Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Your Shoe Store

Most of the ladies have this undying and undeniable love for shoes. A good pair of pumps or sandals serves as her companion as she fulfills her daily tasks, from going to our office, meeting with clients to attending corporate events. But aside from that, her most trusted pair of shoes also kept her feet fab and lovely as she bring her kids to school, attend to her little girl’s ballet recital or even watch her little boys’ basketball games.
As we start the month of May, this is the best time to celebrate the many faces of motherhood and reward them through one of things they love the most – shoes.

Here are simple and inexpensive ways of celebrating Mother’s day in your store.

1.       Greet every mother through a creative signage
This is the simplest way to celebrate the special day of our mothers. Create a small signage with a “Happy Mother’s Day” sign and put it on your store window or on the wall inside your store. Use your creativity or ask the assistance of your store staffs in creating special greetings for the mothers who’d love to get new shoes on their special day.

2.       Have your staffs sincerely greet them with a smile
Tell your staffs to spend extra attention in giving assistance to the ladies who devoted their life to their kids and family. Help them find the pairs they need and suggest styles and designs that perfects fit their life as a mother.

3.       Play Songs about moms and motherhood
There are a lot of songs that are especially dedicated to mothers one of those is Boys II Men’s A Song for Mama or Thanks to You. Who wouldn’t love to hear a touching song while looking at your shoe selections? If you have a sound system inside your store, playing a soft music about moms, motherhood, or anything that shows our gratitude and love towards the woman in our life is a great way to spend Mother’s day.

4.       Offer Discounts for Moms!
Mother’s day is also a family Day! How about giving a special discount to those who goes shopping with their kids and the whole family? Offer discounts for special shoe items as a reward for all their hard work and courage as the bearer of our next generation.

5.       Give a special Souvenir for Moms
It doesn’t need to be grand or fabulous. A simple thing such as a small greeting card, hang tags, or shopping bags can do so much to make moms feel special. Put special hang tags or leaflet together with their purchase so you can leave a lasting impression that can make her happy on her day.

Ladies footwear is one of the most popular gifts that are given to moms on mother’s day so expect a large volume of customers on this day or the week before this occasion.  Let the ladies feel more special on this day by giving them the sincerest greetings, some loving gesture and discounts! We can only wish that by the end of the way, we were able to recognize their efforts and we’re able to repay their kindness. Happy Mother’s Day!

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