Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome 2014 with a Bang! Tips for Small business and Startup Entrepreneurs

Another year means another set of challenges. And while most of us are busy wrapping up our year and celebrating everything we had in the past, it’s also the perfect time to think ahead and welcome a new beginning.

New trends, new economic activities, new business goals – the year ahead has a lot in store for us, but whether or not it can work to our advantage depends on how well we prepare for the best. If you are a wholesale shoes business owner or a start up shoe retailer, starting the year right can affect the direction and the success of your business in the next year. Make 2014 your best year ever by planning ahead, learning from the past, and keeping yourself updated about the industry.

Here is short of list of things you can do to keep your business running at full speed this year of the horse.

1. Have a Clean Slate

Welcome the New Year with a clear mind by getting rid of unfinished business before the year ends. Pay your employees, settle dues and bills, and clear out seasonal inventory. Make sure all your transactions are completed and time bound projects are finished before planning for the next set of activities for your business. This will help you gain more perspective and clearer view instead of carrying past problems to the next few months.


2. Get rid of clutter in your store

After the chaos and the stress of the Holiday season, allot a certain day or time when you can close down the store for a round of thorough cleaning. You can get rid of clutter, throw away discarded boxes and clear shelf away from damaged shoes or . After all the unnecessary items are taken away, you will surprised how much your shoe store has and you can have more space for new collection.

3. Update tools and equipment

Do you have tools or other items in your store that need to be replaced or repaired? Take time to update your shoe display shelves or window display to suit the season. Check the conditions of equipment being used to ensure safety and security of your store. Make sure your wholesale shoes business is ready to accommodate new customers and improve the quality of service to further your brand in the year ahead.

Look forward to a more fruitful and successful days ahead and prepare your business for the challenges of the coming year.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting it Right: How to Handle Haggling Customers

Holiday shoppers always want to find a good deal. With the economic issues in the country today, shoppers are giving more and more value to their money and are finding ways to save as much as possible. Some money savvy customers even come up with different creative ways to save like shopping at online stores or haggling for a lower price.


Coming face to face with a haggling customer requires good negotiating skills. If you are into wholesale shoes store business or retail store industry, haggling the right way is necessary to protect your sales and engage customers at the same time. While this can be a little daunting for business owners and startup entrepreneurs, it can also be used to turn one time customers to loyal patrons. 

Here are some tricks to help you get the best out of haggling customers.

1. Negotiate your way

If you are setting up a booth at a trade fair or charity events, be prepared to face haggling customers. Find a way to put yourself on equal footing with your customers by resisting low-ball offer but by coming up with favorable price, instead. Don’t just turn away from customers who offer low price but courteously decline by highlighting the value of your products. 

2. Know when to give in

When you’re faced with hagglers, it’s best to know when to negotiate and when to just simply give in. If you see an opportunity to gain loyal customer, then you can freely cut off small amount off your price or offer better deals instead. Work hard to negotiate a better price but learn when to just let your customer walk away happily with their savings.

3. Think quality

One of haggler’s favorite strategies is finding flaws in the product they want to buy. Don’t instantly give customers the chance to offer low price by highlighting the value of your items. Mention the quality of the materials used in the shoes you are selling and the competitiveness of your pricing compared to other retail store.

4. It’s not about the money

Most of the time, they are not really after the small amount that they are going to save. Sometimes they haggle to enjoy the feeling of having something to say about the price of the products they want to buy. Instead of just negotiating with your customers over a small price off, you can also throw in extras that will cost you less than dropping your price. When they finally realize that they are getting the best deals from your store, they can happily walk outside your door and come back for more.

How about you? How do you handle hagglers in your wholesale shoes store or retail store? 

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Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Have a Worry Free Vacation for Entrepreneurs

Have you finally convinced yourself that you deserve a break from your wholesale shoes business or startup retail store? Well, maybe it’s about time!

If you’re a startup entrepreneur, you may have experienced a boat load of stress over the past year. Definitely, you can use a few days off with your family or friends. Although it’s ideal to just pack up your bags and leave, small business owners are notorious for not taking vacations over the years. Even those who do take time find it difficult to relax while on vacation.

Learn how to resist the urge to make a client call, check your mails or worry about everything going wrong while you are gone on a holiday. Think about the beach or your favorite holiday activity and just enjoy your vacation.

Here are some ways how to enjoy your vacation:

Create a Schedule and Stick with it

Maybe you have promised not to open your email over your five day vacation but failed to keep it as soon as you rode the plane. Keep yourself from feeling guilty by dedicating a time to check and reply to important emails and be on the loop. Keep it to a minimum and shut down your laptop and keep it away when you’re done. It takes a little discipline but the result can be rewarding for you and your family.

Trust your Employees

If you have given them the right instructions and if your vacation is planned in advance, your staff can actually manage a few pleasant days without you. Assign a point person whom you can trust to keep the business running until you’re back from your vacation.

No Business Calls

Call your wholesale shoe suppliers, settle bills and notify your clients the day before you go on your trip. Tell them that you will be unreachable in a couple of days and encourage them to leave an important message for you if something important comes up. Make sure to give them a call after the Holidays to resolve any possible issues as soon as possible.

Keep Family First

Focus on your family and your vacation. Give them the attention they need from you. This is the best time to make up for those late nights at the office! Don’t miss the opportunity to play with the kids, spend intimate moments with your other half and create fun memories! These small things will surely help you feel better and more inspired as you come back to work after the holidays.

Just consider this as a gift to yourself and your family. After a few days off, you will gain a better perspective and feel more charged to work again. 
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Entrepreneurs Need a Vacation, too! 5 Ways to Have a Break this Holiday

The holidays may be a golden time for shoppers because of amazing discounts at online wholesale shoes stores and fashion boutiques. But the sudden increase of enthusiastic buyers can be a little overwhelming for small businessmen and start up entrepreneurs.

