Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion 101: Tall women’s Guide to Wearing High Heeled Shoes

There is something about high heeled shoes that makes any woman crazy about it. No matter what your skin tone or silhouette is, you can always be confident that you will find the right pair of high heeled wholesale shoes for you. While it favors those who want to have an extra inch added into their height, high heeled wedge or stiletto shoes can also look great even to those who are already tall.

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High heeled shoes can make your stride look sexier and your legs leaner. Plus it also gives women a sense of confidence that can make them look more attractive no matter what they are wearing. But some women standing, 5 feet 10 inches tall or more, are expressing their concern about looking awkward when wearing 4-6 inches heels. Some are just afraid to look too tall or towering compared to some girls or even to some men around a room.

To help you have that confidence to wear that sexy footwear, here are some guides to get you started.

  1. Keep a proper posture
Nothing can ruin your look while wearing high heeled shoes than a bad posture. Stand up straight and don’t slouch no matter what you do. This will not just create a great impression but can also beneficial to your health in the future. Tall people tend to slouch more than normal people do so it’s best to work on your posture

  1. Be confident
A good height is an asset regardless of what people might be saying. Choose the best pair of wholesale shoes that fits you and your outfit perfectly. The more you worry about looking weird because of your height, the more you will awkward. Wear your shoes at home and walk with it for a couple of hours to make sure that you will feel comfortable with it when you wear it on a special occasion or parties.

  1. Try platform or wedge shoes
Wedge styled shoes is perfect for those who want to have more balance and comfort from the shoes that they are wearing. Unlike with stiletto shoes, tall women can be sure to have more feet support from wedge shoes plus the steepness of the heel arc are decreased making it more comfortable to wear.

When shopping for shoes, it’s best to consider your lifestyle and personality so you can be most comfortable about it. Get the best pair of shoes that will make you walk with confidence regardless of your height and enjoy wearing it anywhere you go.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 Types of Shoes to Include in Your Fall Inventory

Different season requires different types of shoes. If you’re in the shoe business long enough, you probably know how to anticipate your customers footwear needs depending on the season and on going trends. Just as summer is for sandals and flips flops, fall is for ankle boots and comfortable loafers.

As we transition from summer to fall, it’s important to understand that ladies will most likely look for wholesale shoes that give enough warmth but are not as heavy as winter shoes. To give you an idea on what shoes to put on display this season, let us give you a short list of what shoes to add to your fall shoe inventory.

  1. Cutout Wedge Shoes
Most of us haven’t gotten over summer yet so it’s great to display something that can give your customers more time to enjoy some summer fun. This wholesale cutout wedge shoes can let them wear comfortable footwear and give them a little warmth especially during late afternoons.

  1. Studded Booties
Booties are definitely one of the fall wardrobe essentials. But what’s better way of having it than to sprinkle it with tiny bits of studs for that high fashion look? These studded booties are perfect for those who want to have that rocker chic look this season.

  1. Combat Boots
What used to be an ordinary army boots now made its way to women’s closet and has already gained more popularity over the years. The warmth and comforts of these boots will surely appeal to those who want to have a hassle free day. For those who are looking for some alternatives, combat boots are also available in floral design and other fashionable colors.

  1. Woven Oxfords
Another masculine shoe, these oxford shoes can be your best bet if you want to have a care free weekend getaway. Pair it with a skinny jeans, plain white top, light cardigan and fashion jewelry and you’re good to go. Display this along with other flat shoes like sneakers or espadrille shoes to make it more noticeable.

Contact your wholesale shoes supplier and make sure to add these shoes in your inventory this season. Want to see more fashionable shoes for you business? Check out our website!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Prepare Your Shoe Business for the Fall Season with This To-Do List

Successful business owners are always ahead of the game. And since we’re almost over with summer, it’s time to be working on your plans and business goals this new season. If you want to continue the success you experienced in your shoe store this summer or need to devise new strategies to be on top of the competition, this is a best time to do so.

