Sunday, December 20, 2009

End the Search for the Perfect Wholesale Shoes Supplier

Tips have been given on finding the right wholesale shoes supplier for your wholesale shoes business. Deciding on what specific wholesale shoes to focus on is a must, as well as comparing prices and shipping costs of potential wholesale shoes suppliers. However, there are other important details one must know when starting up your business in wholesale shoes. Here are a few:

  • Order samples from your wholesale shoes supplier. Get the latest styles such as rhinestone sandals or ankle boots because these are what women will most likely order. It’s important that you get to see what these wholesale shoes look like in person. Some wholesale shoes look fab on photos but the fabric or material isn’t great when you get to touch the actual shoes. This is most important if your wholesale shoes supplier is an online distributor.
  • Try on wholesale shoes such as strappy sandals or ankle-strapped pumps to familiarize yourself with what your customers might feel when wearing these wholesale shoes. What is comfortable for you is most likely comfortable for your clients as well.
  • Check out the quality of the wholesale shoes you’re interested in purchasing. Casual wedges or espadrilles wear out easily and if these wholesale shoes pass your standards then you’re probably good to go.
  • You’re looking for a wholesale shoes supplier, which means you are a customer as well. Your supplier should prioritize your wants and needs and what you think is the best. Finding a good supplier often comes with having a good clientele as well.
Always remember that if it doesn’t feel right, then you probably shouldn’t buy one. The Internet offers reputable wholesale shoes suppliers where you can easily verify their credibility and reputation. As a customer, don’t forget your rights and privileges. Contact them and inquire on prices and shipping rates. By finding wholesale shoes that makes your customers happy, your wholesale shoes business will grow and expand in no time.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Wholesale Shoes for the Upcoming Holidays

From Christmas to New Year celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners to office parties, the last two months of the year are filled with endless parties and events. Load up on show-stopping wholesale shoes for the upcoming stream of endless parties. Opt for the trendiest pairs of wholesale sandals and wholesale pumps for your holiday party garb.


Enter the wild side Animal print wholesale shoes make a bold statement this winter. Snakeskin or crocodile wholesale pumps and wholesale sandals add a dramatic flair to any monochromatic winter ensemble.

Platform shoes Slim and elongate legs with platform wholesale shoes for a dash of height and sexiness.

Stilettos or high-heeled pumps High heels instantly add a touch of sexiness in winter attires. These wholesale pumps are great for those formal evening occasions.

Interesting details on shoes Like studs, beads, stones, fringes, flowers, and the like completes the look of a simple ensemble. These details on wholesale shoes, wholesale pumps, and wholesale sandals are kept to a bare minimum; unlike in the seasons’ past wherein these embellishments made strong statements.

Load up with these styles of wholesale shoes, wholesale sandals, and wholesale pumps as women all around town will surely look for the perfect pair to rock their winter dresses.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All About Winter Wholesale Boots Trend

As winter is fast approaching, ‘tis the perfect time to stock up and get ahead of the fashion trend in wholesale shoes. In a few weeks, women will be in a manic frenzy, searching for the season’s trendiest shoes.
Boots are the hottest commodity this winter. Below is a guide on the season’s trendiest winter boots. Gear up, get ready and pile up on winter’s trendiest wholesale boots.

Over-the-Knee Boots. These dramatically high boots were seen all over the fashion runways, making it the top trend this coming winter. Stocking up on ultra-high wholesale boots will surely drive women to your store.
Tall Boots.These are here to stay.For the inhibited fashionista who finds thigh-high boots a little extreme, tall boots will always be a classic and a staple in every woman’s winter wardrobe.
Ankle Boots. This trend in wholesale shoes still continues on until the winter. Whether high-heeled, flat, wedge or platform, ankle boots are hot in the fashion runways, making it another hot commodity in wholesale shoes.

Slouch Boots. Slouch boots are making its way back into the fashion scene. What was once deemed as rather too casual, slouch wholesale boots now come in a variety of dressier styles.
Boots in a Variety of Textures and Embellishments.Choose boots in animal prints, suede or leather. Buckles, studs, rhinestones, and chains are also considered hot.
Boots in a Variety of Toes and Heels. Load up on pointy-toed wholesale boots, round-toed wholesale boots, peep-toe boots, or even square-toed ones in different boot heights. Opt for stilettos, platforms, wedges, or flats.

