Thursday, September 25, 2014

Five Ways of Appeasing Angry Customers

Customers can get angry or dissatisfied for a lot of reason. Unmet expectations, orders failed to be delivered on time, rude store staff or long waiting time are just some of the things that can really tick off any customer.
How To Appease Angry Customer

As you transact with different people in a physical setting or even online, there will be people who will feel dissatisfied about your product or services. Although some issues can be resolved quickly, there will be times when misunderstandings escalate ending up causing your customer to feel angry.

When this happen, it’s important to know what you should do to effectively contain the situation. When someone starts to create a scene or engage your staff in a heated confrontation, you’ve got to know how to keep your grounds and appease angry customer as soon as possible.

Here are some tips that can help you deal with impassioned customers in your wholesale shoe store.

1.    Be prepared

You will never know when these kinds of situation will happen, you may even wish it never does, but being prepared can help resolve issues quickly and can reduce any damage it has on your wholesale shoes business. Train your staff on how to give a quality customer service and design a protocol that they can follow when they encounter angry customers.

2.    Act quickly

Your ability to respond quickly and efficiently would be tested in this scenario. When there’s an upset customer on your retail store, respond quickly to assist and resolve their complaints. The longer they wait, the more they seethe.

Approach your customer and apologize for any inconvenience then let them air out their concerns without interfering. Being there and responding quickly can show your responsibility as the owner and will encourage your customer to calm down and let you handle the situation. If needed, you can invite them to go inside your office or on one corner of the store to get as much privacy and to avoid disturbing other customers inside your store.

3.    Keep the tone of your voice gentle and sympathetic

Not all customer complaints can be justified. There will be other people who would just feel unhappy over small things that may mean nothing to others. But no matter what the situation is, you have to realize that they need your sympathy and they expect you to listen to them to value their opinions.

Talk calmly and slowly to keep arguments from escalating. Showing sympathy to your customer is often the first step in resolving any issue with an angry customer.

4.    Show accountability and responsibility about the issue

When you approach an upset customer, always make sure to give your name to establish connection with them. As you hear their complaints it’s important to let them feel that you or the store manager is responsible over any issue that may happen in connection with your business.

5.    Ask for contact information

Some complaints may not be resolved right away. When this happened, you have to make sure that your customers will be updated with all the actions taken to address her concerns. Ask for their email address or mobile numbers so you can reach them once their problems is resolved.

Before ending any conversation with your customers, always ask if there’s anything else that you can help them with. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and apologize once again for any inconvenience brought to them by this issue. Follow these tricks to appease angry customers and use this experience to make your business grow and learn more about handling your dear shoppers.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spice up Your Fall fashion With These Magazine Print Shoes

On the previous season, we brought you some exciting graphic print shoes to wear with your best summer outfits. Different pairs of wedge shoes, platform pumps, and stunning flat shoes came to life with colorful graphic prints and style that surely made an impression to shoe lovers all over the world.

This exciting month of September, as we welcome the coming of the fall season, we bring you another high fashion printed shoe that you will totally adore. This fashion trend has been around for some time but still never fails to put a smile on the face of every shoe shopper.

Unlike other formal wear, these women’s shoes have a little bit of playfulness around it, especially with its interesting details. But at the same time, it also has a hint of retro fashion that is very familiar to all of us. So if you’re ready for some eye-candy, read down below and take a look at the latest addition to our shoe selection. Here are some Magazine Printed shoes from Ceriwholesale.

Magazine Print Lace Up Shoes

Magazine Print Lace Up Shoes

The ultimate comfy shoes of women on the go are now available in fun and exciting designs. These low flat heels have upper finished with magazine prints that will let you enjoy walking comfortably anywhere you go.

Platform Graphic Strappy Pumps

Platform Graphic Strappy Pumps

Transitioning your fashion from summer to fall can be a little tricky, but if you still feel like summer is just around the corner, these lovely strappy pumps can be your best summer to fall shoes. Imagine wearing these platform pumps to your weekend parties or when just hanging out with friends while catching your favorite movies. The creative prints of this magazine printed platforms are an effortless addition to your casual look while taking your fashion style up a notch!

Pointed Toe Platform Pumps

Pointed Toe Platform Pumps

Do you want something a little subdued? This pair of pointed toe platform pumps has the right amount of style and elegance in it. Unlike your usual nude pumps, these love shoes has text graphics on it to give it a little oomph!

What do you think of these selections? Would you love to wear them? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When is Open-Toed Footwear a No-no?

