Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wholesale Shoe Trends for 2011

How time flies! In a few weeks, we officially say farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011. During the course of this year, many wholesale shoe trends came and went. Now, as we ring in a brand new year, it’s time to look forward to trends that will make waves in the coming year.

Staying afloat in the wholesale shoes business has a lot to do with fashion foresight and here at Ceriwholesale, we want you to be ahead of the fashion pack. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take notes, because we are compiling a list of the wholesale shoe trends to watch out for in 2011.

1. Multicolor. Already, this year’s runways are filled with cheerful and vibrant hues of footwear. This trend is expected to continue well into the coming year. Make sure to stock up on multicolored wholesale shoes in various styles. Fashionistas will certainly enjoy the challenge of matching their shoes with their outfits.

2. Flat sandals. This year, gladiator sandals were popular, but another sandal style also took the spotlight—the ankle cuffed style. This is one piece of classic footwear that should be essential to your wholesale shoes collection. Flat sandals are critical to in any woman’s wardrobe. They’re great with various outfits—from casual jeans and tees to maxi dresses.

3. Clogs. Not everyone is a fan of heeled clogs, but you should consider including them in your wholesale shoes catalogue for the next year. Heeled clogs are a fresh alternative to the traditional high pumps and we can expect them to be trendy in the upcoming fashion season.

4. Kitten heels. Kitten heels may not be as popular as much as their more popular cousins, but they are slightly more comfortable and just as glamorous and fashionable. Your customers will surely appreciate having this option when they browse through your wholesale shoe catalogue, so make sure this is on your list for next year.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips When Selling Wholesale Shoes on eBay

If you are a novice wholesale shoes entrepreneur, selling on eBay is a great starting point for you. As an established and well-known online marketplace, eBay provides you an instant audience for you to present your products. The downside to this is that there are a hundred others like you who are also vying for attention from the same audience.

While your wholesale shoes may be genuinely better than the competition, you need to be smart about marketing your products on eBay. Here are some tips to help you get a head start on successfully selling wholesale shoes on eBay:

1. Create Witty Titles – Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. If you were the one searching for wholesale shoes online, what keywords would you type? Maximize the allotted characters by avoiding unnecessary symbols and even punctuation marks (use punctuation marks sparingly, only when absolutely necessary). These symbols may negatively affect the search system and you can end up excluded from the search results. Remember to separate keywords with a single space and always capitalize the first letter of every word in your title. One safe way to stand out is to check other listings for wholesale shoes and find a trend in the way they type in their titles. Do the opposite (without breaking the aforementioned rules) so that when all the search results come out, you’ll have better chances of standing out. Also take time out to think about your description. Make it clear and concise, without skipping any important details like shipping fees and shoe specifications. Anything written haphazardly can create the impression of unprofessionalism.

2. Take Good Pictures – Don’t just point and shoot. Consider composition, lighting, etc. No matter how convincing your description sounds, if your picture does not live up to it, then you’ll just end up with a doubtful customer who will go look for wholesale shoes somewhere that seems more reliable.

3. Maximize eBay’s Features – Don’t just use their templates; customize whenever you can. Remember, the goal is to stand out in a sea of wholesale shoes suppliers.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Perfect Holiday Footwear? Wholesale Shoes that Sparkle and Shine

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and women are enthusiastically gearing up for the holidays, because the holidays are the perfect occasion for women to strut their stuff in the hottest styles in footwear. Women will be scouring stores for the perfect shoes to wear to upcoming parties and events. And what better way is there to flaunt true style than with the most sparkling women’s shoes from top shoe stores? So retailers, brace yourselves for the best holiday styles on wholesale shoes that fashionistas will definitely buy for themselves.

Silky satin, pointy toes and 4” stiletto heels. Wholesale evening shoes with just the right amount of sparkle will be a bestseller among women this holiday season. Whether embellished with rhinestones or left understated, a pair of sexy evening shoes is enough to complete any woman’s classic ensemble. These pretty wholesale pumps are the complete package – available in a multitude of colors such as black, gold, and blue. Minimalist and low-key, wholesale sexy evening shoes are bound to make an entrance, making the evening more special and unforgettable.

Wholesale Metallic Slingback Pumps
Wholesale slingback pumps in metallic fabric are guaranteed to make heads turn. Why would women purchase metallic slingbacks? The pumps are glamorous, shiny, shimmery, and sexy – which is just about everything a fashionista would want to wear for the holidays. So retailers, it’s time to invest in wholesale metallic slingback pumps manufactured with glitter fabric and accented with metallic stitching – a unique and stylish look.