Boots are big this winter. The key is to have a variety of wholesale boots to suit the discerning tastes of fashionistas.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Man’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Women’s Shoes

Having a hard time buying wholesale women’s shoes? While it’s difficult to surprise your significant other with pairs of wholesale shoes, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Though it’s always advisable to bring your significant other with you when buying her wholesale shoes, there are times when you just want to surprise her with something special. And when those times come up, you’ll need the basics when buying wholesale shoes for your female loved ones.

  • Know her exact size and fit. Buying wholesale shoes for your female loved ones needs just the same factors as when you’re buying wholesale shoes for yourself. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be, wearing wholesale shoes that are a size larger or smaller than what it really is. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also stressful to have to return the wholesale shoes you have already bought.
  • Buying boots is more complicated than other wholesale shoes. When choosing wholesale boots, men should know the size of the woman’s calf as this affects greatly the wholesale shoes you’re buying. Loose or too fit on the calf, wholesale boots will really be uncomfortable and difficult to wear for your lady love.
  • What is her personality like? Buying any gift for your loved one should match their personality. Women who are simple yet elegant won’t go for metallic ankle boots or bright colored wedges.Decide whether your woman would love high heels or flats more. Additionally, her lifestyle is a big factor when buying wholesale shoes. If she’s the intellectual type, classic pumps would suit her best because it exudes confidence and sophistication.
  • Know the retailer’s return policy on wholesale shoes. Because you are really not 100% sure that the wholesale shoes you’re giving matches her perfectly, find out how you could exchange your wholesale shoes from where you bought it. Online wholesale shoes stores are easier to shop at because all the information is at the tip of your hands. With just a click away, one can find out the store’s return policies, shipping information, and a wider array of collection to choose from.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Wholesale Shoes to Wear on an Interview

Interviews are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to make a long-lasting impression on their potential employers. While there are a few basic rules to remember, such as clean and well-maintained shoes, there is a different set of rules for men and women when it comes to the right wholesale shoes to wear on an interview.

Men have limited shoes to wear while women have a wider range of options to choose from. The basic types of wholesale shoes women can pick from are high-heeled Mary Jane-styled shoes, slingbacks, classic leather pumps, and leather flats or ballet shoe styles.

Wholesale slingback shoes are a classic but with a twist
. These high-heeled wholesale shoes have adjustable straps at the back and are a bit more dressy than the classic high-heeled pumps.

The classic Mary Janes with high heels is basically leather pumps with an adjustable buckle across the instep. These types of wholesale shoes are perfect with skirts as opposed to slacks. Leathered flats, on the other hand, are perfect for interviews while the casual ballet flats should be saved for casual outfits such as jeans and khakis.

Before going to an interview, always remember that whatever wholesale shoes you decide on wearing should be in top condition. Black and navy are good colors on while light colored shoes should be avoided. Additionally, stay away from metallic, sequined, or glittered wholesale shoes as they are not only distracting, but informal and unprofessional as well.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warm Your Feet This Holiday Season with Wholesale Winter Boots

Winter has now arrived and the cold weather is perfect for spending nights with loved ones and party fashion is a must for all the women out there. Don’t suffer through the cold weather. Be fashionable with trendy wholesale winter boots that are just right for you.

The most important factor for picking the right wholesale winter boots is making sure that it keeps your feet warm. How uncomfortable would it be to realize that your feet are getting really cold when you’re miles away from your house? Style is important but it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice warmth.
The right amount of comfort is likewise very crucial in buying wholesale winter boots. Purchasing wholesale winter boots is not so much different than buying regular wholesale shoes. Love your feet. That means finding the most comfortable wholesale winter boots by fitting them and determining which one can your feet stand the most, especially on long walks or hour-long events and parties. Keep in mind that snow turns to water so it’s good to have water-proof wholesale winter boots to prevent drenched socks and frozen feet. Now, we don’t want that to happen, would we?

With the different styles in wholesale winter boots now available, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose. Just remember that just like buying any other wholesale shoes, we should find both fashion and comfort without sacrificing one or the other.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buying Wholesale Boots? First, Take A Look

Wholesale shoes, such as wholesale boots, say a lot about a woman’s personality. Not only are they practical, they’re comfortable, sexy, and goes perfectly well with any ensemble. The hunt for wholesale boots is just as exciting as hunting for any other wholesale shoes. Wholesale boots can be worn throughout the entire year. There are right wholesale boots that will fit every season. This holiday season, winter boots are the perfect footwear because they keep the feet and the legs warm.
Before purchasing the right wholesale boots, there are a few things women need to consider. First and foremost, knowing the measure of your wholesale boots is a must. Wholesale shoes’ buying is an enjoyable activity but don’t forget that you should buy your money’s worth. It’s important to look for wholesale shoes manufacturers that offer a wide variety of styles and fittings. For example, knee-length boots should not be too tight or too long because it will feel uncomfortable in the long run, giving your feet blisters while painfully rubbing against your kneecap.

