Thursday, September 25, 2014

Five Ways of Appeasing Angry Customers

Customers can get angry or dissatisfied for a lot of reason. Unmet expectations, orders failed to be delivered on time, rude store staff or long waiting time are just some of the things that can really tick off any customer.
How To Appease Angry Customer

As you transact with different people in a physical setting or even online, there will be people who will feel dissatisfied about your product or services. Although some issues can be resolved quickly, there will be times when misunderstandings escalate ending up causing your customer to feel angry.

When this happen, it’s important to know what you should do to effectively contain the situation. When someone starts to create a scene or engage your staff in a heated confrontation, you’ve got to know how to keep your grounds and appease angry customer as soon as possible.

Here are some tips that can help you deal with impassioned customers in your wholesale shoe store.

1.    Be prepared

You will never know when these kinds of situation will happen, you may even wish it never does, but being prepared can help resolve issues quickly and can reduce any damage it has on your wholesale shoes business. Train your staff on how to give a quality customer service and design a protocol that they can follow when they encounter angry customers.

2.    Act quickly

Your ability to respond quickly and efficiently would be tested in this scenario. When there’s an upset customer on your retail store, respond quickly to assist and resolve their complaints. The longer they wait, the more they seethe.

Approach your customer and apologize for any inconvenience then let them air out their concerns without interfering. Being there and responding quickly can show your responsibility as the owner and will encourage your customer to calm down and let you handle the situation. If needed, you can invite them to go inside your office or on one corner of the store to get as much privacy and to avoid disturbing other customers inside your store.

3.    Keep the tone of your voice gentle and sympathetic

Not all customer complaints can be justified. There will be other people who would just feel unhappy over small things that may mean nothing to others. But no matter what the situation is, you have to realize that they need your sympathy and they expect you to listen to them to value their opinions.

Talk calmly and slowly to keep arguments from escalating. Showing sympathy to your customer is often the first step in resolving any issue with an angry customer.

4.    Show accountability and responsibility about the issue

When you approach an upset customer, always make sure to give your name to establish connection with them. As you hear their complaints it’s important to let them feel that you or the store manager is responsible over any issue that may happen in connection with your business.

5.    Ask for contact information

Some complaints may not be resolved right away. When this happened, you have to make sure that your customers will be updated with all the actions taken to address her concerns. Ask for their email address or mobile numbers so you can reach them once their problems is resolved.

Before ending any conversation with your customers, always ask if there’s anything else that you can help them with. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and apologize once again for any inconvenience brought to them by this issue. Follow these tricks to appease angry customers and use this experience to make your business grow and learn more about handling your dear shoppers.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spice up Your Fall fashion With These Magazine Print Shoes

On the previous season, we brought you some exciting graphic print shoes to wear with your best summer outfits. Different pairs of wedge shoes, platform pumps, and stunning flat shoes came to life with colorful graphic prints and style that surely made an impression to shoe lovers all over the world.

This exciting month of September, as we welcome the coming of the fall season, we bring you another high fashion printed shoe that you will totally adore. This fashion trend has been around for some time but still never fails to put a smile on the face of every shoe shopper.

Unlike other formal wear, these women’s shoes have a little bit of playfulness around it, especially with its interesting details. But at the same time, it also has a hint of retro fashion that is very familiar to all of us. So if you’re ready for some eye-candy, read down below and take a look at the latest addition to our shoe selection. Here are some Magazine Printed shoes from Ceriwholesale.

Magazine Print Lace Up Shoes

Magazine Print Lace Up Shoes

The ultimate comfy shoes of women on the go are now available in fun and exciting designs. These low flat heels have upper finished with magazine prints that will let you enjoy walking comfortably anywhere you go.

Platform Graphic Strappy Pumps

Platform Graphic Strappy Pumps

Transitioning your fashion from summer to fall can be a little tricky, but if you still feel like summer is just around the corner, these lovely strappy pumps can be your best summer to fall shoes. Imagine wearing these platform pumps to your weekend parties or when just hanging out with friends while catching your favorite movies. The creative prints of this magazine printed platforms are an effortless addition to your casual look while taking your fashion style up a notch!

Pointed Toe Platform Pumps

Pointed Toe Platform Pumps

Do you want something a little subdued? This pair of pointed toe platform pumps has the right amount of style and elegance in it. Unlike your usual nude pumps, these love shoes has text graphics on it to give it a little oomph!

What do you think of these selections? Would you love to wear them? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When is Open-Toed Footwear a No-no?