Anything with glitter is hard to rock but with the holidays arriving, who cares? Sparkle and shine with wholesale glitter pumps that ooze sex appeal. Wholesale pumps are classic enough to last for years to come – add glitter for a little fun. Pairs and pairs of wholesale glitter pumps will make every Holiday outing truly extraordinary. Be sure to pair sparkling footwear with a contrastingly simple yet elegant dress to stand out.

Let’s face it, anything with velvet is sexy. Anything red is sexy. So what could be sexier than wholesale velvet shoes IN RED? Nothing! But then again, anything with velvet is sexy so the color doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s in velvet, of course. While some may be embellished with rhinestones or bows, a classic pair of wholesale velvet shoes is enough to make any woman stand out in a crowd.

Now that we at have provided you with the top choices in wholesale shoes that will be flying off the shelves this season, don’t hesitate to play around with the different styles of wholesale shoes for women. Female customers are bound to purchase shoes for the holidays no matter what.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wholesale Shoes for the Professional Woman

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially for a career woman. Wearing the right kind of footwear plays an important role as they make a mark in their professional lives. The shoes give it all – it denotes taste and leaves an impression on employers, clients, and colleagues.
For wholesale shoes resellers out there, it is about time to offer women the right kind of wholesale shoes that will never compromise credibility for fashion.
Wholesale pumps are classics. Any woman will never go wrong with owning a pair of wholesale pumps. Be it pointy or round-toe, wholesale pumps speak of simple class and elegance. Do not, however, offer animal-inspired or bizarre colored wholesale pumps as these are and never will be professional.
For women out there who find wholesale pumps too conservative, a better option would be peep-toe or sling back wholesale shoe. This shows a little bit of skin without giving away professionalism.
For lovers of wholesale boots, it is best to stash these wholesale shoes styles at the back of your closet, as these would not look good in the workplace. One may get away with simple-styled wholesale boots only if worn underneath dress pants.
While any woman would rather wear wholesale flats for extreme comfort, flats will not look great on client calls, board meetings, and office functions. However, wholesale shoes resellers may still offer flat wholesale shoes for women as an alternative as this can be worn during regular days spent in front of the desk or when walking outside.
As for colors and patterns, it is best to stick to the basics. Black wholesale shoes are the most accepted. You may want to throw in a few wholesale shoes in the neutral shades like gray, brown, tan, burgundy, and navy blue. In designs and patterns, go for plain leather.
Remember, a work place is not the venue to showcase individual style and flair. Professional wholesale shoes should reflect a woman’s sound taste and should always be on the elegant side. With the many available wholesale shoes styles to choose from, any woman can always make a commanding yet professional fashion statement. 
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tips in Selling Wholesale Shoes Online

Question: What is the best way to make money online?

Answer: Sell online.

The Internet is the new marketplace for the modern day entrepreneur and it is also where you can easily make profits for a minimum capital. Online, you don’t need to worry about exorbitant costs such as rent and utilities for a retail store. You don’t have to worry about labor fees because the only employee you need is yourself. Certainly the business possibilities are endless online. The tricky part, however, is knowing what to sell.

Not sure what to sell online? Try wholesale shoes. Wholesale shoes require minimum capital and are easy to sell online. People will always need and want shoes so you don’t have to worry about the profitability of wholesale shoes. There are many online wholesale shoes suppliers out there. Once you’ve found your supplier, the next step is setting up your website where you will market and advertise your wares. The great thing about wholesale shoes is that you don’t have to have the products, you just serve as the middle man. Your wholesale shoes supplier will package and deliver it for you. Sounds easy? It is, actually. Here are a few more tips to make your online wholesale shoe empire an Internet success.

1. Take good pictures. There is wisdom to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Taking pictures of your wholesale shoes from different angles will allow your customers to know what they are buying.

2. Use the right words. Check your titles and tags. Imagine you are the potential online customer. What search words would you type? Make sure you include this in your title and be specific when describing your wares. For wholesale shoes, include the colors, insole sizes and style.

3. Create product categories. Group your wholesale shoe items into categories. Create a men’s shoes section, a women’s shoes section, a children’s shoes section and so on and so forth. This way, when a potential customer searches online, your website has a better chance of landing among the first on the result pages.