Secondly, think about the style and material you want to invest on. Wholesale boots come in different styles and sizes such as ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee-length boots, and thigh-high boots. Take in consideration the purpose and lifestyle you have as these will help you decide on what wholesale shoes to purchase. Wholesale boots in black leather are a classic and can be paired with almost any outfit. Leather is a good material because it stretches and protects your feet from outside elements while suede looks good but can easily be marked unless proper care is given.
Finally, look for reputable manufacturers of wholesale shoes in general. Shopping has been made easy, thanks to the internet. It saves time, money, and effort and it also gives you a wider array of choices to choose from at the touch of your hands. Invest in a great pair of wholesale shoes because it is every woman’s right to look good and feel good.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shoes Every Woman Must Own and Every Wholesale Shoes Retailer Should Have

One of the problems wholesale shoes retailers face is not being able to sell the season’s latest women’s shoes as the season draws to a close. While having the season’s hottest shoes may drive traffic, an excess of the latest trends can create a problem of overstocking.
Wholesale shoes resellers must keep in mind that a huge number of women still opt for the classics.  It is important to have a balance between the trendy yet seasonal women’s shoes and the classics.

Below are the women’s shoes every woman should own; ergo, every wholesale shoes retailer should have:

·      Classic Black Pumps. This is considered the “little black dress” in wholesale shoes. It is appropriate for any occasion – a business meeting, date, a child’s PTA, etc. It works well with a suit or dress. A perfect example would be a black peep toe stiletto or an open toed stiletto.
·      Neutral Pumps. As much as we’d like to think that black goes with anything, it does not. Neutral pumps like nude, brown, gray, or navy will go with just about anything.
·      Flats. When sneakers are too casual and high heels are too uncomfortable, flats are the perfect choice. These pairs of wholesale shoes look cute with jeans, capris, slacks, shorts, or skirt.
·      Metallic High Heeled Dress Sandals. When black is too drab, add “oomph” to an ensemble with dressy metallic shoes. It will immediately take you to a formal evening affair or a night of fun and dancing in a club.
·      Tall Boots. Cold weather screams for tall wholesale boots. Sexy and versatile, wholesale fashion boots go well with skirts and tucked in jeans.
·      Sneakers. Whether it’s for doing errands or a walk in the park, every woman needs a pair of sneakers. Wholesale shoes resellers should invest in retro, edgy, sporty sneakers as women have varying tastes.
·      Comfy Slippers. They are warm and comfy and feel like… home.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking Taller With The Right Wholesale Shoes

Women often buy wholesale high heels shoes with the objective of looking thinner and taller. Though there is the saying, “No pain, no gain”, women sometimes sacrifice pain for beauty so they can look prettier and more glamorous than usual. Because dressing to impress is a goal most women want to accomplish, fashion comes first before comfort. With the right wholesale shoes,women can now look taller and thinner without having to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

Wholesale high heels are the first things that come to mind when women want to have legs that look thinner and longer. Any kind of wholesale high heel shoes will make you look thinner. What you should consider first is the fit and size, if you want to look taller without screaming, “Ouch!” Not only will these wholesale shoes make you look taller, they also help exude a touch of seduction and sexiness that men often find attractive.

Platform soles, such as wholesale wedges, can add height without causing too much pain. This is because the heel is equalized by the soles. These types of wholesale shoes have a lot of different styles in the market now, so it won’t be difficult for women to look for one. They have a wide array to choose from and they can mix-and-match these wholesale shoes for any occasion, every time.

Wholesale shoes, such as boots, cover the entire foot and may be the most comfortable to wear. Mid-calf boots are perfect for those who already have thin and long legs. Those who have bigger legs should opt for taller wholesale boots to avoid the top of the boot cutting through the widest part of your leg.

Other wholesale shoes such as pumps or strappy sandals give added height to women too. Strappy sandals with a criss-cross strap are great for women with thin legs because they give the illusion of thicker ankles. Mary jane straps, on the other hand, make your legs and ankles thinner.

