Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips When Selling Wholesale Shoes on eBay

If you are a novice wholesale shoes entrepreneur, selling on eBay is a great starting point for you. As an established and well-known online marketplace, eBay provides you an instant audience for you to present your products. The downside to this is that there are a hundred others like you who are also vying for attention from the same audience.

While your wholesale shoes may be genuinely better than the competition, you need to be smart about marketing your products on eBay. Here are some tips to help you get a head start on successfully selling wholesale shoes on eBay:

1. Create Witty Titles – Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. If you were the one searching for wholesale shoes online, what keywords would you type? Maximize the allotted characters by avoiding unnecessary symbols and even punctuation marks (use punctuation marks sparingly, only when absolutely necessary). These symbols may negatively affect the search system and you can end up excluded from the search results. Remember to separate keywords with a single space and always capitalize the first letter of every word in your title. One safe way to stand out is to check other listings for wholesale shoes and find a trend in the way they type in their titles. Do the opposite (without breaking the aforementioned rules) so that when all the search results come out, you’ll have better chances of standing out. Also take time out to think about your description. Make it clear and concise, without skipping any important details like shipping fees and shoe specifications. Anything written haphazardly can create the impression of unprofessionalism.

2. Take Good Pictures – Don’t just point and shoot. Consider composition, lighting, etc. No matter how convincing your description sounds, if your picture does not live up to it, then you’ll just end up with a doubtful customer who will go look for wholesale shoes somewhere that seems more reliable.

3. Maximize eBay’s Features – Don’t just use their templates; customize whenever you can. Remember, the goal is to stand out in a sea of wholesale shoes suppliers.

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