Open toes shoes are surely one of the go to shoes of ladies especially during summer. It’s trendy, it’s sexy plus it let your newly painted toe nails take the spotlight. Aside from that, open toe pumps are also easy to wear and can be paired of with almost any outfit for casual or semi formal events.

A no-no list For Open Toe Shoes

However, no matter how cute or adorable your open toe shoes are, there will still be days or situations that will require you to kick it off and switch to something more appropriate.

If you’re one of the women who are wondering when are open-toed shoes a no-no, read on below and find out for yourself.

Job Interviews

There will be times when peep toe shoes may seem too casual on a formal setting. When you’re applying on a company where you’re required to wear business attire, remember to skip those peep toe pumps and go for more appropriate closed shoes.

This is especially true if you’re applying for jobs in banks, offices and other executive setting. Jobs in advertising, interior design or events may not require formal wear but remember to keep your wholesale shoes neat and stylish during interviews.

The shoes you wear will surely be a part of people’s first impression of you so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and wear your best formal shoes. A pair of neatly polished dress shoes, preferably in black color, always looks good if you really want to get the job and be hired during your interview.

During fall/winter season


Open toe shoes technically have a season. Unlike other footwear, it is best advised to put on open toed shoes during dry and warm days which can span from the month of May to late September. After these months, you might want to consider putting your open toe shoes back inside a storage box and push it to the farthest corner of your closet.

On the other hand, fall and winter season is the best time to wear your ankle boots or knee high boots. When it’s not practical to risk having frost bite with your open toe shoes, women’s boots can surely keep you warm and comfortable wherever you go. 

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time to Dust Off Your Boots!

We can almost feel the nip in the air and the weather is now starting to cool down. Although we’re still few days away before fall season officially kicks in, the cold weather is already telling us to dust off our boots and prepare our wardrobe for another exciting season.

Time to Dust Off Your Boots

After few months of being hidden at the back of your closet, this is the best time to get your favorite pair of boots wear them again in the most fashionable way.

Plan how to wear your boots this season

With just a few pair of boots, you can create different looks to suit this season’s current trends. Set aside some time, especially during weekends to plan how you can wear your boots with your jeans and tops.

Just mix and match your dresses, leggings, scarves, cardigans and jeans to see which ones look great together. Pick up some accessories and bags appropriate for this season to keep your outfit fresh and updated.

If you feel like you have more space to fill in your closet, why not buy new boots to update your collection. Most fashion boutiques and shoe stores will be filled different women’s boots so you’ll surely find new pair of boots that will fit your personality and style.

Keeping your boots in shape

Before messy weather comes, be sure to protect your leather boots with water repellent coating. This simple step can prolong the life of your boots and will keep it looking great through out the season.

Upon taking off your shoes, remember to use boot shapers to keep it from folding and acquiring deep creases. You can also apply DIY solutions like putting on rolled up magazine or pool noodle inside your knee high boots to keep it straight and upright while inside your closet. 

Ready to conquer the fashion scene this fall season? Take out your boots and enjoy looking great with stylish footwear.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ceriwholesale Spotlight: Sexy Stiletto Boots

We’re still a few days before fall officially kicks in, but we know all boot-loving ladies out there are already dusting off their boots and thinking of a new way to wear this fall/winter must have.

There are a lot of high fashion shoes to wear this season. From booties, ankle boots, calf boots to knee high boots you can definitely find the perfect fit no matter what you wear, or what the occasion is. From casual, chic, dressy to formal boots, you can find the one you need in very affordable price.

This season, we bring you one of the sexiest boot styles that will surely spice up your shoe collection. It’s not your usual chunky, bulky boots. You can wear it with almost anything from jeans to miniskirts to dresses. Plus, your favorite female celebrity is also going crazy about this shoe trend.

Take a look at Ceriwholesale’s collection of stiletto wholesale boots and see for yourself why these wholesale shoes deserve a space in your closet.

single sole booties


Wholesale Women Single Sole Booties 


Give your fall office wear a fashionable twist with this sexy single sole booties from Ceriwholesale. The gold and black color combination is easy to pair with any color and outfit style. From fashion office to evening dates, switching your look is now easier with this trendy boots.
stiletto booties with metallic heels



Wholesale Women Single Sole Booties


Fashionably add few inches to your height by wearing this lovely stiletto booties with metallic heels. The decorative zipper give this shoes a dapper look that is perfect for everyday fashion.

platform booties

Wholesale Women Platform Booties


Transitioning from summer to fall fashion is a lot easier with this platform booties. This trendy booties come in leatherette exposed upper, gold finished buckle and 5 1/2 inch heels with platform.

white platform booties

Wholesale Women Platform Booties


Another sexy wholesale shoes in our collection is this white booties with 5 1/2 inch heel. With its strappy leatherette upper, gold finished buckle makes this footwear a total standout. 