No matter what wholesale shoes you decide on purchasing, keep in mind that it’s not worth the purchase if it will only bring you pain and discomfort. Fashion and comfort should always come hand in hand when buying for wholesale shoes. By feeling good, you will look good.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Selling Wholesale Shoes for Fall 2009 – Winter 2010

As seasons change, so do trends in shoes. Women are on the prowl, searching for the best shoes to complete their fall fashion wardrobe. Retailers and resellers, stock up on these fabulous pairs of wholesale shoes, all of which are the “it” shoes of fall 2009:

1.     Boots are big. What is fall without wholesale boots? This fall/winter, stock-up on ankle boots and over-the-knee boots as these are the biggest craze this season. Peep-toe boots are also must-haves.

2.     Sky high platform heels. The higher the heels are, the better. Look for chunky-heeled wholesale shoes as these are often seen in fashion runways.

3.     Studs, zippers, over-sized buckles, flower detailing, and ruffles. Wholesale shoes with these embellishments are considered hot, hot, hot for the chilly fall/winter season!

4.     Luxurious velvet is in. Flats or boots, wholesale shoes made of velvet material were often seen on the fall fashion runways. These velvet shoes are never to be worn in rain or snow.
5.      Flats and low heels. As a contrast to those sky-high platforms, flat wholesale shoes take a huge part in fall’s must-haves in shoes.

Lastly, the “it” color of the season is Purple. Better hoard wholesale shoes in hues of purple, whether they are flats, boots, or platforms. With these fashionable wholesale shoes in your store, your shoe business is sure to skyrocket in sales!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Selling Wholesale Shoes Online - What You Should Know

Wholesale shoes are a large market that guarantees income and sales. Women love shoes and so do men. That’s why important to have the latest trends in wholesale shoes to be able to attract potential customers. Being in the forefront is vital for any businessman wanting to survive the wholesale shoes industry. Because the internet is where the newest marketplace is at, below are tips on how to sell wholesale shoes online.

  • Just like any product, it’s important for items to have catchy names. Wholesale shoes likewise should have names that can be easily recalled. Customers may like specific types of wholesale shoes, but they will always put in the word “shoes” so it’s important that names of wholesale shoes have the keyword “shoes” in them.
  • Provide accurate descriptions of your wholesale shoess that describe the merchandise you are selling. Describe the color, material, measurements such as the width, length, and height. Additionally, include in the description of the wholesale shoes include the original bag, if the bag is included at all.
  • Images are important. Provide a photo so customers would see what the wholesale shoes for sale looks like. Because consumers do not really touch the wholesale shoes physically, it’s important for them to at least have an accurate photo of the wholesale shoes for sale. If this is not possible, search the internet for photos of the exact wholesale shoes on display. Remember to credit the source!
  • Use a drop shipper for safe and secure transactions. Wholesale shoes, though they might not be as expensive as jewelry, should still be purchased securely and shipping is always the best way for customers to get a hold of the wholesale shoes. Wholesale shoes drop shippers store and deliver the wholesale shoes safely and this is the safest way for consumers to receive the wholesale shoes they ordered.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding the Right Supplier in Wholesale Shoes

Starting up your own business is always a good option. However, because of the amount of income you need to invest in, it is always important to have the right supplier no matter what products you are planning to wholesale. Wholesale shoes are not just for businesses, but for individuals as well. Buying shoes in bulk for your family and friends is not only advisable, but practical as well. In the world of wholesale shoes, imitations are prevalent. Great caution is advised when scouting for the right manufacturer and distributor of wholesale shoes.

  1. Before finding the right supplier for your product, know what type of shoes you would want to purchase. Decide whether it’s women’s shoes, children’s shoes or men’s shoes. Women’s shoes such as slingback pumps, fabric sandals, low-heeled shoes are a hit because women love to dress up during formal occasions and events.
  2. The internet has its benefits. Wholesale shoes store can be found in directories and business-to-business sites. Manufacturers that provide company information are a definite plus. Additionally, select suppliers that can be contacted easily. Wholesale shoes stores usually have websites where you can get contact information.
  3. Keep in mind that wholesale shoes such as sneakers, wedges, and pumps should be sold at discounted rates from manufacturers for businesses to gain profit. This is why picking the right supplier is vital because manufacturers selling wholesale shoes at a cheap rate is a big help to your wholesale shoes business.
  4. Compare prices, shipping costs, and products available when looking for a manufacturer. Likewise, research feedback from current and past clients. Know why past clients switched to a new one and why current clients continue doing business with the company.
  5. Finally, make sure that that the company sells original wholesale shoes. It’s difficult to spot original items from fake ones that’s why feedback from other clients are very important. Not only is selling fake wholesale shoes a sin to your customers, but it hurts the industry as well.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hottest Summer Shoes

Summer means warm weather and comfortable outfits. It’s the perfect time to hit the beach and show off that bod. That means colorful wholesale shoes, bright sandals, and casual looking wedges. Hitting the beach with wholesale shoes such as bright gladiator flats, flipflops or thongs is a surefire way to get the attention of fellow beach lovers.