Open toes shoes are surely one of the go to shoes of ladies especially during summer. It’s trendy, it’s sexy plus it let your newly painted toe nails take the spotlight. Aside from that, open toe pumps are also easy to wear and can be paired of with almost any outfit for casual or semi formal events.

A no-no list For Open Toe Shoes

However, no matter how cute or adorable your open toe shoes are, there will still be days or situations that will require you to kick it off and switch to something more appropriate.

If you’re one of the women who are wondering when are open-toed shoes a no-no, read on below and find out for yourself.

Job Interviews

There will be times when peep toe shoes may seem too casual on a formal setting. When you’re applying on a company where you’re required to wear business attire, remember to skip those peep toe pumps and go for more appropriate closed shoes.

This is especially true if you’re applying for jobs in banks, offices and other executive setting. Jobs in advertising, interior design or events may not require formal wear but remember to keep your wholesale shoes neat and stylish during interviews.

The shoes you wear will surely be a part of people’s first impression of you so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and wear your best formal shoes. A pair of neatly polished dress shoes, preferably in black color, always looks good if you really want to get the job and be hired during your interview.

During fall/winter season


Open toe shoes technically have a season. Unlike other footwear, it is best advised to put on open toed shoes during dry and warm days which can span from the month of May to late September. After these months, you might want to consider putting your open toe shoes back inside a storage box and push it to the farthest corner of your closet.

On the other hand, fall and winter season is the best time to wear your ankle boots or knee high boots. When it’s not practical to risk having frost bite with your open toe shoes, women’s boots can surely keep you warm and comfortable wherever you go. 

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time to Dust Off Your Boots!

We can almost feel the nip in the air and the weather is now starting to cool down. Although we’re still few days away before fall season officially kicks in, the cold weather is already telling us to dust off our boots and prepare our wardrobe for another exciting season.

Time to Dust Off Your Boots

After few months of being hidden at the back of your closet, this is the best time to get your favorite pair of boots wear them again in the most fashionable way.

Plan how to wear your boots this season

With just a few pair of boots, you can create different looks to suit this season’s current trends. Set aside some time, especially during weekends to plan how you can wear your boots with your jeans and tops.

Just mix and match your dresses, leggings, scarves, cardigans and jeans to see which ones look great together. Pick up some accessories and bags appropriate for this season to keep your outfit fresh and updated.

If you feel like you have more space to fill in your closet, why not buy new boots to update your collection. Most fashion boutiques and shoe stores will be filled different women’s boots so you’ll surely find new pair of boots that will fit your personality and style.

Keeping your boots in shape

Before messy weather comes, be sure to protect your leather boots with water repellent coating. This simple step can prolong the life of your boots and will keep it looking great through out the season.

Upon taking off your shoes, remember to use boot shapers to keep it from folding and acquiring deep creases. You can also apply DIY solutions like putting on rolled up magazine or pool noodle inside your knee high boots to keep it straight and upright while inside your closet. 

Ready to conquer the fashion scene this fall season? Take out your boots and enjoy looking great with stylish footwear.

Find fashionable sunglasses on our website -

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ceriwholesale Spotlight: Sexy Stiletto Boots

We’re still a few days before fall officially kicks in, but we know all boot-loving ladies out there are already dusting off their boots and thinking of a new way to wear this fall/winter must have.

There are a lot of high fashion shoes to wear this season. From booties, ankle boots, calf boots to knee high boots you can definitely find the perfect fit no matter what you wear, or what the occasion is. From casual, chic, dressy to formal boots, you can find the one you need in very affordable price.

This season, we bring you one of the sexiest boot styles that will surely spice up your shoe collection. It’s not your usual chunky, bulky boots. You can wear it with almost anything from jeans to miniskirts to dresses. Plus, your favorite female celebrity is also going crazy about this shoe trend.

Take a look at Ceriwholesale’s collection of stiletto wholesale boots and see for yourself why these wholesale shoes deserve a space in your closet.

single sole booties


Wholesale Women Single Sole Booties 


Give your fall office wear a fashionable twist with this sexy single sole booties from Ceriwholesale. The gold and black color combination is easy to pair with any color and outfit style. From fashion office to evening dates, switching your look is now easier with this trendy boots.
stiletto booties with metallic heels



Wholesale Women Single Sole Booties


Fashionably add few inches to your height by wearing this lovely stiletto booties with metallic heels. The decorative zipper give this shoes a dapper look that is perfect for everyday fashion.

platform booties

Wholesale Women Platform Booties


Transitioning from summer to fall fashion is a lot easier with this platform booties. This trendy booties come in leatherette exposed upper, gold finished buckle and 5 1/2 inch heels with platform.

white platform booties

Wholesale Women Platform Booties


Another sexy wholesale shoes in our collection is this white booties with 5 1/2 inch heel. With its strappy leatherette upper, gold finished buckle makes this footwear a total standout. 

