Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ceriwholesale Welcomes You to Their Holiday Sale!

Ahh. Holidays. Sales. Do you know what the best part of the year is? It’s both the holidays and the sales put together! While that’s a rare case because holidays are the perfect days to sell and make money, this is different for Ceriwholesale. Just when everyone increases their prices to sell more and earn more this upcoming holidays, Ceriwholesale brings to you their collection especially for the holidays itself.

Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, whatever you call it. The holidays are a great reason to dress up and have fun while you’re at it. Schools will be holding parties to celebrate the end of the year. Families will throw dinner parties and plan travels to special destinations. People have to start dressing up for the holidays. If they have the right clothes, they should also have the right pairs of shoes. This is why you need to prepare and start purchasing holiday fashion shoes on wholesale. The earlier you can put good shoes on the market, the more you can sell to your target market.

To help you choose the types of holiday shoes to sell, here are a few of our star shoes:

1. Holiday Peep toe Pumps

There’s just something about gold, silver and black, right? When you’re going to a holiday party, you have to dress your best. And there’s nothing more sophisticated than wearing beautiful pumps with sophisticated colors. This pair of peep toe pumps has a height of 6 inches, including the platform. It may be uncomfortable, but if you want to make an elegant statement, high, high heels are a definite must have. The design of the shoes is also decorated with pretty rhinestones and glitter material that make it shine above all others. At $186 for 12 pairs, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

2. Evening strappy sandals

On the other hand, if you truly want to make a statement with your friends and family, this pair of evening strappy sandals makes the perfect pair of shoes. Available in gold and silver, this 5 inch pair of shoes is designed with glittery, strappy sandals that reach up to your calf. The straps are filled with tiny rhinestones so you can imagine the glimmer it can make during evening events. This pair of shoes will definitely look good with any gorgeous dress or gown for special occasions. Dress to impress? Check!

3. Evening Prom sandals

When you look at this pair of shoes, one thing will come to mind: PROM. And for teenagers who might be looking for something to wear to their school dances, this pair might be an option. Since it is less high than the other gorgeous sandals, it may be a little more comfortable to wear. It’ll also be a good option for those who have chubby feet. Slingback shoes and peep toes give the illusion of length instead of width so this pair is the ideal pair. With rhinestone embellishments, this pair of shoes comes in silver, black and champagne colors.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Clearance Sale on Ceriwholesale!

Do you know what the best part of Thanksgiving is? It’s the sale that every shop around the world seems to be holding! And why wouldn’t they? It’s Thanksgiving, after all. That being said, Ceriwholesale is not one to lack in celebration. In fact, they’re very generous this Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Ceriwholesale is giving out wholesale women’s shoes at 20 – 40% off its original price! And if you’re a retail seller of shoes, 20 – 40% is already a huge deal. So what are you waiting for? Avail now of some of our items on sale!

To give you an idea of the shoes that you can buy, here are a few interesting shoes.

1. Spiked platform pumps

Gone are the days when women would just step back and let the men do the job. Today, it’s a woman’s job to look awesome in a killer outfit. And with these shoes, she can definitely accomplish being awesome and looking like a killer. We kid, we kid. But those spikes are surely something. If they don’t catch your attention, what can? These gorgeous pumps are on sale for over $40 off the price for 12 pairs! Imagine how much money you can earn if you sell these to your customers. We bet it’ll be off the racks once you display them.

2. Winter boots

Did you forget Winter is about to come? If you did, then it’s definitely time to invest in these shoes. Boots are a definite must have for the cold season. You can’t run out of stocks, otherwise, you could lose the chance to earn. These Winter boots from Ceriwholesale is available in 5 colors – mustard, red, black, brown and purple. For 12 pairs, you can get it at $168! From its original price, you’ve saved as much as $60! For retail shoe sellers, $60 is a pretty big deal. Now that everyone is probably looking for Winter boots, these would be an ideal investment.

3. Calf boots

Calf Boots

Do we really have to emphasize on the fact that everyone truly needs boots this winter? No? Well, anyway, these calf boots from Ceriwholesale make a great investment as well. If the winter boots above aren’t enough to fill your racks, other people may also be interested in simple and classy boots like these. Although it’s only available in 3 colors – taupe, brown and black, the straps at its sides make it seem very elegant. Don’t worry, these boots don’t have heels so customers will enjoy walking around in them during Winter. Best news, yet? These are actually even cheaper than the Winter boots!

