Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Keep Your Brick and Mortar Business Afloat

The most common trend in business nowadays is to make it big online. Everyone’s goal seems to gain a huge following for their e-business sites, which means brick and mortar businesses may not get the attention they badly need. So, how do you return the fervor not to mention more customers to your physical store?

Here are some ways to be Successful in your Brick and Mortar Business:   


Fight fire with fire by getting customers online to your store.

A lot of businesses have setup online stores without seeing the need to have a physical store to sell their goods.  If you are on the other side of the fence and have a brick and mortar store and don’t have an online one, then it is time to go for it.  Going online is the trend for retail stores nowadays.  You can use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to sell your wares.  It is simple, easy to use and best of all, can reach out to a lot of your potential customers.

Give customers more reasons to visit your store.

Marketing your products online is one way of enticing your customers to visit your store.  You can use your online accounts to market what you have on your store.  You can also post promotions on your wholesale shoes online or have additional discounts for store purchases so that people would know and have a reason to visit your store. 

Make coming to your store more convenient. 

Make sure your store’s location is somewhere where people can easily go to.  Before settling down on a location and dealing with the owner for the rent, check if the place is easily accessible by transportation.   Also, check on the surrounding areas if it is beneficial for your business.  If the place has existing foot traffic on going, then the location is good.

Provide visiting customers the total shopping experience.

A great shopping experience is something that you can offer which online stores can’t.  Work on this and make this your ace for your shoppers.  Giving your shoppers the chance to try out the pairs on your wholesale shoes, shirts and dresses is an experience that will make the shoppers go for your products.  People want to touch and feel what they are buying.  You can also offer some refreshments like drinks and cookies for your shoppers. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Display Your Shoes the Right Way

For those who love to shop on wholesale shoes sites, having to store footwear can be a challenge. Where do you keep your hundred or so pairs? Would you need a separate closet or room just for shoes?

Here are some options you can use to store and display your shoes:

Level shelves

What they are: This type of storage is the open type of storage. It can be directly placed against the wall or you can buy one that is already pre-assembled.  It can come in different lengths and widths.

Pros:  You can stack up as many as you want if you have a big space to place it. 

Cons: Installing it can be quite a challenge.  You would need a leveler as well as a drill to be able to install it properly.  Not being able to do so might cause the shelf to be unbalanced. Also, since it has no cover, your shoes can be seen and dust can easily gather around it.

Closets or Cabinets


What they are: This type of storage is a closed type and can come in different heights and sizes.

Pros: You can keep your collection that you got from the wholesale shoes sale away from the people.  It can also protect your shoes from being a dust magnet.

Cons: You would have to clean the shoe before storing it in the closet and making sure that it is dry.   You also need to freshen up the closet once in a while to get rid of the smell.

Individual clear boxes

What they are: These are usually made of plastic so that you can see the shoes stored inside the box.

Pros: You need not open each box when looking for a certain shoe as you can see which pair is  in what box.

Cons: It can be quite expensive especially when you got a lot of shoes from the wholesale shoes section.

Tilted shelves


What they are: These are shelves wherein the storage level is tilted downwards facing the user.

Pros: You can easily see the shoes that are lined up because the shoes are facing you.  Choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit is easy and can be done in a snap.

Cons: It may need a lot of wall space where it can be placed against.  Also, since it is open, dust can settle in the shoes which means you need to clean everything once a week.

Suspended shoe racks


What they are: This type of storage is one that you can hang in your closet or a space provided you have a rod where you can hang it. You can even hang it behind a door!

Pros: It can be mobile and you can change the location easily.

Cons: It can only store a limited number of shoes because of the limited design it has.  Also, transferring the whole thing to a different location may need some work as you would have to bring down all the shoes first before you can transfer the contraption.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Footwear on the Red Carpet

The awards season has begun! That means the entire fashion industry is having a field day again, with all the trends and events going on. Of course, aside from the gowns and accessories, footwear are also in the spotlight, which is why wholesale shoes businesses should be alert.

So, what shoes rocked the first “legit” event of the year, the Golden Globes?

Emma Thompson

Image source: Mirror

What the shoes were: Emma Thompson definitely surprised the people when she walked down the stage barefoot carrying her shoes on one hand and a martini glass on the other.  She wore a peep-toe high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes which is easily recognizable because of its signature red soles.