Find more high fashion shoes on our website! Visit and discover different shoe styles to fit your wardrobe.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Avoid Upsetting Customers All the Time

Having to deal with upset customer all the time can be very stressful and taxing not just to you as the owner but to your staff as well. It can disrupt the usual flow of your day and can even be demoralizing at times. Worse, it can affect your brands’ image and the impression of people about your products.
Avoid Upsetting Customers

Whether you’re an old timer in this industry, or just a startup in shoe business, you surely have experienced dealing with a customer who seemed to be upset about little things. While it can be a learning experience for you and your team, having to handle to upset customer all the time can be a tell tale sign that you’re doing something wrong in your wholesale shoe business.

When an occasional customer complaint becomes more frequent and more difficult to handle, maybe it’s take time to take a few step back and examine what went wrong in your current business practices.

Training Your Team to Give Quality Service

Customer service doesn’t end with the way you greet anyone who enters your store or when you’re able to satisfy their request. If you really want to avoid any conflict with your clients, you may want to train your staff on how to react on this situation.

Develop a system on how to answer simple complaints and who to approach when things get out of hand. This way, you can show your customers that you are in control and that you’re doing your best to address their needs.

Check the quality of your products

Poor product quality is a usual source of customer complaints. If people start noticing a decline on the quality of your shoes, you might want to talk to your wholesale shoes suppliers and discuss any solution to address this issue. Let them know that you’ve been receiving complaints and that you will be forced to look at other suppliers should they fail to improve their products.

Although some people may choose not to complain on small damage on their pumps or leather boots, they would surely consider other brands the next time they shop for shoes. If you want to establish your name in shoe industry, you have to pay attention to the things that matters, especially to your customers.

When faced with this difficult situation, always believe that there is a way to improve your business and that with perseverance and hard work, you will soon grow your business and reap the fruits of your labor.

Looking for more shoe business tips? Write your questions on the comment section or send us a message to reach us.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where to Wear Your Heels in the Summer

Summer is all about having fun, going to the beach, traveling to different places or just partying with your friends. In all these happenings it’s important to pay attention to your outfit from your dress, to your accessories, down to the pair of shoes you wear.

Wear Your Heels During Summer

Most of the time dressing up casually is the best way to enjoy summer. Wearing something on the go like flip flops, sandals and snickers is what usually comes to mind when we think of summer footwear. But for some ladies, letting go of their favorite high heeled shoes is just so difficult that no matter where they go they would always pick high heeled pumps or platform shoes to wear with their summer outfits.

To help you look your best this lovely season, here are some places where you can stylishly wear your high heeled wholesale shoes.

To a beach wedding

Although it’s not practical to wear stilettos on the beach, especially if you’re going to walk on a sandy shore, you can still wear wedge heels when you’re attending weddings or parties held on a beautiful beach front. Pair it with a light dress or maxi, and wear matching accessories for that fresh and stylish look that is perfect this summer.

To summer music festivalsTo royal regatta

Music festivals used to be all about talent, fantastic performance and cool bands. Nowadays, it also becomes a great opportunity to hang out with friends and show off your sense of style. Let your graphic printed wholesale shoes take the spotlight by wearing a short denim shorts and sleeveless tops for a very fashionable look.

Aside from running, mountain climbing and swimming, there is another sport that is so popular this summer season. If you’re living near the ports of New York, there is a great chance you’ll get to witness a regatta or boat race participated by different sailing communities, universities and even high profile personalities. Look your best by wearing your favorite floral dress with a nude sandals or maxi dress with high heeled espadrille pumps.

Want more fashion tips? Make sure to follow our blog or read our previous articles and fashion tips.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Shoes Every Student Must Have

For most students, school is just a place to hone their skills and to sharpen their knowledge about different subject matters. But for those who love to parties and get-togethers, it’s also the best time to dress up, meet new friends and just seize the day!