People these days are starting to look forward to the changes in the fashion scene and are excited to bring new items into their wardrobe. To keep the momentum going, make sure every aspect of your business is ready to provide your customers the best shopping experience they will ever wish for this season.

Here’s a short to do list to jump start your preparation.

  1. Plan efficient and exciting marketing strategies
A good marketing campaign can open the season with a bang for your business. Inform your customers about this season’s trendy items, discount programs, or promotional events so they will have something to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. This will build up their interest and anticipation that they will be watching over the things that you will offer every day.

  1. Order Fresh Stocks
Want to add special items on your shoe racks? Call your wholesale shoes supplier and get those trendy pairs. Make sure that all your orders will come on time and in their best condition. If you believe something will sell out fast, make sure you order enough inventories to meet the needs of your loyal customers.

  1. Create a Fantastic Shoe Display
The way you display your shoes can affect the way your customers see your products. Choose the items that need to be highlighted and the shoes that need to be put on sale. Display it such an attractive way that it can be easily noticed by the people who will step inside your store. If you have a window display, this is also the best time to prep it up.

  1. Update Your Social Media Pages and Website
This to do list doesn't end with just some off line duties. Keep your online presence felt by regularly updating your website and social media pages. You can use it in promoting your new arrivals and latest promos. Visit the website of other popular wholesale shoes store and get inspiration on how to update your online portfolio.

With proper planning you can be sure that your business will be successful no matter what the season is.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Increase Sales by Understanding this Season's Shoe Trends

If you’re going to look at lifestyle websites or popular fashion blogs you will notice how even weeks before next season begin, ladies are now looking at what’s going to be trendy and fashionable. Going with the trends give most ladies great satisfaction and self confidence that they often depend their choices to what is considered to be popular among ladies their age.

This customer behavior can affect the way things are done when it comes to business. For shoe retailers, for example, fashion trends can affect the business from the way you purchase wholesale shoes, to product pricing, down to promotional activities and advertising strategies. Trends have direct or indirect impact on your business and the sooner you understand it, the better you can use it to your advantage.

Trend Awareness

Fashion trends changes a lot depending on the season, popular events or special holidays. Keeping yourself well informed about the changes in style, designs or materials used in women’s shoes can help you make an informed decision when it comes to the products that you are selling.

The internet, particularly the social media is a great source of information about the latest in fashion industry. Observing what most women are wearing on the streets and to the workplace can help you have a better understanding of what customers what and need.

Trends and Competition

Having the ability to spot an on going trend can give you the edge against your competitors in shoe business and can increase customer loyalty in the long run. However, you should also learn to distinguish fads vs. trends. Investing on products based on fads can be detrimental for your business and would mean you have to sell some shoes at half the price by the time they don’t seem appealing to your customers anymore.

On the other hand, there are some fashion trends that are so popular that they become a must have for almost anyone. When this happen, it becomes an essential part of people’s wardrobe causing trends to last for months or even few years. This will give you a chance to sell a particular product in a long period of time.

If you are knowledgeable about certain fashion trend people will come up to you and will consider your store as the go to place for trendiest shoes. Keep yourself updated with trends and how it will affect the lifestyle of your costumers. This way you will find a way to create more income with the latest in fashion industry.   

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Friday, August 16, 2013

End Summer Season with a Bang: Tips on Having a Successful Clearance Sale

They say time flies when you’re having fun and when it comes to shoes, I’m sure our lady customers had a great time while traveling with their colorful sandals and comfy sneakers. But now that we only have few weeks left before summer is officially over, this is the best time to stir up your shoe business and prepare for another exciting season.

Before we officially bring in boots and sweaters, why not use the remaining sun shiny days to clear your shelves off the seasonal items. Prepare your store for an end of season sale or clearance sale as a way to move summer footwear but also as a way to treat your loyal customers.

To help you run a successful clearance sale, here are some quick tips that you can use.

