Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Holiday Shopping: Get Only the Best Shoes with These Tips

With all the parties and events that will be happening in the next few weeks, it’s great to have a reliable pair of shoes that can make you look great and ensure your comfort while you are on your feet. This is also the best time of the year where shopping malls and fashion boutiques offer great discounts to shoes and other accessories. So if you've been eyeing something on a nearby wholesale shoes store, this is the best time to finally make that purchase!

photo source: flickr user hotdogg3uk

When you visit different shopping stores this season, you can easily spot fabulous shoes in great designs and high quality materials available for up to half of its original price. While it’s easy to just pick up anything that comes cheap, you must also be watchful of some low quality footwear that can be found anywhere. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for the next shoes you’re going to buy this holiday season. 

1. Make comfort a priority

Attending holiday parties and corporate events is a great excuse to wear sky high heels. Even the ones who are not used to wearing high heels take their chances only to regret it later when the party is over. To save your feet from foot sores and sprained ankles, choose the shoes that are wide enough for your feet and has thicker sole for better foot support. When deciding on how high your heels should be, it actually depends on your comfort level and the length of time that you’re going to be on your feet. 

2. Find something Unique

If you’ve been wearing black shoes you’re whole life, why not widen your choices and go for something out of the ordinary this season. Add a variety of style in your shoe collection by getting something that you don’t usually buy the whole year. Get new shoes in different color or style and enjoy pairing it with your best holiday clothes.

3. Focus on the Quality

Some shoes are so just irresistibly beautiful that women tend to buy them without even checking on their true quality. But this holiday make your investment count by double checking the stiches, materials and craftsmanship of your shoes. This will not only give value to your money but will also ensure your safety while you’re on your feet. 

Don’t let the holiday rush get on your way to finding the best pair of shoes. Keep these tips in handy when you go to your nearby wholesale shoes store and reward yourself with the prettiest footwear you can have this year. 

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Keeping the Thanksgiving Spirit Alive: Tips for Small Businesses

It’s the time of the year again to say our thanks and gather with friends and family to appreciate everything we have in our lives. For businesses, it’s also a great time to appreciate your loyal customers and supporters through great discounts, freebies and special promos. However, as people realize the value of shopping during the thanksgiving, it slowly becomes the center of the celebration and becomes more commercial driven just like Valentines or Holidays.

Photo Source: Flickr User ChellebelleCards
On the other hand, we cannot deny how thanksgiving season can easily help wholesale shoe businesses establish relationship with their customers in different ways. But to keep the celebration sincere and exciting, it’s important to keep your customers in mind rather than thinking of the income that you can get from this celebration. Here are some of the things that you can do to make this day special for everyone.
Create a Marketing Plan

Make your thanksgiving run smoothly by carefully laying down your plans including the details of your promos. Determine what you will do to spend this day and who will be the recipient of your programs. You must also decide on how much you’re going to spend on this day and come up with a way to maximize your money. Remember that it’s not about how grand your promo is but how you use it to establish better connections with your customers.

Photo Source:  Tammy Hobbs
Make it Personal

Do you own a business selling wholesale women’s shoes and accessories? You can make the experience extra special by creating a personalized thanksgiving tags, shoe boxes, or packaging for your loyal customers. Handmade tags and DIY card can be made easily by following simple step by step guides online and can be done with your staffs and crews. Write a personal note to send out to your customers rather than lifting from a quote found in the internet.

Be Unique

Every other business around you will surely have their thanksgiving promos that sometimes people will no longer notice any difference. To make your Thanksgiving Day special, you can device a unique way to celebrate it through games, video presentations or through limited time offers to create a great impression to your customers. Highlight the things you are thankful of for the past years and appreciate all those who helped you run your business from the staffs, wholesale shoes suppliers and customers.

When celebrating this special day, it’s best to keep it simple and sincere. No need to have grand promos and programs. Just sincerely thank everyone around you and enjoy this special day.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Business Tip: Take Advantage of Fall Season to Prepare for the Holidays!