Student's Must Have Shoes

No matter what kind of student you are, having a well-thought wardrobe can definitely help you perform your every day tasks while still looking your best. If you’re a lady, starting your own shoe collection can even help you mix and match outfit to keep your look fresh and stylish everyday.

Survive the challenges of your college life by having these 3 must-have wholesale shoes for every student.

A black pump

As a student, you will be forced to wear different types of outfits from casual to formal wear. If you’re the kind of student who doesn’t want to spend precious minutes on deciding what color should go well with your OOTD, a good pair of black pumps can be your best friend. It can look great with jeans and T-shirts during normal days but it can also work well with skirts and blouse during meetings or even parties. Just throw in some accessories and grab a fancy shoulder bag to spice up your look and you’re good to go.

A sleek and sexy ankle boots

Transitioning your outfit from summer to fall can be really challenging given your limited options as a student. To help you get through different fashion dilemmas, make sure to get a sleek ankle boots ready in your closet. It’s easy to pair with short skirts and sleeveless tops on warmer days or with leggings and oversize sweatshirts during cooler months. No matter what look you want to achieve, ankle boots is definitely a big help.

Ballet flats

These comfortable shoes have gone from a basic women’s footwear to a wardrobe staple. If you need to slip on something comfortable, especially when rushing from one class to another, wearing a ballet flats can definitely let you walk fast or even run without worrying about getting sprain on your feet. And because it is lightweight and easy to pack, you can just keep it on your bag when having sleepovers or when you need to give your feet a break after hours of standing on your heels.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Month to Wear Your Sandals!

If you’re the kind of woman who loves planning in advance and shopping ahead, the first few days of August must be the perfect time to buy new pairs of sweaters, tights, booties and other autumn essentials. But if you are like most of us who are not yet willing to give up their sandals, you still have at least more than a month to flaunt those sexy shoes and enjoy the comforts of good old sandals.

Wholesale Sandals
In just few weeks, summer will be over and autumn will be well on the way. While there’s still a lot of great ways to look stylish and fashionable during colder months, nothing beats the joy of wearing those short shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals during the sweltering hot days of summer.

So to help you extend the joys of wearing your favorite summer wholesale shoes, let us give you some fashion tips on how to deal with sandals and open toe shoes during the last few days of summer.

Wear them a lot


Soon, you will have to put your relationship with your sandals on hold until it gets a little warmer again – which is at least until May next year – so while you can, make sure to wear your wedge sandals or open toe shoes with your everyday outfit.. Wear your thong sandals when going out to buy groceries and put on your ankle strap with your skinny jeans when hanging out with friends. August is still a sandal season so wear them as much as you want.

Know when to ditch your sandals


Summer officially ends September 22 so until then, you can freely wear your sandals to anywhere you want. However, the temperature varies on different location so it’s up to you to decide if it’s already too cold to expose your toes. As soon as October comes, you might have to consider packing up your thong sandals or gladiators and bringing out your boots collection.

While transitioning from summer season to fall, wearing open toe booties and wedge shoes is a great idea. Just remember to pick up those pairs that can give your feet the right protection against cold weather, while still keeping your outfit fun and amazingly stylish.

Store your sandals properly


Moving your wardrobe from season to season can help you smoothly transition from one fashion style to another. But as you break into your new ankle boots, make sure to keep your wholesale shoes in shape until next summer. Invest in shoe storage box and put it in a place away from extreme temperature. Also make sure to clean and repair your sandals before storing them away so it will always be ready in case you have to wear it as soon as the winter dies down.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Graphic Print Shoes You Should Totally Wear This Summer

Gone were the days when shoes just come in boring, neutral colors. With the graphic print trend hot in the market, you can find fashion items in bold, exciting designs. And just like how the summer heat makes you want to come out and have fun, now is also the best season to hide your little black shoes, and make way for the crazy, ecstatic prints in your favorite footwear.

But here’s a thing: Graphic print trend is definitely not for everyone. If you’re the kind of lady who would love to play with your outfit, rather than with your shoe style, you can definitely pass on with this latest fad. For the ladies who love variety and excitement down their feet? This is definitely the best time to visit your favorite wholesale shoes store and shop to your heart’s content.

Because of its interesting design and details, this type of shoe designs, invites people to try something new and to be more creative when it comes to their fashion statement. So if you’re ready to add something cool to your shoe collection, scroll down below and take a look at our latest graphic print shoe collection.