Find more high fashion shoes on our website! Visit and discover different shoe styles to fit your wardrobe.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Avoid Upsetting Customers All the Time

Having to deal with upset customer all the time can be very stressful and taxing not just to you as the owner but to your staff as well. It can disrupt the usual flow of your day and can even be demoralizing at times. Worse, it can affect your brands’ image and the impression of people about your products.
Avoid Upsetting Customers

Whether you’re an old timer in this industry, or just a startup in shoe business, you surely have experienced dealing with a customer who seemed to be upset about little things. While it can be a learning experience for you and your team, having to handle to upset customer all the time can be a tell tale sign that you’re doing something wrong in your wholesale shoe business.

When an occasional customer complaint becomes more frequent and more difficult to handle, maybe it’s take time to take a few step back and examine what went wrong in your current business practices.

Training Your Team to Give Quality Service

Customer service doesn’t end with the way you greet anyone who enters your store or when you’re able to satisfy their request. If you really want to avoid any conflict with your clients, you may want to train your staff on how to react on this situation.

Develop a system on how to answer simple complaints and who to approach when things get out of hand. This way, you can show your customers that you are in control and that you’re doing your best to address their needs.

Check the quality of your products

Poor product quality is a usual source of customer complaints. If people start noticing a decline on the quality of your shoes, you might want to talk to your wholesale shoes suppliers and discuss any solution to address this issue. Let them know that you’ve been receiving complaints and that you will be forced to look at other suppliers should they fail to improve their products.

Although some people may choose not to complain on small damage on their pumps or leather boots, they would surely consider other brands the next time they shop for shoes. If you want to establish your name in shoe industry, you have to pay attention to the things that matters, especially to your customers.

When faced with this difficult situation, always believe that there is a way to improve your business and that with perseverance and hard work, you will soon grow your business and reap the fruits of your labor.

Looking for more shoe business tips? Write your questions on the comment section or send us a message to reach us.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where to Wear Your Heels in the Summer

Summer is all about having fun, going to the beach, traveling to different places or just partying with your friends. In all these happenings it’s important to pay attention to your outfit from your dress, to your accessories, down to the pair of shoes you wear.

Wear Your Heels During Summer

Most of the time dressing up casually is the best way to enjoy summer. Wearing something on the go like flip flops, sandals and snickers is what usually comes to mind when we think of summer footwear. But for some ladies, letting go of their favorite high heeled shoes is just so difficult that no matter where they go they would always pick high heeled pumps or platform shoes to wear with their summer outfits.

To help you look your best this lovely season, here are some places where you can stylishly wear your high heeled wholesale shoes.

To a beach wedding

Although it’s not practical to wear stilettos on the beach, especially if you’re going to walk on a sandy shore, you can still wear wedge heels when you’re attending weddings or parties held on a beautiful beach front. Pair it with a light dress or maxi, and wear matching accessories for that fresh and stylish look that is perfect this summer.

To summer music festivalsTo royal regatta

Music festivals used to be all about talent, fantastic performance and cool bands. Nowadays, it also becomes a great opportunity to hang out with friends and show off your sense of style. Let your graphic printed wholesale shoes take the spotlight by wearing a short denim shorts and sleeveless tops for a very fashionable look.

Aside from running, mountain climbing and swimming, there is another sport that is so popular this summer season. If you’re living near the ports of New York, there is a great chance you’ll get to witness a regatta or boat race participated by different sailing communities, universities and even high profile personalities. Look your best by wearing your favorite floral dress with a nude sandals or maxi dress with high heeled espadrille pumps.

Want more fashion tips? Make sure to follow our blog or read our previous articles and fashion tips.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Shoes Every Student Must Have

For most students, school is just a place to hone their skills and to sharpen their knowledge about different subject matters. But for those who love to parties and get-togethers, it’s also the best time to dress up, meet new friends and just seize the day!

Student's Must Have Shoes

No matter what kind of student you are, having a well-thought wardrobe can definitely help you perform your every day tasks while still looking your best. If you’re a lady, starting your own shoe collection can even help you mix and match outfit to keep your look fresh and stylish everyday.

Survive the challenges of your college life by having these 3 must-have wholesale shoes for every student.

A black pump

As a student, you will be forced to wear different types of outfits from casual to formal wear. If you’re the kind of student who doesn’t want to spend precious minutes on deciding what color should go well with your OOTD, a good pair of black pumps can be your best friend. It can look great with jeans and T-shirts during normal days but it can also work well with skirts and blouse during meetings or even parties. Just throw in some accessories and grab a fancy shoulder bag to spice up your look and you’re good to go.