Likewise, summer wouldn’t be complete without parties or celebrations. Summer means goodbye school for a couple of months so party in style with printed sneakers that will not only rock the night away but will tell everyone how you love fashion.

Rhinestone sandals or jewel-heel sandals will also look perfect with dresses. Laid-back brunches with friends and families call for casual wholesale shoes as well. While fabulous high heeled wholesale shoes will make you the center of everyone’s attention, showing up in casual sandals or wedges in plaid or floral prints will make you look young, fresh, and friendly.

This season, neutral colored wholesale shoes are also in style because you can wear any outfit with it. Beiges, creams, taupes and tans are neutral shades that look great with any outfit.Metallic shoes in gold or silver are also in this summer because they add a touch of glam and sophistication with any ensemble.

Wedges are one of women’s favourite wholesale shoes. They’re easier to wear than stilettos, they can look casual, they can look elegant, and they’re simply perfect for summer.

Pamper your feet with sling-back wedges, peep toe wedges or low-wedge sandals to make complete that sexy outfit.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grab Stylish Wholesale Shoes with's Clearance Sale!

Discounts are everyone's best friend. This month, leading wholesale shoes authority slashes as much as 30% off on trendy wholesale shoes with its clearance sale.
Giving away 20% to 30% this month on wholesale shoes is, an established distributor of fashionable wholesale shoes. The latest styles in wholesale shoes are up for grabs because the online store of trendy wholesale shoes constantly adds new designs in its collection of wholesale shoes. Wholesale rhinestone sandals, strappy platform sandals, slingback sandals, and open toe pumps are on sale this month. Shop with these great deals that requires no minimum orders. With these voguish wholesale shoes displayed in boutiques and stores, fashionistas will swarm and definitely give businesses a boost in sales.
This two-tone ankle strap sandals by will certainly be a hit
in stores and in the world of wholesale shoes. understands how important fashion is for women on the go. Time and again, it has been proven that partnering up with when it comes to wholesale shoes only brings out the best in every business. Equipped with the hottest and latest trends in wholesale shoes, the online depot certainly takes pride in their fashionable items such as wholesale shoes, jewelry, purses, and other fashion accessories. CERIWholesale has the highest quality wholesale shoes offered at exceptionally low prices.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We have exciting news to share with you: Due to the overwhelming success's jewelry sales, has split into two websites to better serve our customers starting June 1, 2009. will also continue to satisfy wholesale shoes and handbags needs, while our brand new site,, will accommodate wholesale jewelry buyers. is focusing solely on jewelry, so you can enjoy more promotions and faster delivery time. In addition, you will also have an even better selection of fashionable and glamorous necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Check out's blog: here. Into gladiator sandals, strappy platforms, and beautiful handbags? Continue to for the best collection of wholesale shoes, at amazing and affordable prices.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 gets a facelift!

We are excited and proud to present our newly re-designed Ceriwholesale website! With cleaner pages and more useful features, you’re sure to be as excited as we are. Our new site is now user friendly and contains many useful features, which make shopping with us easy and efficient. The new features and functions we’ve added include:

1. New “One-page Checkout” for quicker ordering process.
2. New "Related", “Upsell” and "Previously Viewed" product feature.
3. New user friendly navigations and quicker download time for your convenience.
4. New “Product Ratings" feature to rank your favorite products and to review potential products for purchasing.
5. New “Wish List” feature to allow you to save the items for later purchase when ready.

Make a splash in these eco-friendly, faux leather boots!
Tan and flat-booted, these will go with every outfit, not matter the season!

In celebration of the new site we have dropped our minimum order from $200.00 to only $100.00 per order! Please re-register on our new website to take advantage of all the new features and promotions. We welcome all suggestions and comments, so please do not hesitate to let us know how we can make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Please visit us at to experience the new and improved Ceriwholesale.