A good amount of rest from the daily stress of owning a shoe business can help entrepreneurs perform better and think more clearly. While it’s ideal to just pack your suitcase and book your ticket to your favorite Holiday destination, most start-up entrepreneurs can’t afford that kind of luxury. There is always so much to do and stepping out of the door and leaving everything behind is sometimes just too much.

However, Holiday season is definitely not the best time to be stressed out. Here are some of tips you can do to get a simple but well deserved break this time of the year:

1. Plan ahead
Even before the Holiday rush kicks in, make sure you have a clear idea about your plans and goals for your wholesale shoes business. Jot down a marketing strategy, get new stocks and redesign your store, but don’t forget to include Holiday vacation and breaks in your schedule. Have the decision to reward yourself and your team for all your hard work and look forward to it everyday!

2. Get an extra hand
Are you expecting an increase in volume of customers this Holidays? Bring more people in your team to accommodate more shoppers. Adding someone behind the counter will help avoid having long queues, and having another temporary shoe clerk is a great help in assisting a large crowd.

3. Plan Fun Holiday Events
This time, it’s not just about your customers. Plan an event where everyone in your company can have fun. Keep the celebration small, but fun and meaningful. Thank everyone in your team and give rewards when it is due. Bring in delicious food and enjoy the blessings you had the past year.

4. Train another “You”!
While it’s not easy to trust your staff to handle the store themselves, doing so can buy you some time to relax and de-stress. Train your most competitive employee about the things to do in your business and how they can help whenever you need to take some time off for coffee dates or over the weekend vacation.

There is a ton of stress that comes with the holiday season and a business can definitely add that much more. Remember to simplify things as you get busier and know when to take a break whenever necessary.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fit for the Red Carpet: Velvet Shoes

Some big events this season call for red carpet-ready shoes. With all the Holiday parties and celebrations, it’s best to be prepared by getting the best footwear that spells elegance and luxury. When shopping for the shoes that you’re going to wear in some of the biggest events in your life this year, the rich color and lavishing texture of velvet shoes can easily come to mind.

One of this year’s biggest Holiday trends, velvet shoes has become extremely popular among the celebrities, bloggers and icons in the fashion industry. From sky high heels to comfy flats, the extravagance of this footwear is a perfect match for your chosen Holiday outfit. To top it all, velvet shoes are also available in different shopping malls and wholesale shoes stores in very affordable price.

Can’t wait to wear this plush footwear? Here are some quick tips to let you walk with style while wearing velvet shoes.

1. Add some sparkles

Pick something that has sheen to it to come up with a chic and playful look. If you’re going to a casual event but still want to dress up a little, charming velvet pumps with studs and sparkling details on it can be your best bet. Get your finest cocktail dress and slip on a high heeled pumps then complete your look with minimal and tasteful accessories.

2. Play with contrasting colors

Pair up a stylish white dress with an impressive velvet black booties for that sleek and neat fashion ensemble. High contrast trend is totally hot this year so you can definitely give it a go when attending corporate parties and events. Another fashion tip: if you’re wearing boots with gold chain or zipper on it, you can match your accessories accordingly for that fashion forward attitude.


3. Wear it over printed dress

What makes velvet wedge shoes or pumps one of the go to shoes for the red carpet is its versatility. It can fashionably look great with any prints without getting lost with all the details. If you’re in the mood for dress in floral, geometric or animal print, you can fashionably do so with this famous lady’s footwear.


Our wholesale shoes collection this season is filled exciting footwear that can easily find its way to your closet. Go to our website and look for stunning velvet shoes for your next red carpet event!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keep it Looking like Brand New: How to Care for Shoes

There are two things that you can never have too many of: good friends and good shoes.

Maybe that is why ladies are known for having different pairs of shoes, with some having more than 10 pairs of pumps, sandals, boots and flats, in her closet. There’s no shame in it. Shoes are good investment, right?


If you’re really determined to collect different pairs of shoes, whether it’s branded or bought on a shoe sale, it’s highly important that you know how to keep them in shape. A well maintained luxury shoes or wholesale shoes for women can last longer period and can look brand new even after months of use.

Here are some tips on how you can care for your high heels.

1. Keep it Clean and Dry

After a day of walking on the road, partying or battling with the rain or snow, it’s always a must to clean and dry out your shoes. Some ladies, who do not spend extra minute to clean their shoes, get the surprise of their life when their shoes get irreparably damaged.

Prevent this from happening by gently wiping dirt and dust off your shoes after a long day. Stuff old newspaper inside your shoes and booties to absorb the moist and maintain the original shape of your shoes.

2. Watch the floors you’re walking in

There are shoes for the red carpet and shoes for the rough road. If you want your shoes to last, you have to know the difference. When you’re wearing single sole pumps or stiletto shoes, try not to wear out the soles and the heels by avoiding rocky pavement. If you’re going for a long walk, opt for sturdy flats or wedge boots instead.


3. Have the right storage for your shoes

Sure you can leave your shoes on the stairs, under your bed or near the doorsteps, but having a dedicated space in your room for your shoes can help in keeping it in shape for a longer period of time. Invest in a quality shoe rack or shelf for your wholesale shoes and organize them accordingly.

4. Wear them regularly

Shoes tend to get old and crisp when it’s not worn regularly. To make sure that your shoes are looking good and doing well, wear it at least once or twice a month. This is also a great chance to allow your favorite shoes to breathe and rest for a day.

Got more shoe loving tips? Share it with us!
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