these specific shoes. Usually, private schools will require black shoes. Some may be stricter (considering the height of heels, the type of shoes, etc). If you want to sell well during this critical period of a shoe store, you should know the different requirements. This way, you can invest on shoes within the specific requirements.

Check out the various school trends of celebrities and fashion magazines

On the other hand, public schools don’t really have specific uniform requirements. Instead, the students rely on the latest fashion trends. In order to make sure your shoes sell well for the opening of school, check out the latest trends in fashion. You can also watch famous movies and TV shows to see what celebrities are currently wearing. Ceriwholesale offers a wide selection of wholesale shoes featuring new styles and designs fresh from fashionable Hollywood celebrities and models.

Take into consideration the weather and location of your store

Despite the huge factor that celebrity trends may provide to the sales of shoes, never underestimate the effects of the current weather and location. Places with cooler weathers are more likely to have different fashion trends than those with hotter summers. Boots will be more popular for cold places during the start of the season, while open shoes are likely to be more popular if your area is still enjoying the summer heat.

Remember, in order to make sure that your shoe shop sells well, you have to consider what your clients and customers want. The more you’re updated about the latest fashion, the bigger the possibility for you to increase your sales.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Get More People to Come to Your Shoe Store

Shoes have a specific season when they sell the most. For instance, when its summer, shoes that sell the most are those perfect for the beach. Slippers, sandals and anything that can withstand sand will become best-sellers. When it’s rainy and cloudy, there’s a big possibility that fur boots will not make a lot of sales at all. So, when these times come, you have to think of various ways to sell your shoes.

When you’re in business, you have to be creative and smart in order to increase sales, despite the tough times and the constant changes in season and trends. If you can think up enough marketing campaigns and ideas to get through tough times, your business will easily survive and grow.

To help you get started, here are some ways to get more people to buy from your shop:

Offer discounts and sales

People just love discounts and sales. Every time they see that huge percentage mark down at the door of your shop, they’ll immediately flock on over to check out your item. Now, just because it’s not in season doesn’t mean people won’t buy it. If the price is right for them, despite the season, they will buy it. Also offer big discounts for those who will buy wholesale womans shoes. Resellers like to take advantage of discounts so they can offer the product at a higher price in their own store.

Keep up with the latest trends

No matter what season it is in your location, if the hottest celebrity wears it, the market will definitely love it. Put up posters of the latest trends in your store. Get a poster of the hottest celebrity or model wearing a similar pair of shoes and place it right behind the rack. When customers see it, they’ll find the shoes more attractive because they can see their idol wearing it. If you’re desperate to sell some old designs, look through famous movies too. The cast may be wearing a similar pair of shoes and your next customer may just be looking for the exact same pair.

Offer daily promos, freebies and contests

If you can’t offer discounts and sales yet, offer a daily promo or freebie for the 50th customer of the day, or something similar. This way, people will keep coming back each day just to see if they might be the lucky customer to take home a free pair. Get people to spread the word too so everyone in your community and neighborhood will know about the promo and freebie. The more people who know about the promos and contests, the more who will participate.
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