Rating: 8 in terms of going with the dress. 10 for the acting during the awards proper.

Did it work?: Wearing a Christian Louboutin does not disappoint especially when you have an established shoe brand on your soles.  It worked well with her dress as well as with getting the audience’s attention during her wacky moment during the awards show.

Emma Watson

Image source: Tom and Lorenzo

What the shoes were: The shoes that Emma Watson wore during the Golden Globes were definitely a pop of color that broke the monotone red color of her outfit.  The cobalt-blue suede heels were a refreshing sight to see and no one could pull it off elegantly other than her.

Rating: Definitely a 10 for style and drama.

Did it work?: It worked well for the overall dramatic look of the outfit.  What she had was something that only she could pull off well. It looked like a plain red gown with a high slit and bow in front but the drama of the dress could be found at the back. This was what caught the attention of the fashion police as it was probably the most expensive apron created.  She definitely stood out from the crowd that night with her stylish look and outfit.

Drew Barrymore

Image source: Vogue

What the shoes were: Drew Barrymore wore a pair of red high heeled open toe shoes in red that definitely matches her Monique Lhuilier floral piece from the designer’s Spring 2014 collection.

Rating: 8 for the cuteness factor.

Did it work?: The red open-toe high heeled shoes, which you can see often in the wholesale shoes business, worked well with the floral outfit. The frock was decorated with floral embellishments that were in the red color palette.  It made Drew look refreshing to the eyes of the audience and it showed her glow radiating from within most probably because of the baby bump she was proudly showing off.

Paula Patton

Image source: Daily Mirror

What the shoes were: She matched her floor-length gown with Charlotte Olympia “Paloma” platform heels which was definitely of the same shade of the gown.

Rating: 5 due to the over the top ruffles that proved to be a distraction

Did it work?: The whole outfit definitely caused a stir when she walked down the red carpet.  Although it was something that hugged and showed off her great figure, the oversized ruffles ruined the look for her.  It was something over the top and not a lot of people were happy about of her choice of outfit for this year’s awards.

Zoe Zaldana

Image source: Fabsugar

What the shoes were: Christian Louboutin in almost the same shade of pink that accented her glamorous outfit made by Prabal Gurung.

Rating: 8 for stylish and simple elegance that the outfit had

Did it work?: The pink Louboutin definitely worked well with her outfit. It was almost, if not the same shade of the pink accent of her outfit and Bottega Veneta clutch.  The whole look spoke of simple elegance wherein one is showing off just enough skin and leaving the rest to the fantasy of the viewer.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flats are Back

As the spring edition of the New York Fashion Week 2014 proclaimed, it seems that flat shoes are back in vogue. Many designers used flat shoes to display their expensive and elegant designs in their fashion shows, even those who are into haute couture. For businesses into wholesale shoes for women, this is the perfect opportunity to move flat shoe stocks. On the other hand, for fashionistas who don’t really love being in heels all the time, this trend is a welcome treat.


So, here are some pointers for those who want to join the bandwagon and wear some flat shoes. After all, just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean anybody can just wear them without careful consideration of some factors!

How to Wear Flat Shoes               

Skirt length is important


Flats are worn best with short skirts that are at least an inch above the knee. With short skirts, you will still be able to create the illusion of having longer legs even without the help of height usually provided by heels of your footwear. While wearing flats with short skirts is very chic, pairing flat shoes with very long skirts is the exact opposite. The combination of long skirts and flat shoes will not give you a flattering silhouette.

Choosing the right pants


When wearing pants, flats are best paired with capri pants or cropped pants. You may also wear pants that are longer but the length should just be enough to graze the top of your foot. If the hem of your pants even just grazes the back of your shoe, it will make your look more on the shabby rather than chic side. Slightly flared pants as well as straight cut pants also work well with flats especially those that have pointed toes. Tight pants such as skinny jeans and leggings may also work well with flats but this combination offers more misses than hits especially for those who are too skinny.

Get the current styles and avoid being dowdy


If you are into buying wholesale shoes, it is best to know first which are the latest styles and go with them. Choosing styles and designs that are out of season will be such as waste as they will just end up in making you look dowdy instead of being on top of the trend. Find out as well the embellishments that are hot for the current season, whether these are metal buckles or bows made from lush fabrics. The colors and materials used can also determine whether a pair of flats is dazzling or dowdy.

Image Source: lookbook
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