The last few months of the year are usually the busiest for everyone in our country. After wearing costumes for different Halloween parties and preparing Turkeys on Thanksgiving, we also celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year. For shoestore owners, this season can mean a great increase in sales. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming without careful planning and strategy.

Anticipating an increase in the volume of foot traffic during the holiday season, it’s best to make your business ready to serve the needs of your costumers the best way possible. With careful planning and right preparation, you deliver quality products and services while enjoying the holiday cheers. Here are some tips to help you get by the fall season while preparing for the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Train Your Staffs
The volume of customers during holidays can be overwhelming especially for stores that are selling wholesale women shoes and evening sandals. To make sure that your staffs are competitive enough to handle complaints, inquiries and sales, it’s best to train them and hone them to be an asset in your company. Make sure that they understand the company policies and how you would like them to treat your costumers.

  1. Be Sociable
If you think it’s enough to just hide behind the counter, now is the best time to start building relationships with your clients. Make sure to personally greet shoppers and help them in their search for great shoes. This is essential in building brand loyalty and can make you more confident that she will come back to your store for the holiday shopping with her friends and family.

  1. Think Ahead
Anticipate possible problems that you can encounter in your business like late shipment, damaged products among many others and think of a way to solve it. Thinking ahead allows you to have plan B, and will ensure the continuity of your operation despite any untoward incident.

  1. Celebrate!
While thinking of your business, you should never forget the reason for all these business. Holiday season is the best time to celebrate your business, appreciate your staffs and thank wholesale shoes suppliers. Go ahead and enjoy yourself to keep you away from stress and holiday blues.

Learn more about how you can survive this holiday season in our next blogs!
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Essential: Stylish Brown Wholesale Boots

As the temperature drops this fall season, it’s time to bring out our collection of boots and booties. It’s the best way to keep our toes warm while still being fashionable. With the right pair of boots, you can enjoy styling up your favorite fall outfit and come up with different look for your everyday casual wear. This season, we’ll give you the most stylish and comfortable boots that can let you stand out despite the chilly weather.

Boots comes in different styles, colors and designs. For most women, especially those who live in countries with colder season, it is a must to at least have two to three pairs of boots to go with their outfit. If you’re looking for something to add to your boots collection, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous brown boots that you can wear to the office, to a weekend get together with friends, or to a shopping date with your best buddies.

Wholesale Women Ankle Boots

The smooth suede finish of this ankle boots is made even more gorgeous with scattered studs and buckled strap. Perfect for everyday autumn wear, this ankle boots can be best paired with your fall dresses or skirts. Just remember to wear some leggings in case the weather gets a little cooler. Pair it with your favorite knitted sweater and you're good to go!

Western Style Ankle Boots

Going out for a walk over the weekend? Make sure your toes are properly covered with these western style wholesale boots from Ceriwholesale. With its leather finish and deep down color, it can fit most of your autumn outfit and can absolutely look fashionable with skinny jeans and plain top. Enjoy shopping or having dinner with friends with these ragged yet classic footwear.

 Wholesale Brown Calf Boots

Shopping at your nearby wholesale shoe store can be really exciting this fall season. Just look for quality pair of boots that can let you enjoy holiday shopping and getaways in the most comfortable way. Keep your feet warm and protected with this mid calf boots in color brown. It’s a great addition to your boots collection and can be worn from fall to spring season.

Enjoy shopping for wholesale shoes this fall season and stay fashionable even with the chilly weather. Visit our website or subscribe to this blog for more fashion and business tips!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Choose the Right Evening Shoes for Your Outfit

Deciding what dress to wear to an evening event is just a small part of the preparation. After finding the perfect dress to wear, you still have to choose the right shoes that go well with your outfit and the occasion that you’re going to attend to. When you can finally say that you have found the right pairing, you can definitely become more confident as you walk into any party or evening event.

Getting the right pair of shoes to wear, whether on a casual event or more formal occasion, adds up to your confidence and overall appearance. With the wide variety of shoes available in different wholesale shoe store online or offline, it’s a little difficult to find something that can let you enjoy both comfort and style. To help you with your shopping, here is a bit of advice that can help you find the best evening shoe for most types of dresses.