Wholesale Women's Platform Graphic Pumps
Wholesale Women's Platform Graphic Pumps

Wholesale Women's Wedge Sandals
Wholesale Women's Wedge Sandals

Wholesale Women's Graphic Shoes
Wholesale Women's Graphic Shoes
Women's Platform Booties
Women's Platform Booties

Fashion-forward, smart and bold, these lovely shoes surely deserves a space in your wardrobe. This fashion shoes is perfect when going to parties and getaways, or when you just want to make an impression.

But if you feel like dressing down a little bit while still having something fun in your outfit, just slip on your favorite skinny jeans, tight white shirt plus a cute satchel bag and you're ready to go.

Need more fashion inspiration to go with your shoes? Visit us again for more fashion updates and tips.

Also check out our website for other wholesale shoe collection.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Are You Wearing the Right Shoe Size?

Our feet are subject to overuse and abuse everyday. Imagine how we walk from places to places, stand for hours, and run in our high heeled shoes – all this while wearing probably the wrong shoe size!

Wear The Right Shoe Size

Wait, you’re wearing the wrong shoe size? According to The Wall Street Journal, a study in U. K. reveals that as many as half of women are wearing a shoe that doesn’t exactly fit. So if you’re experiencing constant pain on your feet, or been suffering from bruises and other discomforts because of your shoes, you might want to examine if you are of one those women who are into a wrong shoe size.

Here are some of the telltale signs that you have to watch out for.
•    Difficulty in wearing your shoes
•    Experiencing slight to extreme discomfort while walking
•    Feeling great relief when taking off your shoes
•    Getting bruises from tight straps
•    Your feet keep on sliding down when wearing high heels
•    Your toe fingers are starting to curl

Nowadays, there are a lot of fashionable wholesale shoes that are nice to look at, but are not exactly comfortable to wear. But aside from causing discomfort, wearing shoes in the wrong size can also cause different foot injury that can affect your everyday life.

Below is just some of the most result of wearing shoes with wrong shoe size.

1.    Bunions

According to, 88% of women wear the wrong sehoe size, and 55% of the ladies suffer with bunions. The most common cause of bunions is wearing shoes that are too tight on the toe box causing your feet to be squeezed into unnatural position. While it is important to measure the length of your feet, you should also remember to measure the width so you can wear your comfortably.

2.    Calluses and Corns

It’s your body’s natural defense mechanism against heavy friction and pressure. So if you’ve been seeing a lot of calluses on top or in between your toes, maybe it’s time to rethink the size of the shoes that you are wearing. Calluses may not be that painful but it can look ugly especially when it becomes dark and hard.

3.    Blisters

Do you have a tender skin on your toes that feels extremely painful when rubbed against the insides of your shoes? You’re probably suffering from blisters. Blisters are especially common when you’re wearing a new pair of shoes. However, a high quality shoe that actually fits should not cause you any pain and should give you a fashionable and comfortable experience. Tip: Don’t count on your shoes stretching. Buy the right shoe size and enjoy wearing your shoes.

How about you? Are you wearing the right shoe size?
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Let Your Wholesale Business Win With an Online Catalog

Nowadays, internet-based businesses are not the only ones who need product catalogs for their website. Even businesses that started with physical stores consider the internet to be a huge market and thus create websites for the convenience of their consumers. Building an online catalog is essential to allow viewers to browse through the products you offer. With just a little bit of website design knowledge and a few requirements, here are a few easy steps to follow in creating an online catalog for your wholesale shoes quickly and easily.


1. To start off, be sure to have the following first:
a. Website hosting account
b. Website template
c. Product photos
d. Word processing program

A website hosting account is necessary to have sufficient storage space for all the product photos to display in your online catalog. The website template you choose may be professionally-designed or you could create it yourself which you could apply from the website hosting control panel. Simply copy and paste the code and don’t forget to upload any photos.

2. With a list of categories, you should be able to create an online catalog easier. With categories, visitors can easily navigate through the website so it is important to have a new page for each category. For wholesale shoes, the most common categories include “New Arrivals”, “Top Sellers”, “Wholesale Boots”, “Wholesale High Heels”, “Wholesale Pumps”, “Wholesale Sandals”, “Wholesale Sneakers”, and “Wholesale Flats”.

3. Take photographs of each pair of wholesale shoes to display in the catalog. Make sure that the photos have the same dimension and resolution. It should be large enough but not that large that users have to scroll to see the entire photo.

4. Write the description of the wholesale shoes in a word processing program. Use enticing adjectives and include basic facts such as size, material, color, and usage tips. Keywords should be included in the description to make it search-engine friendly.

