Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Month to Wear Your Sandals!

If you’re the kind of woman who loves planning in advance and shopping ahead, the first few days of August must be the perfect time to buy new pairs of sweaters, tights, booties and other autumn essentials. But if you are like most of us who are not yet willing to give up their sandals, you still have at least more than a month to flaunt those sexy shoes and enjoy the comforts of good old sandals.

Wholesale Sandals
In just few weeks, summer will be over and autumn will be well on the way. While there’s still a lot of great ways to look stylish and fashionable during colder months, nothing beats the joy of wearing those short shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals during the sweltering hot days of summer.

So to help you extend the joys of wearing your favorite summer wholesale shoes, let us give you some fashion tips on how to deal with sandals and open toe shoes during the last few days of summer.

Wear them a lot


Soon, you will have to put your relationship with your sandals on hold until it gets a little warmer again – which is at least until May next year – so while you can, make sure to wear your wedge sandals or open toe shoes with your everyday outfit.. Wear your thong sandals when going out to buy groceries and put on your ankle strap with your skinny jeans when hanging out with friends. August is still a sandal season so wear them as much as you want.

Know when to ditch your sandals


Summer officially ends September 22 so until then, you can freely wear your sandals to anywhere you want. However, the temperature varies on different location so it’s up to you to decide if it’s already too cold to expose your toes. As soon as October comes, you might have to consider packing up your thong sandals or gladiators and bringing out your boots collection.

While transitioning from summer season to fall, wearing open toe booties and wedge shoes is a great idea. Just remember to pick up those pairs that can give your feet the right protection against cold weather, while still keeping your outfit fun and amazingly stylish.

Store your sandals properly


Moving your wardrobe from season to season can help you smoothly transition from one fashion style to another. But as you break into your new ankle boots, make sure to keep your wholesale shoes in shape until next summer. Invest in shoe storage box and put it in a place away from extreme temperature. Also make sure to clean and repair your sandals before storing them away so it will always be ready in case you have to wear it as soon as the winter dies down.

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