Friday, November 23, 2012

Clearance Sale on Ceriwholesale!

Do you know what the best part of Thanksgiving is? It’s the sale that every shop around the world seems to be holding! And why wouldn’t they? It’s Thanksgiving, after all. That being said, Ceriwholesale is not one to lack in celebration. In fact, they’re very generous this Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Ceriwholesale is giving out wholesale women’s shoes at 20 – 40% off its original price! And if you’re a retail seller of shoes, 20 – 40% is already a huge deal. So what are you waiting for? Avail now of some of our items on sale!

To give you an idea of the shoes that you can buy, here are a few interesting shoes.

1. Spiked platform pumps

Gone are the days when women would just step back and let the men do the job. Today, it’s a woman’s job to look awesome in a killer outfit. And with these shoes, she can definitely accomplish being awesome and looking like a killer. We kid, we kid. But those spikes are surely something. If they don’t catch your attention, what can? These gorgeous pumps are on sale for over $40 off the price for 12 pairs! Imagine how much money you can earn if you sell these to your customers. We bet it’ll be off the racks once you display them.

2. Winter boots

Did you forget Winter is about to come? If you did, then it’s definitely time to invest in these shoes. Boots are a definite must have for the cold season. You can’t run out of stocks, otherwise, you could lose the chance to earn. These Winter boots from Ceriwholesale is available in 5 colors – mustard, red, black, brown and purple. For 12 pairs, you can get it at $168! From its original price, you’ve saved as much as $60! For retail shoe sellers, $60 is a pretty big deal. Now that everyone is probably looking for Winter boots, these would be an ideal investment.

3. Calf boots

Calf Boots

Do we really have to emphasize on the fact that everyone truly needs boots this winter? No? Well, anyway, these calf boots from Ceriwholesale make a great investment as well. If the winter boots above aren’t enough to fill your racks, other people may also be interested in simple and classy boots like these. Although it’s only available in 3 colors – taupe, brown and black, the straps at its sides make it seem very elegant. Don’t worry, these boots don’t have heels so customers will enjoy walking around in them during Winter. Best news, yet? These are actually even cheaper than the Winter boots!

4. Checkered pumps

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something less Winter but more stylish, these checkered pumps might make the cut. Despite the fact that it’s made of fabric material that could easily be harmed when wet, it will still be a good pair of shoes for indoor events. The shoes have a heel height of 4.5 inches, so it’s definitely not an outdoor pair, especially if it snows outside.

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