Friday, June 28, 2013

Wholesale Bumper Shoes to Include in Your Store this Season

Women mostly look for two things when it comes to their shoes – functionality and style. Although other brands sell high fashion shoes, they sometimes lack the functionality and quality that fashion savvy ladies are looking for. While other brands boast of having trendiest shoes or affordable footwear, there are brands that strive to create shoes that fit the spirit of stylish women but have the right functionality to fit their lifestyle.

Bumper Shoes specializes in affordable fashion trendy women shoes. Everything from pumps, boots, sandals, heels, you name it. It also comes in a variety of styles like studded, fringed, ruffled, and fur-lined. They also have ultra-hip booties, chic wedges, flats, and pumps. Above all else, these shoes can be worn without having to break the bank.

Bumber shoes are also well known as a being widely available in different online shops as well as in shopping malls and boutiques in the US. If you want to include Bumper shoes in your shoe store selection here are some wholesale shoes for women that look great on your display window.
Wholesale Single Sole Shoes
Wholesale Single Sole Sandals
The sleek design of these sandals will surely capture any girl’s attention. It is available in different shades of color blocked designs. It has reliable high heels that can offer the best support while still looking feminine with the thin ankle straps.
Dog Face Flats
 Cute Dog Face Flats
Trendy shoes can’t get any more fun than this. With an adorable dog face design; these shoes will surely capture the hearts of those who love dogs and flats. This kind of shoes is especially appealing for teens and those ladies who love wearing something cute on their feet everyday.
Bumper Fringe Boots

Fringe Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are the new addition to ladies’ list of must have shoes. It can be worn with skinny jeans, mini skirt or even with little black dress. But unlike other usual wholesale ankle boots, this fringe bumper boots got the attitude and style you need for everyday office or even weekend wear.
Wholesale Peep Toe Pumps

Wholesale Peep Toe Pumps
Get your customers excited with this pair of peep toe pumps in turquoise blue with colorful platform. Wearing peep toe pumps is a nice way to show off some beautifully colored nails and flawless feet. Have this pair on your store and watch it become sold out in just a matter of time.

With a proper mixture of fun designs, exciting colors, high quality materials and functionality, you can say Bumper Shoes will never let you down. Choose from our wide selection of wholesale Bumber shoes and impress your customers today. 
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not Just Your Usual High Heels: Fun High Heeled Shoes at Ceriwholesale

A gorgeous pair of high heeled women’s shoe doesn’t just give an added height for most women. If you’re going to look at the fashion trends this year, shoes are also beginning to be a piece of art with all the exciting designs and colors from popular designers and wholesale shoes manufacturers. Aside from making your strides more graceful and sexy, high heeled shoes can now add fun and style to your dress with different unique heel designs.

If you’re getting bored with the usual look of your wedge pumps, there are a lot of shoes available at Ceriwholesale that can make things more fun and exciting. With these shoes, you will surely become the center of attention and amazement among your friends and officemates. Don’t worry, there will be no lady gaga shoes here, but we have a collection creative and stylish shoes that can go well with your everyday casual wear.

Cutout Platform Heels

These wholesale women’s shoes is among the hottest 2013 spring and summer trend. It has cut out heels that create a catchy design on your shoes adding a chic and playful touch to your usual high heeled shoes. 

Zigzag Wedge Sandals

When you want glam up your wardrobe, this zigzag wedge can take things in a whole new level. The unique design of this women’s shoe can add style to your every step and groove. Wear it with floral maxi dress, artsy earrings and sunglasses for a perfect summer ready outfit.

Embellished Heels

These black shoes may look a lot like your usual office shoes but the added embellishment made it more stylish. The details on the heels just added a simple twist to these black shoes while keeping a formal and professional look. With these shoes, you will be the fashionable office chic who still looks stunning even after office hours.

Multi Colored Heels

This cute footwear is definitely an eye candy. Perfect for a summer wear, these shoes can keep things youthful, fresh and adventurous. Attend a summer party with these shoes and impress everyone with your fun fashion ensemble. Just go easy with the rest of the items in your outfit and you’re perfectly summer ready.

Wearing something cute and unique from time to time is a great way to keep your look fresh and stylish. Standby for more fashionable shoes here at Ceriwholesale and check back for more fashion tips here in our blog!
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Friday, June 21, 2013

4 Marketing Tips for Your Shoe Store This Summer

After looking at blogs, fashion websites and celebrity updates to look for what’s hot in the shoe industry we’re pretty sure that your store is all ready to take in new and old customers for their summer shoe shopping. But before anything else, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right marketing strategies that can give your customers a summer worth remembering.

Women's Shoe Store

While summer brings about good mood and high spirits, this is the perfect time to create lasting customer relationships with your customers. With the right products and unbeatable customer service made more prominent with right marketing strategies, your women's shoe store will be one of the go to place for shoe lovers even after the summer is over.

Have a Breath of Fresh Air
Do you aim to get your brand to be more popular to shopaholics and shoe lovers? Don’t wait for them to get to know you or visit your store. Go where they spend their vacation and offer them exactly what they need. 

While everyone is enjoying the summer breeze, why not give your store a breath of fresh air by going out of your store and selling your shoes in kiosk in beach resorts, shopping malls, or different summer trade show. This way, you can get the attention of your target market and have a feel of what customers need and want around your area.

