Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking Taller With The Right Wholesale Shoes

Women often buy wholesale high heels shoes with the objective of looking thinner and taller. Though there is the saying, “No pain, no gain”, women sometimes sacrifice pain for beauty so they can look prettier and more glamorous than usual. Because dressing to impress is a goal most women want to accomplish, fashion comes first before comfort. With the right wholesale shoes,women can now look taller and thinner without having to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

Wholesale high heels are the first things that come to mind when women want to have legs that look thinner and longer. Any kind of wholesale high heel shoes will make you look thinner. What you should consider first is the fit and size, if you want to look taller without screaming, “Ouch!” Not only will these wholesale shoes make you look taller, they also help exude a touch of seduction and sexiness that men often find attractive.

Platform soles, such as wholesale wedges, can add height without causing too much pain. This is because the heel is equalized by the soles. These types of wholesale shoes have a lot of different styles in the market now, so it won’t be difficult for women to look for one. They have a wide array to choose from and they can mix-and-match these wholesale shoes for any occasion, every time.

Wholesale shoes, such as boots, cover the entire foot and may be the most comfortable to wear. Mid-calf boots are perfect for those who already have thin and long legs. Those who have bigger legs should opt for taller wholesale boots to avoid the top of the boot cutting through the widest part of your leg.

Other wholesale shoes such as pumps or strappy sandals give added height to women too. Strappy sandals with a criss-cross strap are great for women with thin legs because they give the illusion of thicker ankles. Mary jane straps, on the other hand, make your legs and ankles thinner.

No matter what wholesale shoes you decide on purchasing, keep in mind that it’s not worth the purchase if it will only bring you pain and discomfort. Fashion and comfort should always come hand in hand when buying for wholesale shoes. By feeling good, you will look good.

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