Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Habits of a Successful Shoe Store Retailer

Fashion is fickle, they say, so if you’re going to engage in this business, you must be prepared to face the craziness and fast paced changes of the shoe industry. As a retailer, and most probably an owner of your own shoe store, there are a lot of things that you should practice in order to survive the difficulties of this industry.
successful retailer understand the needs of the customers 

Examine yourself and see if you really have what it takes to make it big in this business.

Here are some of the best qualities of a successful shoe retailer.

Knows how to set realistic goals and works on achieving it

One of the most common mistakes of an entrepreneur is setting unrealistic goals from her business and from the people within the team. Spend some time to research about the factors that affect your business and base your goals on those findings. It is okay to aim high but not knowing when it is too much can cause disappointments and can also harm your business.

Can easily recognize opportunities and threats

The ability to spot opportunities based on trends in wholesale women’s shoes, change in season or significant events is the best advantage an entrepreneur can have against her competitors. Make yourself receptive with the wants and needs of your costumers and take it as an opportunity to serve them with your products. Likewise, if you are updated with the external factors, such as economy, that may affect your business in a negative way, you can be more ready in facing any challenges that you’re company will have.


Has the sense of ambition and self motivation

When things don’t go as planned and business is a little slow, a true businesswoman knows how to stay motivated and keep her eye on the goal.  A person who wants to be truly successful is driven and is absolutely sure about the things she wants to achieve in terms of sales and marketing.

Able to accept failure and move on as soon as possible

Nothing is entirely sure in business and everything is a gamble that people take in order to make it big in the industry. As a beginner, you’re going to experience a lot of difficulties and disappointments in your endeavor. However, these failures can lead you to discoveries that will let you avoid the same situation in the future. Being able to quickly pick up valuable lessons and move on from an unwanted incident will help you keep your cool as you look forward to the next opportunity.

Promotes Accountability and Integrity among staff members

When a customer complains about a purchase or someone is unhappy about the service rendered by your store, it is essential to uphold accountability among your staff members at all times. Remember that everyone should be responsible in making your customer’s satisfied and that everyone should realize that they have a role in making this business a success.

Can fully understand the need of the customers

Sometimes a customer will step inside your store not knowing exactly what they want or need. They may even be unsure about their right shoe size and may have difficulty trying to find a perfect fit. This is where the ability to listen and understand takes in. A passionate shoe retailer is willing to go extra mile for her customers. She makes sure that everyone who steps inside her store won’t leave without a pair of wholesale shoes on their hands and being happy about it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about who loves this industry the most and those who are willing to continuously adapt to the changes in the market. Fashion is fickle, they say, but if you really love what you do and you have these traits, you are surely closer to achieving your dreams as a shoe retailer.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Factors that Affects Your Shoe Business

“How much do you know and understand about the shoe industry?” This is one of the first questions that you have to ask yourself before setting your hands on this venture that will require your time, money and dedication.

The level of understanding an entrepreneur has about the industry he’s in is essential in the success or failure any business. If you want to join the shoe industry as manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, you should be able to broaden your understanding about the factors that affects your business in short term and long term basis. This way you can easily devise a way to respond more quickly to the needs of your clients. Likewise, it will also make it easier for you to spot opportunities and threats inside and outside your company.

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In order to guide you in becoming one of the established shoe brands in your area, here are some factors that greatly affect the shoe industry.

  • Price - Anything that has to do with money is a great player in any business. Understanding how this works in your advantage can help you in making names in shoe industry. Putting competitive price tags on your products and services can attract more customers.

Americans are known for being price conscious when it comes to items they buy. In fact, four out of ten shoes are sold at a discount. Keep in mind though that competitive price is not entirely synonymous to cheap pricing. Check how well your prices fit the quality and usability of your fashion shoes and how your consumers respond to it.

  • Weather - There are different kinds of shoes that women wear depending on the occasion and the weather. Offering different items that fit the climate and lifestyle of the people in your area can be a great way to increase your sales. Sell knee boots or calf boots during winter and stock up with thongs and sandals during summer.

  • Target Market - As you determine your target market in the beginning of your business, you must also consider their purchasing power as well the style or designs that they are after. If you want to cater to a specific target market, create a trademark that can be easily recognized by them and provide for their footwear needs.

  • Other economic Factors - Surging economy means people are happy and have more money to purchase wholesale shoes but during a recession people might be more concerned about putting food on the table or keeping their house than buying shoes. Carefully analyze the industry and try to adapt your business with the general economy.

Engaging into a business means being smart about your investments. Understand these key factors and use it to grow your business as well your entrepreneurial skills to be successful in this industry.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fashion Finds: Trendy Wild Rose Wholesale Shoes

We here at Ceriwholesale pride ourselves in selling the highest quality shoes in prices that you can surely afford. As your ever reliable shoe supplier, we make sure to provide you with the quality shoe brands that can help you collect the best fashion shoes for your inventory. We also make sure that you have access to the latest fashion finds brought to you by various quality shoe brands so you will have the edge you need to stand out in the competition.

One of the brands we proudly showcase is Wild Rose Shoes. The edgy and sophisticated style of their wholesale women shoes is something that built their name in the industry and made them popular among fashion savvy ladies. Known for revolutionizing any wardrobe through its trendy pairs, Wild Rose shoes is the answer to any woman’s quest for finding the hottest shoes for any particular season or reason.