Summer Promotional Signage (photo from

Treat Your Customer to Some Summer Fun
This is especially applicable to large shoe outlets or wholesale women’s shoe store and other medium sized business that has the budget and the time for an enjoyable summer activity. Think of an event where you can gather your loyal customers for a night of just pure fun and celebration. Host a party with a local celebrity or a band and get everyone dancing with their favorite summer shoes on. With an unforgettable party, your brand will surely be unforgettable as well.

Experience summer in your business
Summer means fun so why not take that as an excuse to add some summer feel in your website, newsletters, packaging and posters. This way you can celebrate the season with your customers and invite them to make affordable and quality shoes a part of their summer getaway.

Summer Promos and Discounts
If you love shopping for shoes, it means you also love discounts and other exciting promos. Treat your shoe loving friends to some easy and awesome discount promos that will allow them to hoard up with different summer shoes that will last until next year. Let them enjoy your summer collection and reward them with giveaways until they fall in love with your shoe brands and other offerings.

In the end, it’s always about building customer ties and impressive brand image. If you are able to freshen up customer relationships through these marketing strategies you will be sure that your lady friends will love you beyond any season.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Store Signage: Talk to Your Customers the Right Way

When it comes to shoe store signage, there is handful of ways to get your messages to customers creatively. However, more often than not, businessmen use unclear and vague ways to send out the things that they want to say. As a result, customers become confused and inhibited in trying out certain products just because of poorly written store signage.

women's shoe store
image from
When done correctly, you can maximize your efforts in creating effective store signage and experience increased sales in just a short period of time. But how do you really know if you’re signage is effective and catchy?

Short and to the point
There are messages that use 20 words but can be improved and summarize just by using 10 or so words. Avoid using flowery and unfamiliar words in describing new shoe products. Keep it short and straight to the point. This way you can get your message across before your customers turn to something else. Especially when the competition is tight and you are surrounded by other wholesale shoestores, short and catchy messages can give you a considerable edge against your competitors.

shoe store signage
image from
Use easy to read fonts
Since your goal is to have your store signs readable in the shortest possible time, simple bold fonts can greatly help in creating your messages. Make sure that the colors as well as the materials used in creating your store signs all contribute in creating a catchy message.

Keep it Personal
Using “you” or “your” helps in making messages more personal and communicative. Talk to them like an old friend or someone who understand their needs when it comes to fashionable footwear. Promote new shoes through messages that will make them imagine how it is to wear your brands. This way they will feel more connected to your store and your products.

Have fun
Fashion is made for women who love to enjoy great things as well as trendy yet affordable wholesale women’s shoes. Create messages that can reflect your customer’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Make jokes or witty lines part of your signage and create lasting impression.

Test your signs
After putting up a new store sign or posters, it is important to check if you can get your desired effect. Walk in front of your store or try reading it from longer distance to see if it is still readable. Ask your friends or staffs for their opinion and make the necessary adjustment when needed.

Lastly, the key to effective store signs is by being imaginative and creative. Remember also that your signage main goal is to get people into buying your products so it must tell them why they need to make a purchase. Play around and keep your store signs fresh. Sooner or later, you’ll know what works for your target market as you understand them better along the way. 
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Highlight: White Fashionable Women’s Shoes

Summer is a great opportunity for the ladies to wear it high with colors and lots of intricate details. But those who want to play it chic and simple will rush into your store looking for summer wear that doesn’t get too much attention and keeps a fresh youthful look.

With these in mind, aside from putting pastel colored pumps and floral sandals on your shoe shelf, you should also make room for some fashionable white trendy shoes. As one of ladies’ fashion staples, white shoes can be paired with different outfits and can go well with casual, to chic, to formal evening wear.

White Flats Shoes
Flats are known for its being comfortable. It’s the perfect summer wear especially for those who are planning to have weekend get together with friends or family. For ladies who are fun and trendy will surely benefit from a cute ballet flats or pointed cap toe shoes this summer.

White Sneakers
Girls just wanna have fun especially during summer. Make your store the go to place for all our lady friends who are looking for a footwear that can make them enjoy a laid back Saturday jam with friends or a hang out in some vintage shop with her special someone. Keep your store display fresh with white sneakers to accommodate those who are totally comfortable in these shoes.

Pumps and Dress Shoes
Most ladies summer calendar is filled with party schedules and wedding invitations. Keep a handful of dress shoes in white for those who are walking down the aisle or those who will fulfill their bridesmaid duties this summer. Make things more fun by choosing shoes that have cute design or details that can compliment the design of basic summer dresses and outfits.
White Party Shoes
Nothing is more awesome than being invited to attend summer parties while celebrating milestones and memories of your friends and even officemates. Turn on the party mode with wide selections of high heeled party shoes and keep your customers the prettiest in town. Choose summer footwear in simple white color but take things up a notch by displaying the ones that has the most interesting designs and details.

With different occasions this summer, these pairs of shoes will surely be handy for your female friends and customers. Make sure to keep full stocks of these items and offer it to ladies who are looking for something that can freshen up their wardrobe. Since white is known for its simplicity, always keep things interesting by displaying high quality shoes in your women’sshoe store outlet.

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