  1. Plan ahead
Consider the items that you want to put on sale and the best way to mark down its price. Create an inventory of all your seasonal wholesale shoes and think of a way to make it more appealing to customers. Also consider the terms of your discount sale, if it is open to every one or to just some of your customers who has a loyalty card. Consider the date of your clearance sale and make sure that it falls on a weekend closest to the payday to make sure that most of your customer can enjoy the discounted shoes.

  1. Promote it through ads and social media
Let your customers know in advance about your upcoming clearance sale. This will create an anticipation among your customer and will give them enough time to save up money for brand new pair of shoes, make sure that your customers are well informed about it and encourage them to help spread out the word if ever possible.

  1. Bundle dead inventory with good products
One key in making your clearance sale is having a bundle deal. Pair a slow moving item with your best sellers or bundle up two products and sell it at great discount. This will not only speed up sales but will also allow your customers to buy two shoes at the price of one.

End this season with a fun and exciting clearance sale!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashion Footwear for the Rocker Chic and How to Wear it

One of the most talked about trends when it comes to shoes this year is spiked shoes. It gives a different attitude to its wearer and gives a unique twist to even the most usual outfit. If you think ballet flats and single sole sandals are too dainty for you, you will definitely love the rock star feeling you can get from this amazing footwear.

Spiked and studded shoes are on the market for quite some time but as more and more female celebrities and fashion models find these pairs as the next big thing, the popularity of these fashionably deadly shoes just got even better. Ladies who loves experimenting with their looks and their outfit absolutely love wearing this trend but for those of you who haven’t tried adding some edginess on your wholesale shoes, why not start with small studs and increase it as you gain more confidence.

How to wear spiked and studded footwear

Here are some quick tips on how you can walk with confidence while wearing these kicks.

  1. Plan your outfit ahead – to make sure that you achieve the look that you desire, make sure to look at fashion blogs or magazines for some inspiration. Take note of the hairstyle, the outfit and the kind of shoes that you can wear with it. If you’re confident that you can pull off the rocker chic outfit, you can check your closet for clothes and start mixing and matching until you come up with the perfect look.

  1. Don’t Over do it – spikes and studded shoes take up a lot of attention so make sure to keep other items in your ensemble as simple as possible. But if you think you’re confident enough to break the some fashion rules, you can definitely wear more than one spiked item in your outfit. Try putting on a spiked leather jacket to balance off the look but refrain from adding to much bling to keep it chic and fabulous.

  1. Accessorize accordingly – your shoes are statement enough but accessories can bring your whole outfit together. Consider wearing layered bracelets or multiple rings for a trendier look. To finish off your look, wear the right make up to set the mood and the attitude. Search online for make up ideas and wear your best the way you want it.
Now that you’re ready to rock the world with these fashion tips, you can now enjoy experimenting with your looks. 
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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Tips on How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

With all the activities that women engage with every day, from the office work to wife and mommy duties, it’s important to have footwear that can keep you company in your activities day in and day out.

Once you find the perfect pair that won’t cause blisters on your feet and makes walking more comfortable, the next question is how you can enjoy them longer. We've seen a lot of women complain about shoes that doesn't last long enough and hard earned money gone to waste just because of low quality shoes.

To help make sure those shoes will last as much as you need them to, here are some useful tips that you can take in mind.

  1. Keep Shoes in Shape with Used Newspaper

Stuffing old crumpled paper inside your shoes before storing it out can keep leather shoes, wholesale dress shoes and boots in shape and also helps to prevent creases and scratches on the surface of your shoes.

  1. Untie Your Shoes Every time You Take them off

It’s easy to just kick off your shoes after a long day but untying the lace can give longer life to your sneakers and laced up boots.

  1. Avoid wearing the same shoes everyday

Let your shoes air out by alternately wearing your shoes. Have at least 3 to five pairs of wholesale women’s shoes you can wear to work so you don’t have to wear the same pair everyday.