4. Log on to This online wholesale shoe supplier carries thousands of wholesale shoe items that are trendy, high-quality and best of all, affordable—perfect for budding wholesale shoe entrepreneurs like yourself.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Sell Wholesale Shoes Online

Why sell wholesale shoes online? Selling wholesale shoes over the internet has its benefits. Aside from having a greater reach, selling online will not limit your target market to a certain area or location. Thanks to the internet, any business is capable of reaching a huge number of potential customers throughout the world. For online wholesale shoe stores, it is extremely important to have a large selection of trendy shoes available. Having a wide target market means your customers will have a diverse set of needs and wants, and in order to make sales, it is essential to supply and cater to what your customers want.

Below is a list of tips to help differentiate your wholesale shoe business from the competition.

  1. Make your name and website keyword-heavy. With the recent advances in search engine optimization and social media marketing, utilizing keywords has produced positive results. For example, eBay reports that “shoes” is one of the most-searched words today. Thus, it’s important to use “shoes” or “wholesale shoes” when naming your business and starting up your website. This will make it easier for potential customers to find you.

  2. People, women in particular, are in love with photos. Women love shoes primarily because it makes their feet look sexy and beautiful so be sure to put up photos of the wholesale shoes you are selling because this will attract more viewers. It is important for clients to see the items they’re planning to purchase. Photos also help reduce potential complications because consumers get to see the products online before they actually make a purchase.

  3. Descriptions are very helpful. Having a picture for each item is not enough. When creating descriptions for your wholesale shoes, it is important to include each item’s style, manufacturer, color, and of course, size, as well as other pertinent information. Today’s consumers are wiser and they want to make informed decisions about the wholesale shoes they buy, so give them all the information they need.

  4. Drop shippers help take care of your shipping needs. Aside from being responsible for the inventory and shipping of wholesale shoes to customers, drop shippers allow you to have more time to devote to your customers, leaving you with extra time to handle requests and product orders.
When setting up an online wholesale shoes business, or any business for that matter, it is important to have an upper hand on everything. Knowledge is power and by selling wholesale shoes online, you are almost guaranteed a steady income because shoes are both for men and women. Additionally, when it comes to gorgeous wholesale shoes, customers are willing to pay higher prices to get what they want.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Picks on Wholesale Shoes for the Everyday Woman

Retailers are often faced with the dilemma of what types of wholesale shoes to offer their female clientele, as women love their shoes so much that they feel a certain rush in seeing a pretty pair and buy them in an instant. To be on the safe side, retailers are offered this list of wholesale shoes styles that every woman should have. Retailers, thus, need not worry whether they are showcasing a new trend or not when it comes to wholesale shoes – these wholesale shoes styles are must haves for every woman:

  • Wholesale high heels – Kitten heels add a feminine touch to any ensemble you choose to wear. They are ultra-chic and cute while bringing a dash of playfulness to any outfit. Kitten heels give the illusion of height and allow the wearer to manipulate her height while offering both comfort and fashion.
  • Wholesale flats – Wholesale flat shoes are perfect for casual days. These are best worn when hanging out with friends or family during Sunday brunch or a ladies’ day out. Flat shoes are ideal with jeans, Capri pants, and even a skirt. Decent flats can also be worn during office meetings and lunches.
  • Wholesale sporty shoes – Whether it’s sneakers, running shoes, or training shoes, wholesale sporty shoes are the perfect addition to a woman’s closet of  shoes. Sporty shoes are perfect for outdoor activities such as jogging, tennis, and working out.
  • Wholesale strappy sandals – Sandals are sexy and seductive. These types of  shoes are among the favorites of shoe-holics. Available in ankle-strapped, open-toed, and closed-toe sandals, wholesale strappy sandals are a perfect match for evening gowns, dresses, and mini-skirts.
  • Classic black pumps – For every little black dress, there should be classic black pumps too. Classic black pumps can be worn to the office, formal events, parties, or just about any occasion. Not only are they versatile, they can be paired with any outfit– whether it’s jeans, skirts, shorts, or dress.
These are the types of wholesale shoes retailers should display in their stores. Women are bound to purchase a pair or two, one way or the other. Not only do these shoes suit every activity known to women, these are fashionable and trendy too.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selling wholesale shoes online

One of the biggest expenses for any start-up business is location. Prime locations can cost twice as much as other spaces, even before including utility expenses. Fortunately, there is space available that costs far less than a prime business location – online. The internet is the new prime business spot and it is where entrepreneurial folks are heading to sell their wares, wholesale shoes included.
If you are into wholesale shoes, you’ll find that the Internet can be your best friend. The Internet has a proliferation of wholesale shoes sites like Ceriwholesale where you can find trendy and high-quality footwear – including gladiator sandals, ballet flats, peep-toe pumps and other up-to-date shoe designs – sold at competitive prices. As a budding entrepreneur, the Internet is also your primary marketplace for your wholesale shoes. And, because it’s dog-eat-dog world out there, here are some tips for selling wholesale shoes online.