5. A product title, photograph, and description of each item in the catalog on the appropriate category page of your website. Create a clickable thumbnail so users interested in the photo can easily view the larger version.

6. The products can be separated with a horizontal space or a white space. All available wholesale shoes should be placed in the same categories to complete the online catalog.

For wholesale shoes, a creative catalog complete with photos and descriptions can easily convince retailers and individuals to purchase items from your collection.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An A-List Celeb Look With Wholesale Shoes

You do not need to be a Hollywood star to be a celebrity. You can be your own celebrity by looking the part. And you don’t have to have an A-lister budget, either. Through smart online shopping, you can achieve that celebrity look with wholesale shoes. Almost every woman loves shoes, especially wholesale shoes. The mere idea of being able to buy so many pairs of affordable wholesale shoes is too good an idea to resist.

This season, online wholesale shoes supplier Ceriwholesale gives women a chance to bring out their inner celebrity with newly arrived, trendy, and pocket friendly wholesale shoes for all seasons. Here are some of the wholesale shoes to watch out for that should make you look like an A-list celeb:

1. Black Over-Knee Boots – Nothing says sexy and confident like a good pair of black boots. With two and a half inch heels and a zipper on the side, this wholesale shoe item is definitely rock star

2. Gold Dress Sandals – Gold ain’t just for the rich. Channel the inner millionaire in you and wear luxury with this elegant pair of dress sandals. You may not have the dough but you can certainly look like you do with this wholesale shoe item.

3. Red Platform Pumps – Say it loud and proud with red platform pumps. Attract the right kind of attention with the right kind of wholesale shoes.

4. Turquoise Platform Pumps – Celebrities don’t worry about wearing color and neither should you. Stand out in a crown of blacks, browns, grays, and whites with this angelic blue pair of wholesale shoes.

5. Moss Platform Boots – Earthy colors are in this season, and this hot new pair of wholesale shoes will surely make you a trendsetter.

Looking like a celebrity has never been easier with these wholesale shoes. Log on to for more pairs of wholesale shoes that will surely bring out the celebrity in you.
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Starting a Business is Always the Hardest

Starting any business is risky. With wholesale items, it is even riskier. When setting up a wholesale shoes business, there are guidelines on the do's and don’ts of selling your merchandise. The business of wholesale shoes usually starts with a love for gorgeous wholesale footwear. Read on to find out more tips on how to start your wholesale shoes business.


With wholesale shoes, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing through catalogs and online wholesale shoes stores.


It is important to be updated on the latest styles and designs that customers prefer. It will be particularly helpful if you yourself are a shoe-lover because that will make searching through thousands of wholesale shoes a fun task.

Additionally, it should be clear that wholesale shoes are not the right option for customers looking to purchase a small amount of shoes at a cheaper price. 


Wholesale boots and wholesale high heels are sold at relatively lower prices, but this is because wholesalers expect you to buy in bulk. On the other hand, when opening a store, purchasing wholesale shoes from a retailer will cost you more money and thus, render you penniless. Remember that discounts will only kick in after you satisfy a wholesaler’s minimum order requirement. Some online wholesale shoes stores have a low minimum order requirement of $100.

The wholesale shoes industry is not just for business-minded people. 


It’s hard to believe that individuals too, purchase shoes in bulks because of their inexpensive price. These pairs of fashionable wholesale pumps or wholesale flats are given as gifts to friends and families. With this in mind, it’s important to be aware that there are wholesalers who will only deal with trade buyers. This means that you have to prove that you are indeed operating a business and not just an individual in search for cheaper pairs of wholesale shoes. To avoid any problems, it is important to bring receipts or show your tax number or certificate of registration as proof.

Smaller scale wholesale shoe stores will generally have a difficult time gaining a wholesaler’s trust. 


It may take time before a wholesaler agrees to process a large number of wholesale shoes for these types of businesses. Patience is key and always be nice to your potential wholesale shoes supplier

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to do your homework on the basic terms wholesalers use in selling wholesale shoes.  


Research the latest styles, know the different types of wholesale shoes available and survey wholesale shoes suppliers who will give you the best deal. Having a good relationship with your suppliers will prove to be a good business move for you in the long run.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get Your Fill of Wholesale Shoes

Fashion is for everyone, but not everyone can afford high-fashion and the hefty price tags that come with it. So, what do you do when you want to feel like a million dollars but can’t afford to spend that much?
Simple. Go with wholesale shoes.


