Friday, July 11, 2014

Let Your Wholesale Business Win With an Online Catalog

Nowadays, internet-based businesses are not the only ones who need product catalogs for their website. Even businesses that started with physical stores consider the internet to be a huge market and thus create websites for the convenience of their consumers. Building an online catalog is essential to allow viewers to browse through the products you offer. With just a little bit of website design knowledge and a few requirements, here are a few easy steps to follow in creating an online catalog for your wholesale shoes quickly and easily.


1. To start off, be sure to have the following first:
a. Website hosting account
b. Website template
c. Product photos
d. Word processing program

A website hosting account is necessary to have sufficient storage space for all the product photos to display in your online catalog. The website template you choose may be professionally-designed or you could create it yourself which you could apply from the website hosting control panel. Simply copy and paste the code and don’t forget to upload any photos.

2. With a list of categories, you should be able to create an online catalog easier. With categories, visitors can easily navigate through the website so it is important to have a new page for each category. For wholesale shoes, the most common categories include “New Arrivals”, “Top Sellers”, “Wholesale Boots”, “Wholesale High Heels”, “Wholesale Pumps”, “Wholesale Sandals”, “Wholesale Sneakers”, and “Wholesale Flats”.

3. Take photographs of each pair of wholesale shoes to display in the catalog. Make sure that the photos have the same dimension and resolution. It should be large enough but not that large that users have to scroll to see the entire photo.

4. Write the description of the wholesale shoes in a word processing program. Use enticing adjectives and include basic facts such as size, material, color, and usage tips. Keywords should be included in the description to make it search-engine friendly.

5. A product title, photograph, and description of each item in the catalog on the appropriate category page of your website. Create a clickable thumbnail so users interested in the photo can easily view the larger version.

6. The products can be separated with a horizontal space or a white space. All available wholesale shoes should be placed in the same categories to complete the online catalog.

For wholesale shoes, a creative catalog complete with photos and descriptions can easily convince retailers and individuals to purchase items from your collection.

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