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words. You can be as descriptive ad you’d like describing your products, but unless people can see them and imagine them on their feet, your wholesale shoes won’t be flying off the shelves.
  2. Make it look good. Use descriptive words to complement pictures of your wholesale shoes. Add as much detail as you can. The more, the better.
  3. Throw in some extras. Everybody loves a good bargain, especially when it’s on wholesale shoes. Come up with promos and discount schemes to lure wholesale shoe shoppers. A good reputation goes around fast so always strive to give your customers a great online wholesale shoes shopping experience.

Start building your wholesale shoes empire now. Visit and get started.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Nude Wholesale Shoes are Worthwhile Investments

With new trends in women’s shoes coming in left and right, retailers and resellers of wholesale shoes for women are left clueless as to what styles of wholesale shoes to purchase next. While we have given you a list of shoes every woman should own and what every retailer of wholesale shoes should have, there is one shoe type that is and will always be considered a worthwhile investment – wholesale shoes in nude hues.
SASHA07X-Light Brown-Wholesale Women Double Platform Pump
First of all, wholesale shoes in the brown and beige color spectrum are considered must-haves this spring and summer. Aside from the bright colors spring and summer are known for, nude shoes were very prominent on fashion runways. With women wanting the latest shoe styles for the new season, nude wholesale shoes are guaranteed to be a hit. 

Additionally, wholesale pumps and wholesale sandals in brown hues will never go out of style as they are classics. As new trends come and go, these wholesale shoes will never be passé. Time and again, wholesale shoes in these colors will forever be present in any woman’s shoes closet.

While black wholesale pumps are the wholesale shoes equivalent of the little black dress, nobody ever said there could only be one LBD. Tan/beige/brown colored wholesale shoes go with virtually anything in the color spectrum. They can work with anything from long days at the office to fancy dinners and just about anything in between. Wholesale shoes in nude tones are elegant and simple; sexy yet unassuming.

ALAN02-Taupe-Wholesale Women Flats
Lastly, petite women are in for a treat as nude toned wholesale shoes come with persuasive leg lengthening powers. Slipping into a pair of nude shoes give women a longer and leaner look that’s bound to make them strut the streets like a runway model.
Smart and sassy, wholesale shoes in nude hues will fit any style, personality, occasion or season – definitely a winner!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Wholesale Shoes Styles for Women’s Skirts and Shorts

Being able to give top fashion advice to women customers is a major plus for shoe store owners. The right wholesale shoes styles can emphasize the legs while the wrong choice can highlight areas women would rather not accentuate. When dealing with customers, it’s important for shoe stores to offer the perfect pair of wholesale shoes for women to wear to show off their gams. Here are a few picks:

Wholesale sneakers – Wholesale sneakers add a hint of playfulness to shorts and skirts. They add youth because of their casualness and are a perfect match with denim shorts and skirts. Cross-trainers are a no-no and women should stick to classic sneakers. Wholesale wedge sneakers are a new trend in wholesale sneakers and women should opt for new styles once in a while.

Wholesale wedges – Women wear skirts to elongate and emphasize their legs. Wholesale wedges are the perfect wholesale shoes to accomplish that. The different styles of wholesale wedges such as woven, espadrilles, bohemian, and strappy wedges go well with shorts and skirts but they must be open-toed. Because women in short skirts and shorts opt for the casual look, sporting a closed-toe wedge contradicts just that as they exude a bit more formality.

Wholesale flats – Wholesale ballet flats are one of the latest trends in wholesale shoes and these types of wholesale shoes go well with skirts and shorts. Wholesale flats are a no-no for longer skirts while simple-looking wholesale flats paired with a semi-casual mini-skirt are ultra-chic and ultra-feminine.

Wholesale boots – Wholesale boots are the sexiest wholesale shoes to match skirts and shorts. But women should remember to wear tall boots instead of ankle boots. Knee-high boots or those wholesale boots that fall a little above or below the knee are sexy and seductive and men love to look at women who sport this outfit.