1.       Find shoes that complement your dress

When shopping for shoes, it’s best to look for something that will complement rather than compete with your dress.  Dress with intricate details means simple shoes and fully embellished shoes can highlight simple style dresses. But if you want to be fashion forward, you can definitely break this rule as long as you are confident enough to wear it.

2.       Check the materials

Evening shoes are often made with satin, rhinestones, or ribbons. Dress shoes, on the other hand, are often made with chains, zipper, studs and other materials. Evening shoes look more feminine and formal compared to dress shoes. If you’re looking for something to wear on evening parties, look for something that goes well with the occasion and the mood of the event.

3.       Always go for comfort

Evening shoes are often made with high heels and thin straps. While stiletto heels brings a more feminine twist to any outfit, it can often be uncomfortable especially to those who are not used to wearing high heeled shoes. To avoid this, you can also check different shoe stores that sell insoles or other protective gears to help you walk in heels without the risk of spraining your feet.

Finding the right pair of shoes for your dress keeps you confident anywhere you go. Get the best pair of evening shoes at the nearest wholesale shoe store near you.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Holiday Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy Shoes Online

Women are becoming increasingly busy nowadays while juggling work, family, social life and leisure in their hands. With the high demands of their lifestyle, they often find it hard to find time to do shopping for their clothes and even shoes.

Buying Shoes Online

This is where online shopping for wholesale shoes becomes handy. It’s fast, convenient and reliable if you don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect shoes for a certain event or occasion. Especially during holiday season, ladies find it more comfortable to turn to their computers and browse through different online shops for the latest shoes and apparels they need. Certainly, it is much more comfortable to shop online instead of joining the holiday rush. However, there are certain things that women should keep in mind when shopping online, especially for the holidays.

  1. Be sure of what you want
With all the choices that you can see online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the choices in front of you. Virtual shopping gives you the access to more shoes than when shopping in a physical store. Before going online, picture out the shoes you need, including color, heel height, design and what attire it should go with. This will surely make your online shopping more efficient and less time consuming,

  1. Be mindful of promos and discounts
Being a smart buyer can let you score some price cut to even the most expensive shoes. Take time to look at the social media pages of the different shoe stores and take advantage of their online promos. This is a fun thing to do especially if you want to make the most out of your Christmas bonus. Just subscribe to newsletters or blogs of different shoe companies to get yourself updated with their latest offering,

  1. Always read the terms and condition
Think before you click. We all know how convenient it is to click on that “purchase” button but have you checked on the shipping terms and warranty conditions yet? If you want to save yourself from the trouble of returning products and expensive shipment fees, make sure to allocate ten to twenty minutes of your precious time in reading the terms and conditions as well as other important matters about your purchase.

With all the shopping holidays that will be coming in time for the yuletide season, it’s best to be mindful of the quality and efficiency of your purchase.
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Mark Your Calendar! 2013 Hottest Days to Buy Shoes this Holiday Season

The last quarter of the year is full of different events that will make us appreciate life more, spend time with friends and families and send out greetings to everyone. But aside from all the merry making, some of the things that people are looking forward to during this time of the year are the holiday shopping days that will give the best shopping experience.

Black Friday Sale
photo credits:
A number of stores and restaurants offer great discounts in time for the holiday celebrations starting in Thanksgiving up to Christmas Day. To help you mark your calendars for the best days to do your shopping, here are the dates you should remember.

Black Friday Sale

After you feast with your family, the day after Thanksgiving can be reserved for a day of shopping for discounted wholesale shoes online or at the nearby shoe store. This tradition is one of the most popular shopping holidays in the United States and participated by almost all businessmen. Black Friday falls on November 22 this year so start listing down your Christmas wish list to prepare for the best shopping event of the year.

Cyber Monday

Not enough time to shop over the weekend? You can always use the internet to shop online. With Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, you can find the latest women’s pumps, jewelry, or dresses all at discounted price. Bookmark those online stores you love and wait for their promos this November 25 and enjoy your shoes delivered right on your doorstep.