Yours Truly,
Staff at

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashion Five – The Industry’s Top Shoe Designers On Their Fall-Winter Collection

Footwear today has evolved into a passion, a statement, an expression of one’s personality and even social standing. There is a whole industry devoted to the creation, innovation and perfection of shoes and it is a thriving industry – thanks to a loyal market of footwear fanatics.

The shoe market is not lacking in variety but there is a select few that is considered a gold standard in the industry. They are the familiar names on the pages of glossy magazines and the preferred brand of the rich and the famous. These are the names that command top prices, elite clienteles and a coveted place in shoemaking history. With the brand new season, shoe fanatics better get ready for a very fashion forward fall-winter.

• Manolo Blahnik – His name is almost synonymous to shoes. This Spanish designer is known for his high fashion footwear that is timeless yet sexy and trendy. The Manolo Blahnik brand is eminent in pop culture fare and his shoes are associated with the fame and wealth of his clientele. Popularly known today as ‘Manolos’, Blahnik’s coveted footwear ranges from sandals, boots, pumps and stilettos.

For his fall-winter collection, Manolo Blahnik is adapting the warrior theme. Metal rounded discs resembling armor suits, dangerous heels and rounded furs are part of this designer’s new batch of footwear collection. However, he is not straying too far from the elegance that he has been known for as evidenced in some classic pieces making its way to Blahnik’s fall-winter offering.

• Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo is one of the world’s most famous shoe designers. He is known for his handmade and expensive shoes and handbags. Like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo is popular among rich and illustrious clients which include the likes of the late Princess Diana and Hollywood actress Katie Holmes.

If Jimmy Choo had his way, fall-winter fashion season would be ballet flats, Mary Janes, riding boots and knee-highs strutting down the catwalk onto the streets. His Glint suede boots with metallic stud ladylike trim is perfect for both day and evening, and will glamour up a good pair of jeans. A similarly styled Tier black leather shoe-boot with eyelet detailing is the choice for those who prefer traditional elegance coupled with that distinct Jimmy Choo flair.

• Christian Louboutin – Before his name became a household label, Christian Louboutin sold shoes to women attending parties and dance halls in Paris. Back then, the women claimed to have no money and rejected his creations. Fast forward to the present. With this trademark red lacquer sole, women are lining up to own one of his world famous shoes. This French designer is and has been worn Hollywood heavyweights such as Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey.

As always, Louboutin’s shoes are a work of art manifested in high-end footwear. His fall-winter collection features classic designs given that chic and ultra feminine touch that is the Christian Louboutin trademark. The crossed straps and seductive peep toe is making its way to the center stage as well as the patented leather pumps. Sexy ankle boots with oversized buckle trim are also ‘in’ this season, according to the Louboutin way of doing things. Of course, whatever trend this French designer propagates, the trademark red sole will always be present.

• Salvatore Ferragamo – Italy is home to many fashion mavens and one of them is the late Salvatore Ferragamo. Known for his many innovations in the shoemaking industry such as the cage heel and the wedge heel, his name is more than just a brand to fashionistas all over the world today. The Salvatore Ferragamo trademark spans an entire fashion empire that continues to inspire, innovate, and dazzle with its wide range of footwear – from the seemingly bizarre to the style classics.

For this fall-winter season, the Ferragamo fashion house is unveiling the “Varina” shoe collection. The choice colors are green, cyclamen and chocolate. Tie-dye, which is a technique more commonly applied to clothes, is now used on shoes. Leather with a touch of satin and velvet, new flat models with the world famous Ferragamo patent, leather straps in a tug of war with super fine suede and pumps in super sexy black pony skin cut in squares – the Italian style icon is serving up another hot plate of fashion this season.

• Vivienne Westwood – Eccentric may be the first word that comes to mind when one hears her name. But no matter what critics and naysayers say, it is fact that Vivienne Westwood is one of fashion industry’s foremost trendsetter and trailblazer. Her infamous nine-inch heeled shoes are remembered as the ones which supermodel Naomi Campbell wore when she stumbled and fell during a runway show in 1994. She is considered as one of the originators of punk fashion and her footwear line is a testament to that. Her shoes are often seen with multiple bows, buckles, ties, laces and in outlandish designs and bold shapes that are truly Vivienne Westwood.

She dazzles this brand new season with a pair of bright pink satin pumps and of course, the signature dizzyingly high heels. Just last May, Westwood has partnered up with Australian shoe company, Melissa. The result: black flats and shiny pumps incorporated with the thermoplastic techniques that Melissa uses. The fall-winter season is all about bold, sparkling and even wild designs and this surely is Westwood’s element.
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