Wholesales shoes shopping used to be a fashion faux pas, but today, with affordable, trendy and high-quality wholesale shoes available online, there is absolutely no shame in stocking up on the latest wholesale shoes.

Craving a pair of classic Prada pumps? Salivating over a cute pair of flats from Tori Burch? Forget about the luxury brands and go for a fashionable yet way more affordable alternative. offers a wide selection of wholesale shoes in various styles, sizes and colors that won’t hurt your pocket while still making you look like a million dollars.

Limited finances should not prevent you from treating yourself to a great shoe experience. In the same way, you don’t have to make difficult shoe choices anymore because now, you can buy more with the budget that you have. is the go-to online store for your wholesale shoes cravings. Every woman deserves to wear a pair of footwear that will make her feel extra special, and with wholesale shoes online, feeling like a million dollars is just one click away.
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

What Wholesale Shoes are Hits?

Women may own tons of shoes but there are a few basics styles one will find in their closets. From a wholesale shoes business owner’s point of view, wholesalers won’t go wrong with these wholesale shoes must-haves. These pairs of wholesale shoes are styles that women probably own in different sets of colors. Take a look at some:

Wholesale Sandals 
Sandals are open-toed wholesale shoes that may be casual or formal. Wedges are a form of sandals and they are mostly worn by women on a day to the beach or having Sunday brunches with girlfriends. On the other hand, evening sandals are perfect for galas or black-tie events. Choose from a wide variety of rhinestone sandals, platform dressy sandals, or even dancing sandals.

Speaking of sandals, is offering discounts of up to 30% on popular models of summertime sandals!

One of the many discounted summertime sandals available at Ceriwholesale 

Wholesale Dress Pumps
Women are simply in love with high heels. Not only do these wholesale shoes elongate legs, but men find women in high heels attractive because of the confidence these shoes bring. Invest in strappy pumps, classic slingbacks, and peep toe pumps because women just can’t say no to these devilishly sexy wholesale shoes.

Wholesale Boots 
The holiday season is the perfect season for women to strut their stuff in trendy fall boots. Boots come in a variety of lengths – ankle, mid-calf, knee and thigh-high boots.They may provide comfort and warmth. Additionally, boots can be paired with skirt and jeans – a luxury not most wholesale shoes can offer.

Wholesale Dress shoes 
These wholesale flat can be worn on ordinary days. However, there are flat shoes or low-heeled shoes that can be worn on formal events should a woman decide on not wearing high heels. Dress shoes can be worn with jeans, skirts, and capri shorts and would look perfect for the chic and sassy gal.

There are many different styles of wholesale shoes in the market today. It doesn’t really matter if business owners opt to display only a few styles because women are simply in love with shoes. Women will always find a reason to purchase one. Investing in these most-well loved wholesale shoes can increase sales.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remedy Huge Unattractive Feet

One of the common problems women have with their feet is the fact that it looks too big, or as they usually say “unladylike.” Naturally, in order to avoid looking like they have troll feet, they have to find ways to make their feet appear smaller.

wholesale womans shoes
Ugly, big feet?

Unfortunately, cramming feet into smaller shoes, which is a common resolution, only ends up in bad blisters, possible back pain and unbalanced walking.

In order to make a pair of feet appear smaller, here are some tips that may be useful:

1. Wearing high heels allows a woman to break up the length of their feet. 
In this case, chunky high heels are more recommended than thin stilettos which ultimately highlight the length of the foot.

2. Avoid pointed shoes. 
While pointed high heels are one of today’s best sellers, they add length to a pair of feet, providing the opposite effect. In order to avoid this, women with big feet may want to consider choosing high heels with round tips instead.

3. When buying wholesale women's shoes at a discount, make sure to get only those that are in darker shades of colors. 
The colors black and navy help to slim down the figure of the feet, providing the desired illusion that a woman’s feet is actually smaller and narrower.

4. Avoid showing too much skin on your feet as this results in over-sizing the feet.
Instead of thin straps, choose slingbacks or peep toes for a flirty, but smaller look.

5. Do not choose a pair of shoes that have embellishments along the ankles or lower feet
This puts an emphasis on the tips of the feet, resulting in a lengthened illusion, rather than the desired shorter and narrower feet. Instead, those with designs at the tips or on the toes will provide a slimmer result.

6. Ankle straps should also be avoided to prevent the feet from looking chunky. 
If you’re into straps, however, choose those with lean lines or straps along the top of the foot. This limits the length of the feet and avoids widening it as well.