  1. Store Shoes Properly

If you want to keep the longevity of your shoes, it’s best to invest on a shoe storage that can help you maintain the quality of your shoes. Resist the urge to just leave your shoes near your door and make it a habit to put it on a shoe rack, shelf or a cabinet to keep it away from molds and other insects.

  1. When soaked with water, let dry immediately

If your shoes get soaked after a heavy rain, immediately let your shoes dry off by airing it out or stuffing it with old newspaper to help absorb water.

With these basic tips, along with a little TLC and proper handling, you can make your shoes last longer and enjoy it’s good fit for a longer period of time.
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visual Merchandising: How to Make Your Shoe Display More Appealing to Customers

With the advent of supermarkets and specialty stores, visual merchandising has been one of the important factors that affect the success of a shoe business. Whether it is for trade shows or for a physical wholesale shoes store, it is important to have a well thought shoe display that can highlight the uniqueness of your products and give customers the reasons why they should go for it.

Visual merchandising is often referred to as the art of trend and lifestyle presentation. It’s a marketing technique that uses strong visual messages to stimulate the customer’s perception and emotional response. A visually appealing display can positively affect customer’s purchase behavior leading to increase in sales and stronger brand image.

Consider the following visual merchandising guidelines for displaying your shoe in the most fashionable way.

Target a Specific Niche

Having a clear vision on who is your target niche will give you an idea on how you can display your wholesale shoes. If you are selling dressy shoes and your target market is middle aged women, you must keep your display neat, elegant and classy. But if you are after teens and young professionals, keeping your store fresh looking, trendy and fashionable is the way to be easily noticed by your target market.

Group Items Strategically

Sort items by brand, style and function in a more organized way. This way, customers can comfortably navigate around your store making it easier to pick and decide what shoes to buy.

Choose Attractive Store Fixtures

Don’t just go for a typical shoe shelf if you want to communicate with your customers better. Think of a store fixtures that can complement the style and designs of your shoes. Use these to create a mood that can help buyers enjoy their time inside your store. Remember to space out fixtures as to avoid getting store too crowded.

Keep price tags and labels accurate

You can also use labels to help customers distinguish shoe based on their size, colors and materials. Make sure that these labels are accurate as well the prizes of each shoe that are on display.

Ready to give your store a makeover? Use this advice to give your store a new look.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

3 Creative Display Ideas for Shoe Your Business

To be able to be successful in the shoe business industry you must have these two very important characteristic - a great fashion sense and a lot of creativity. If your store is located inside a mall or high traffic area, it is most likely that you have another competitor near you. But if you want to gain advantage of the competition, it’s best to tap the potential of your shoe store by creating an impressive display and using it to win the game.

When you’re thinking of how to display women’s shoes, think of how you can create a visually appealing display that will stand out from the rest of your competitor. Aside from that, you must also consider the functionality and practicality of your display. Your main goal is to make shopping experience more special for your customers so it’s best to come up with a display that’s not just good visually but will also make shopping for your customers easier.

Here are 3 shoe display ideas that you can use to make your store look more attractive.

Hang it on the Wall

This space saving strategy is great when you have limited space inside your store. Hang different types of wholesale shoes to decorate a plain wall. Choose bright colored shoes and creatively hang it on the wall for more fun looking display.

Stock up Shoe Boxes

If you own a discount or wholesale shoe store, you can stock up shoe boxes and put a pair of shoes on top of the pile of boxes. This is great if you have limited space for your product inventory as you can maximize the space in your store to display your shoes. Display one pair of shoe and keep the rest of the sizes inside the box for easier accessibility and order.

Wooden Tables and Cabinets

To give a classic and elegant appearance to your shoe store, you can purchase wooden tables in antique store and thrift shop or have it customized to fit your store location. Display dressy shoes by placing it on top of a wooden table and add some classic items such as flower, photo frames, or antique stuff to fit the vintage design of your store.

Need more ideas on how to display your wholesale women’s shoes? Check back for more display tips and business ideas to bring success to your business.

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