Wholesale shoes can make or break an outfit. With the right wholesale shoes, women can look sexier, more beautiful, and more seductive.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Allure of Wholesale Platform Shoes

Wholesale platform shoes are a type of shoe that women have loved since their introduction over 35 years ago. Store owners and retailers are not complete without these fashionable wholesale shoes. Because of their various styles and designs, women aren’t often content with purchasing just one pair. Listed below are the top wholesale platform shoes that women have adored for years.

  • Open-toe platforms give that extra height for women with a small stature. Women purchase wholesale open-toe platforms for that extra boost in self-confidence and the illusion of a taller build. One tip though, matching the color of your toenail polish with your open-toe platform shoes add sexiness and appeal to the woman in you.
  • Concealed platforms are tricky. Also known as hidden platforms, these classic wholesale shoes have thick soles which are concealed by the upper, similar to wedges but not quite so. The best thing about concealed platform shoes is that they give the appearance of a highly arched foot. They are the perfect wholesale shoes for formal occasions and elegant evenings.
  • Platform mules are sexy wholesale shoes that women can just slip on to their feet. Sexy and seductive, platform mules give the casual outfit an extra flair. It exposes a larger area of the foot which men really find erotic and appealing.
  • Sling-back platform shoes are characterized by their backless form and an ankle strap crossing behind the heel or the ankle. Sling-back ankle strap wholesale shoes may be closed or open-toe, with heels or none, and casual or dressy. Because of the ease with which the wearer can slip her foot into the shoe, sling-back platform shoes are one of the most well-loved wholesale shoes by women.
  • Ankle-strapped platform shoes, on the other hand, have straps that cross the ankle and the heel. These are one of the most prevalent wholesale platform shoes that women purchase because of the sexiness and appeal it exudes.

Wholesale platform shoes are not just fashionable, they offer just the right amount of comfort and protection for every woman’s feet. With their sturdy soles, gentle curves, and high heels, platform shoes are wholesale shoes that women should have in their closet – not just one, but two, three, or more.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Wholesale Shoes that Will Make a Big Hit this Spring

Only a few months remain of the winter season. As the frost will soon melt off the ground, a new breed of wholesale shoes will unearth and shake the fashion scene come next season. Get ready and load up on these fabulous wholesale shoes styles for springtime:

Peep Toe Wholesale Boots
If you are not ready to say goodbye to winter’s wholesale boots, perhaps it is easier to transition into the next season with peep toe wholesale boots. This style of wholesale shoes is versatile and can transcend seasons. These peep toe wholesale boots are definite must haves in the wholesale shoes industry. Its high heels give a lengthening and slimming effect– something that will make every woman go gaga for.
Animal Skin Wholesale Shoes
A whole new season is just around the corner and it is time to let loose! Amp up your wholesale shoes collection with animal skin wholesale shoes. Croc skin or snakeskin, these types of wholesale sandals or wholesale pumps will surely be a big hit for women. It adds drama to an otherwise boring outfit and elicits a sexiness that is tastefully wild.
A Different Breed of Wholesale Flats
Flat wholesale shoes are making a stunning comeback. Come springtime, embellished gladiators are in. Another style of flat wholesale sandals is semi-boot thongs. With many colors to choose from, this wholesale shoes style will surely be a hit!
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Earn Extra Income with Wholesale Shoes – A Business Idea!

There is no doubt about it. Women all over the globe are incessantly in love with shoes. Women and shoes have an endless affair that transcends boundaries and cultures.
Perhaps your love for shoes does not have to take its toll on your budget. Why not turn your shoe passion into a moneymaker? Business starts with passion. If you are so passionate about shoes, then perhaps getting into the shoes business is not a far cry.
Here’s how:
First, find the best wholesale shoes distributor. Wholesale shoes are shoes of the same style sold in bulk. The best wholesale shoes distributor should have trendy and high-quality wholesale shoes in stock. They need to have a wide range of wholesale shoes that would suit your discerning taste for beautiful shoes.
Next, get the best price for wholesale shoes. Never sacrifice price for quality and style. Be on the lookout for steals and deals as you may find show-stopping wholesale shoes on sale! If you are lucky, the company may even offer free shipping, which means less expense and more profit for you!
Would you need a proof of an existent shoe business or a business license to purchase wholesale shoes? The answer is NO. Opt for wholesale shoes distributors that allow you to purchase wholesale shoes just by meeting the minimum order requirement of one case. No licenses and no paperwork, you are good to go!
Who to sell wholesale shoes to? Easy…your circle of family and friends. Start with your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Unleash your entrepreneurial prowess. With your keen eye for what’s hot and what’s not in shoes and as the season on endless parties are about to begin, women now have more reasons to own another pair of shoes.
Whether your goal is to just get some extra cash or be a large shoe store maven someday, all businesses start with a single step. The key is to start small, but dream big.
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Top Five Tips for Buying Wholesale Shoes

The process of buying wholesale shoes for the very first time can be a daunting task since there are so many things to take into consideration. More often than not, one is lost as to where to begin. To help wholesale shoes buyers to get off on a good start and get the best deals for the new venture, below are some tips on buying wholesale shoes.

