Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Must Have Shoes in Your Store this Spring

As the spring season finally arrives, many fashion savvy ladies are shopping for shoes that go well with their spring outfit. As soon as they step inside your store, they will certainly look for fun colors, light weight shoes and other trendy footwear. As a store owner, this is also your chance to update your stocks in able to provide them with fashionable items that will perfectly fit their taste.

Look around your display and your shoe inventory. Do you think your store is ready for spring? Here at Ceriwholesale, we make sure to help you bring together the trendiest wholesale women’s shoe that your customers will surely love! Here are some of our suggestions:
Cutout Shoes
Ladies especially those who are working in a professional environment are looking for an outfit that will let them enjoy the spring fashion in a more formal way. This can be best achieved by wearing footwear that has the airiness of a sandals but the structure of a shoes. Display different selection of cut out shoes on your shelf and see how your customers would love it.

Floral Prints
The season of spring is almost synonymous with full bloom flowers and feel good environment. Fill your store with floral prints that has fun colors such as yellow, green and pink and capture the attention of the ladies that are looking for some pieces that will show they girly pretty side.

Metallic Shoes
Edgy and sophisticated, this kind of footwear will absolutely add oomph to your shoe inventory. Display some pumps, boots, or sandals with metallic accent put a poster showing your lady friends how to wear this trend. This way they can enjoy wearing this trend without having any second thought.

Color Blocked
The combination of two or three colors in classy pumps is simply hard to resist! Look for spring friendly color combination and see what your girl friends will do after visiting your store. Make sure to buy more stocks because these shoes are definitely a sellout.

Wedge Sneakers
These sneakers turned high heeled wedge shoes are becoming a hit among teens this seasons. Add a touch of youth into your inventory and see how young ladies in your neighborhood flock your store to take a look at these cute and height enhancing shoes.

With these items on your shelf, who wouldn't love to visit your store to check out the latest in spring shoe collections? 

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