4. Checkered pumps

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something less Winter but more stylish, these checkered pumps might make the cut. Despite the fact that it’s made of fabric material that could easily be harmed when wet, it will still be a good pair of shoes for indoor events. The shoes have a heel height of 4.5 inches, so it’s definitely not an outdoor pair, especially if it snows outside.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clearance Sale at Ceriwholesale!

It’s that time of the season again when everything new gets reduced rates! Because we offer wholesale women’s shoes, this is a great time for retailers to take advantage of the sale and get their shop more stocks to sell. Here are just a few of the great shoes for sale on Ceriwholesale this November:

Flats Galore

Flat shoes are always undermined by platform shoes and high heels. However, flats are really comfortable and taller women like to wear them for longer walks. If you can offer your customers a good pair of flats, you can give them an option of dressing casually and comfortably. Besides, with this pair of flat shoes designed to look like loafers with silver studs, anyone can easily get away with wearing this on a day of partying. From $126 for a pack of 12 pairs, you can get it for only $84. Sweet deal? Definitely. This design comes in black, orange, turquoise, red and yellow.

Mary Jane Platforms

For those who can’t really wear flats all the time (maybe due to height issues), high heel shoes are a must. And if you’re a retail seller, you have to buy wholesale high heels every time you renew your stocks. These colorfully designed Mary Jane platforms look almost too formal for a party. However, because they are available in funky, multi-colors, they make a great partner to a good dress. Don’t worry about those hollow heels though, they still make a strong foundation for any shoe. This design sold for almost $200 for a pack of 12 pumps. But because of the clearance sale, they are now on sale for $156 for a pack. Pretty good deal for a colorful selection of shoes. The design can be bought in fuchsia, black, orange and royal blue.

Winter Boots

In preparation for the upcoming season, boots are definitely a must-buy. You shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas though. Buy the boots now, especially when they’re on sale like these winter boots. Designed with thick soles and Aztec colors along the upper ankles, these pairs of winter boots are a great addition to any winter collection. Boots can be pretty expensive. But now that this design is on sale, you can get them at $168 only for a wholesale pack of 12 pairs. The boots can be bought at dark brown, black, mustard, red and royal blue.

What are you waiting for? More wholesale shoes on clearance sale at Ceriwholesale!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Set Up a Wholesale Shoe Store Online

Starting any kind of business is hard. There’s really no secret to starting an easy business. If you want to make the business survive, then you have to go through all the hardships first in order to ensure its stability and foundation. Despite the fact that starting an online business is much cheaper than starting a business with a physical store, this doesn’t mean that there is less stress in successfully launching an online business. In fact, when you buy wholesale shoes online, you have a lot of things to consider and settle before officially opening to the public.

wholesale women's shoes
Setting up a shoe store online

To set up a shoe store online, here are the first few steps you have to go through to ensure its successful launching.

1. Picking out a host for your website

This is the foundation of your store. If you don’t pick out a good host for your e-commerce website, then you really have no room to start your business. Unless you’re willing to settle on taking space in a larger shopping network like Amazon, eBay or Multiply, then picking out a good host is the first and most important thing you have to consider. Remember, pick out a host that can provide you unlimited space and bandwidth. But do check out the terms and conditions first, otherwise you could be easily fooled by the terms provided by the host.

2. Create the e-commerce site

Now that you have your host, set up your e-commerce website. If you have plans to create your own shopping cart and check out buttons, then it’ll take a lot of time and developers to whip your plans and designs into action. You can also use existing platforms to help you make an e-commerce website. While this won’t give you a lot of options to personalize your site, it will make the website easier to build. Before you launch the website, consider the design as well. People don’t like shopping in websites that make it harder for them to find the product they want.

3. Get a supplier and upload your products

In order to be a successful seller, you need to have a good supplier for your products. Start by looking for a list of fashion wholesale shoes supplier. From there, choose a good supplier and get your stocks beforehand. Pre-selling may be a good idea for start-up companies but if you don’t want to cause any delay to your customers, you need to have a few stocks on hand.

4. Open up social media accounts

When you have a shop online for shoes, the best way for you to connect to people is by going through various social media platforms. If you really want to connect with your customers, open up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. It’ll be a great way to spread the news about your online shop. Besides, you can get friends and family to help you promote your shop through social media.

Starting a business is never easy, whether or not the business is online.
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