1. Wholesale shoes buying starts with research.
Get a good knowledge of the industry and the different kinds of shoes such as wholesale pumps, wholesale boots, wholesale sandals, etc. When you meet the wholesale shoes distributor for the very first time, come equipped with the knowledge of running a shoes business. You will definitely gain the wholesaler’s respect and which will lead to a productive partnership. Knowing nothing about the industry will make you look like a bogus wholesale shoes buyer. 
2. Get all the documents necessary in running a shoes business.
Many wholesale shoes suppliers require business license or tax information, but some only require meeting a minimum purchase requirement. However, it is best to have these documents on hand to give you benefits such as waiving the sales tax from your order. This depends on the location of your business and the wholesale shoes distributor.
3. Do not be afraid to ask discounts on bulk orders.
Some wholesale shoes distributors give additional discounts for large volume orders. Shoe wholesalers deal in large quantities of stock and the quicker these wholesale shoes move, the more warehouse space they have. Space is crucial for wholesale shoes suppliers, as they constantly need to stock up on fast-moving wholesale shoes.
4. Inquire about slow-moving wholesale shoes.
Wholesale shoes distributors want to keep products moving as quickly as possible. If they have some slow-moving wholesale shoes, you make be able to strike a deal and get them at a much lower price. Just be sure that there is a market for such styles of wholesale shoes because it doesn’t matter how cheap you got these wholesale shoes if no one will buy them.
5. If you are happy with your partnership with the wholesale shoes supplier, stick with them.
Good relationships take a long time to build. If you are happy with the price, delivery time, and the quality of wholesale shoes the supplier provides, stick with them, as establishing a good credit relationship can bring you benefits in the long run. Also, shoes wholesalers know that it is cheaper to retain customers than to get new ones. If you are a regular customer with a good credit standing, you can get exclusive sales and discounts in return for your continuous business with them.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wholesale Shoes Spotlight: Wholesale Pumps for Women

When Catherine de Medici of France customized her shoes with high heels to give her small stature the appearance of being taller, she never expected it to be a fad.Pumps are among women’s favourite wholesale shoes because they make women look sexy and attractive. The beauty of wholesale pumps is that they make women’s feet look small. Wholesale pumps come in a variety of forms and all types can perfectly match any outfit, whether it’s corporate attire, a party dress, or evening gowns.

Pointed toe pumps are the classic pumps. These wholesale shoes narrow down at the end with a sharp point. Pointed toe pumps are wholesale shoes that give women the sexiest look. These are killer wholesale shoes that women die for. Because of the appeal it exudes, women are often willing to pay a high price for wearing these wholesale shoes – in terms of both cost and health. Though unhealthy if worn for a long time, pointed toe pumps are perfect for office work, parties, and formal events.

Rounded toe pumps, on the other hand, are the go-to wholesale shoes ideal for day-long events. Their round tips are healthy for feet, especially for women who stand on their toes all day long. Additionally, rounded toe pumps are suitable for other activities such as dancing, socializing, and just about anything that involves walking around. For instance, black leather pumps can match women’s suits while rounded toe pumps in other hues are perfect for dresses and skirts.

Wholesale pumps and open toed shoes are the latest trend in the world of wholesale shoes. Open-toed pumps, or peep toe shoes, are the sexiest wholesale shoes nowadays. From leopard style peep toes to double platform pumps, open-toed wholesale pumps are the best way to catch a man’s attention. Aside from the sexiness it brings, open toed wholesale pumps are a healthier alternative because it gives your feet a little more room at the tip. With open toe pumps, women are more protected from blisters and sores. And, because they allow the feet some air to breathe, open toed wholesale shoes are perfect for warm weather. Just make sure that you have a pedicure before showing the world your feet with gorgeous open-toed wholesale shoes.

Wholesale shoes such as pumps will never go out of style. Because these wholesale shoes can easily match any outfit, women are bound to buy pairs and pairs of wholesale pumps.

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