Free Shipping Day

Do you usually hesitate to shop online because of the shipping fee? This is the day that is the best for you! On December 18, you can score great savings by shopping your favorite items online. Then you can just wait for the delivery of your shoes, sneakers, wholesale pumps or any kind of shoes you’re dying to buy for the year.

Don’t wait until the last minute before you do your shopping! Mark your calendar for these most awaited shopping holiday and enjoy buying your favorite shoes!
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Holiday Fashion Trend: Sparkling Gold Shoes

Thinking of what to wear during the holiday parties can be a little daunting. With a lot of trendy and fashionable wholesale shoes available in the market today, it’s hard to think of something that will easily fit your dress but will also make you stand out. Here in our blog, we’ll try to give you a series of articles that can give you an idea on what to wear when going to different events this season.

wholesale sparkling gold shoes

One of this season’s hottest trends is golden shoes. It adds sparkles to any dressy outfit and can suit any event that requires semi formal to formal attires. Pair with a cocktail dress, a long gown or with skinny jeans and blouse and you’re good to go. Here are some wearing tips that can come in handy while you’re planning your holiday wear.

  1. Little black dress
One of the perks of having a little black dress is that you can pair it with anything and it can fit any event that you’re going to attend. Wearing gold shoes is a great way to glam up a dull outfit. Just match your gold shoes with a gold bag or accessories for that perfectly pulled together look.

  1. Red Hot Elegance
Nothing resembles luxury more than red and gold. Pair these two colors and get that rich and fabulous look for your holiday parties. To make sure that you can dance and enjoy the party as much as you want, just go for low or mid heeled shoes. You can browse different online wholesale shoe stores or go to a nearby boutique to find the trendiest low heel designs so you can still look fashionable without straining your feet.

  1. Perpetually Gorgeous White
Look like angel in disguise with while being dressed in white dress. Create a super chic look by pairing it up with gold glittered wholesale shoes and finish it up with gold chunky bracelet. Remember not to over do your accessories to let the golden shoes have the spotlight.

Wearing gold with your dresses adds a hint of happiness and merry making to your outfit. Feel the holiday cheer by fashionably wearing wholesale pumps or dressy sandals to complete your ensemble this season. 
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adding Sparkles to Your Holiday Shoes with Gold Metallic Accent

Looking for a statement piece to wear on your Holiday parties and special events? I’m sure that by this time, you’re already excited to shop for the most fashionable shoes to pair with your outfit. Here at Ceriwholesale, we strive to give you the best selection of wholesale women’s shoes that you can enjoy wearing anytime of the year.

For the holiday season, we have gathered together a wide variety of footwear that can look stunning on your feet and will add more energy to your outfit. In this article, we will feature different pairs of shoes that are made even more gorgeous by gold metallic accent. Read on and take a look at different shoes we have prepared especially for you.
Wholesale red flat shoes
Red Flat Shoes with Gold Pointed Toe

Enjoy the holiday cheer with a comfortable pair of red flat shoes. Made even more appealing with gold cap toe, you can wear it in casual parties and weekend family events.

wholesale womens single sole heels

Women Single Sole Heels

Wearing high heeled shoes with your favorite party dress is a must when attending parties and formal events. Make your outfit shine with a splash of gold on your footwear. The chic combination of gold metallic and pink in these wholesale single sole pumps will surely set your mood for a great night of partying with friends or officemates. 
wholesale single sole pumps

Black Single Sole Pumps

Show off your feet with these black single sole pumps with gold strap. Enjoy a foot spa before your holiday big event and paint your nails with interesting designs. This will highlight the beauty of your feet and be the envy of other girls in the party.
wholesale ballerina flats

Ballerina Flats

Another fashionable flat shoe that you can find here in Ceriwholesale is this ballerina flats in sea foam color. It creates an energetic twist to your holiday outfit and can brighten up your mood despite the chilly weather this season. Enjoy partying all night long without complaining about feet sores because this ballerina shoes promise to give you comfort and support you need for your holiday parties.

With these shoe collection, you can have as much fun as you want this holiday season.

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