Friday, September 27, 2013

Time Management Tips for Shoe Store Owners

As a small business owner, how do you really manage your time? Do you find yourself stuck with a long list of things to do but find so little time to fulfill those tasks? When you’re into managing your wholesale shoes business, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with a lot of things to do, but how you manage your time and how well you deal with everyday works will mean a lot to your success and growth.

At this of the year, the holiday rush will be kicking in and you need to come up with a way to effectively budget your time. Check out this list of things to do to manage your business.

1.     Set your goals and priorities
Listing down your goals gives your business a clear direction. It makes it easier for you to set up plans based on what you want to achieve for the month or for the whole year. It’s also important to set your priorities so you will know which projects need to be done first and how much time you have to allocate for the completion of a certain task.

2.     Delegate Tasks
There are reasons why we need to hire efficient employees. We need to delegate some tasks to make sure that each will be fulfilled effectively and on time. Assign different persons in your company to work on the projects you have in mind and talk to them about your plans and expectations. Remember that you don’t have to do everything to run your business. All you need is a great leadership skill and staff members who are willing to help you.

3.     Create routines
Determine the works that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and create a system that will let you cover your tasks easily. Establish a process which you can easily follow day in and day out so you won’t forget anything. Schedule your day to day activities to monthly activities and include simple routines that will help you perform your job easier.

4.     Write it down
When our mind is full of worries, we tend to be forgetful of other things and focus ourselves on the things that concern us most. Avoid being stuck by writing down your plans, meetings, appointments with your wholesale women’s shoes suppliers and other stake holders to keep your mind clutter free all day.

5.     Be organized
Having a well organized store and work station lets you think clearly and work efficiently. Keep your store organized from your displays, inventory and stocks to make sure that all tasks can be fulfilled without unnecessary interruptions.

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