A sleek and sexy ankle boots

Transitioning your outfit from summer to fall can be really challenging given your limited options as a student. To help you get through different fashion dilemmas, make sure to get a sleek ankle boots ready in your closet. It’s easy to pair with short skirts and sleeveless tops on warmer days or with leggings and oversize sweatshirts during cooler months. No matter what look you want to achieve, ankle boots is definitely a big help.

Ballet flats

These comfortable shoes have gone from a basic women’s footwear to a wardrobe staple. If you need to slip on something comfortable, especially when rushing from one class to another, wearing a ballet flats can definitely let you walk fast or even run without worrying about getting sprain on your feet. And because it is lightweight and easy to pack, you can just keep it on your bag when having sleepovers or when you need to give your feet a break after hours of standing on your heels.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Month to Wear Your Sandals!

If you’re the kind of woman who loves planning in advance and shopping ahead, the first few days of August must be the perfect time to buy new pairs of sweaters, tights, booties and other autumn essentials. But if you are like most of us who are not yet willing to give up their sandals, you still have at least more than a month to flaunt those sexy shoes and enjoy the comforts of good old sandals.

Wholesale Sandals
In just few weeks, summer will be over and autumn will be well on the way. While there’s still a lot of great ways to look stylish and fashionable during colder months, nothing beats the joy of wearing those short shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals during the sweltering hot days of summer.

So to help you extend the joys of wearing your favorite summer wholesale shoes, let us give you some fashion tips on how to deal with sandals and open toe shoes during the last few days of summer.

Wear them a lot


Soon, you will have to put your relationship with your sandals on hold until it gets a little warmer again – which is at least until May next year – so while you can, make sure to wear your wedge sandals or open toe shoes with your everyday outfit.. Wear your thong sandals when going out to buy groceries and put on your ankle strap with your skinny jeans when hanging out with friends. August is still a sandal season so wear them as much as you want.

Know when to ditch your sandals


Summer officially ends September 22 so until then, you can freely wear your sandals to anywhere you want. However, the temperature varies on different location so it’s up to you to decide if it’s already too cold to expose your toes. As soon as October comes, you might have to consider packing up your thong sandals or gladiators and bringing out your boots collection.

While transitioning from summer season to fall, wearing open toe booties and wedge shoes is a great idea. Just remember to pick up those pairs that can give your feet the right protection against cold weather, while still keeping your outfit fun and amazingly stylish.

Store your sandals properly


Moving your wardrobe from season to season can help you smoothly transition from one fashion style to another. But as you break into your new ankle boots, make sure to keep your wholesale shoes in shape until next summer. Invest in shoe storage box and put it in a place away from extreme temperature. Also make sure to clean and repair your sandals before storing them away so it will always be ready in case you have to wear it as soon as the winter dies down.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Graphic Print Shoes You Should Totally Wear This Summer

Gone were the days when shoes just come in boring, neutral colors. With the graphic print trend hot in the market, you can find fashion items in bold, exciting designs. And just like how the summer heat makes you want to come out and have fun, now is also the best season to hide your little black shoes, and make way for the crazy, ecstatic prints in your favorite footwear.

But here’s a thing: Graphic print trend is definitely not for everyone. If you’re the kind of lady who would love to play with your outfit, rather than with your shoe style, you can definitely pass on with this latest fad. For the ladies who love variety and excitement down their feet? This is definitely the best time to visit your favorite wholesale shoes store and shop to your heart’s content.

Because of its interesting design and details, this type of shoe designs, invites people to try something new and to be more creative when it comes to their fashion statement. So if you’re ready to add something cool to your shoe collection, scroll down below and take a look at our latest graphic print shoe collection.

Wholesale Women's Platform Graphic Pumps
Wholesale Women's Platform Graphic Pumps

Wholesale Women's Wedge Sandals
Wholesale Women's Wedge Sandals

Wholesale Women's Graphic Shoes
Wholesale Women's Graphic Shoes
Women's Platform Booties
Women's Platform Booties

Fashion-forward, smart and bold, these lovely shoes surely deserves a space in your wardrobe. This fashion shoes is perfect when going to parties and getaways, or when you just want to make an impression.

But if you feel like dressing down a little bit while still having something fun in your outfit, just slip on your favorite skinny jeans, tight white shirt plus a cute satchel bag and you're ready to go.

Need more fashion inspiration to go with your shoes? Visit us again for more fashion updates and tips.

Also check out our website for other wholesale shoe collection.

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