Here is a list of lovely footwear from their collection:

Wild Rose shoes are known for collection of shoes that brings out the sophisticated charm of every woman. Boasting a 5” platform heels, this booty has inner zipper and suede upper that is available in taupe, black and grey color.

The deep velvet blue color of these ladies pumps is so exquisite that it can definitely make women walk in full confidence. The perfectly woven lace upper and glittering studs made this pumps perfect for short dresses, cocktail dress and peplum skirts.

A quality knee high boots is every woman’s must have come fall and winter season. Make sure to keep fashionable of Wild Rose knee high boots in your store for those ladies who express undying loyalty to knee boots.

Party the night away with these royal blue platform dressy sandals! Include this on your inventory and notice how our pretty party girls adore your stocks. The Sexy stiletto heels and the glittery finish of these wholesale shoes for women will surely make any lady party from sun down to sun up.

What’s not to love about these wholesale evening sandals? It features a lovely 4” heels that can let any woman walk comfortably while wearing an elegant evening dress or casual getup. Sell these pair in time for senior proms, Valentine’s Day, graduation ball or holiday parties.

With these fashion pieces in your shoe store, your lovely customers can find a piece that matches their taste and fashion sense. Do you think your shoe inventory needs an update? Complete your store with these pieces from Wild Rose shoes!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Must Have Shoes in Your Store this Spring

As the spring season finally arrives, many fashion savvy ladies are shopping for shoes that go well with their spring outfit. As soon as they step inside your store, they will certainly look for fun colors, light weight shoes and other trendy footwear. As a store owner, this is also your chance to update your stocks in able to provide them with fashionable items that will perfectly fit their taste.

Look around your display and your shoe inventory. Do you think your store is ready for spring? Here at Ceriwholesale, we make sure to help you bring together the trendiest wholesale women’s shoe that your customers will surely love! Here are some of our suggestions:
Cutout Shoes
Ladies especially those who are working in a professional environment are looking for an outfit that will let them enjoy the spring fashion in a more formal way. This can be best achieved by wearing footwear that has the airiness of a sandals but the structure of a shoes. Display different selection of cut out shoes on your shelf and see how your customers would love it.

Floral Prints
The season of spring is almost synonymous with full bloom flowers and feel good environment. Fill your store with floral prints that has fun colors such as yellow, green and pink and capture the attention of the ladies that are looking for some pieces that will show they girly pretty side.

Metallic Shoes
Edgy and sophisticated, this kind of footwear will absolutely add oomph to your shoe inventory. Display some pumps, boots, or sandals with metallic accent put a poster showing your lady friends how to wear this trend. This way they can enjoy wearing this trend without having any second thought.

Color Blocked
The combination of two or three colors in classy pumps is simply hard to resist! Look for spring friendly color combination and see what your girl friends will do after visiting your store. Make sure to buy more stocks because these shoes are definitely a sellout.

Wedge Sneakers
These sneakers turned high heeled wedge shoes are becoming a hit among teens this seasons. Add a touch of youth into your inventory and see how young ladies in your neighborhood flock your store to take a look at these cute and height enhancing shoes.

With these items on your shelf, who wouldn't love to visit your store to check out the latest in spring shoe collections? 
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Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Your Shoe Store

Most of the ladies have this undying and undeniable love for shoes. A good pair of pumps or sandals serves as her companion as she fulfills her daily tasks, from going to our office, meeting with clients to attending corporate events. But aside from that, her most trusted pair of shoes also kept her feet fab and lovely as she bring her kids to school, attend to her little girl’s ballet recital or even watch her little boys’ basketball games.
As we start the month of May, this is the best time to celebrate the many faces of motherhood and reward them through one of things they love the most – shoes.

Here are simple and inexpensive ways of celebrating Mother’s day in your store.

1.       Greet every mother through a creative signage
This is the simplest way to celebrate the special day of our mothers. Create a small signage with a “Happy Mother’s Day” sign and put it on your store window or on the wall inside your store. Use your creativity or ask the assistance of your store staffs in creating special greetings for the mothers who’d love to get new shoes on their special day.

2.       Have your staffs sincerely greet them with a smile
Tell your staffs to spend extra attention in giving assistance to the ladies who devoted their life to their kids and family. Help them find the pairs they need and suggest styles and designs that perfects fit their life as a mother.

3.       Play Songs about moms and motherhood
There are a lot of songs that are especially dedicated to mothers one of those is Boys II Men’s A Song for Mama or Thanks to You. Who wouldn’t love to hear a touching song while looking at your shoe selections? If you have a sound system inside your store, playing a soft music about moms, motherhood, or anything that shows our gratitude and love towards the woman in our life is a great way to spend Mother’s day.

4.       Offer Discounts for Moms!
Mother’s day is also a family Day! How about giving a special discount to those who goes shopping with their kids and the whole family? Offer discounts for special shoe items as a reward for all their hard work and courage as the bearer of our next generation.

5.       Give a special Souvenir for Moms
It doesn’t need to be grand or fabulous. A simple thing such as a small greeting card, hang tags, or shopping bags can do so much to make moms feel special. Put special hang tags or leaflet together with their purchase so you can leave a lasting impression that can make her happy on her day.

Ladies footwear is one of the most popular gifts that are given to moms on mother’s day so expect a large volume of customers on this day or the week before this occasion.  Let the ladies feel more special on this day by giving them the sincerest greetings, some loving gesture and discounts! We can only wish that by the end of the way, we were able to recognize their efforts and we’re able to repay their kindness. Happy Mother’s Day!

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