There are many ways to make feet look smaller. If you happen to be one of those ladies who desire a smaller pair of feet, remember one or all of these tips to help you choose better shoes next time.
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shoes That Will Rock Your Evening Look

Wholesale evening shoes are top sellers in the fashionable wholesale shoes industry. There is no denying that women love high heels, pumps, and wedges, so it is important that these shoes are well taken care of and properly cleaned in order to last a long time. Wholesale evening shoes are very delicate, and although these gorgeous wholesale items are often made from the best materials, they still need great care.
  • Women oftentimes wear wholesale evening shoes with thin straps to dances and dinners. When worn throughout the entire night, these pairs of wholesale shoes take quite a beating. To help prevent wear and tear and make the straps last longer, a variety of conditioners are available for the different materials used to make the shoes. With proper care, there is no need to worry about straps snapping at the most inopportune time.
  • BETTE01-Black-Wholesale Women Flats

    URBAN50-White-Wholesale Women Pump

  • There are both crèmes and pastes that can be used to avoid damage and discoloration on leather shoes. Cremes and pastes are used to keep leather on shoes supple and moisturized, which in turn increases flexibility. With added protection from outside elements, wholesale leather shoes will last longer.
  • Saddle soaps are also used to care for wholesale leather shoes. Though this is not a traditional coating for women’s wholesale evening shoes, saddle soaps increase the lifespan of leather shoes by preventing wear and tear.
  • Own a large variety and assortment of wholesale evening shoes. By owning multiple pairs, wholesale shoes will last longer than they would by themselves because it gives you more time to care for each pair. Unbelievable, yet it’s true. Additionally, by using pairs alternately, wholesale shoes can rest and have more time to be free from dirt and other outside elements.
  • Stick with what you know. Play it safe by purchasing wholesale shoes that are proven to be reliable and long lasting. Satisfaction and quality are factors customers consider when buying wholesale shoes. Some companies tend to discontinue a particular shoe once consumers learn to love it. So one helpful tip: Buy pairs of wholesale shoes you love right away because who knows when they’ll disappear from the market.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Your Shoes Right and Your Career Forward

June is the time when students graduate and just throw everything academically-related out the window. But then, it is also the time when college graduates get ahead of the others by applying for jobs and starting their careers. Of course, interviews are an essential aspect of the job hunt.

So, if you are going off to an interview with your dream company, then, one of your priorities should be dressing to impress, in order to get the job. Now that you’ve set up your outfit for the interview, all you need to do is find the perfect pair of office shoes to go with your outfit. Before you head out of the house in your impressive, possibly borrowed pair of shoes, make sure that it’s not one of these pairs:

wholesale womans shoes
Is this appropriate for a job interview?

Shining, shimmering, glittering splendid shoes

As much as your sister thinks that this glittering pair of shoes, with shining embellishments, is gorgeous for a night out, they’re not entirely appropriate for a job interview. You don’t want to look too flashy or girly in a job interview, to the point that whoever is interviewing you, may not want to take you seriously at all. As much as possible, keep the glimmering shoes in the closet until after hours or at least, after you’ve proven yourself.

High, high, high heels

While everyone appreciates and notices a tall lady coming into the office, wearing high, high heels is not the right way to do it, especially if you’re not that experienced in walking in those kinds of shoes. Donning 5 inch heels may make you look like you’re from the runway, but if you trip, suddenly sprain an ankle or get blistered feet during the interview, it’ll only ruin your chances (and mood) in getting the job. And no, that’s not going to give you a good impression to your possible new boss, either.

Sandals, open toe shoes, sneakers, simply unflattering shoes

Even though your Mom may have gotten these gorgeous open toe shoes while buying women’s shoes on wholesale online, it may not be the right moment to show off those pretty shoes – especially if you haven’t had your toes cleaned at all. Imagine the look on your boss’ face when they spot dirty toes through the peep of your shoes. Definitely a NO-NO. Sandals and sneakers are also both discouraged since they are not formal or impressive enough for a dream job interview.

Remember, this is a job interview you’re going to and unless you’re applying to a fashion magazine, it wouldn’t really be appropriate for your shoes to outshine your skills.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Katie Holmes Tells You All About Shoes

Although she has quite a living on her own with her business ventures and sideline acting gigs, sure enough, her divorce from multimillionaire Tom Cruise will probably have a huge effect on her shoe funds.

Image source: High Heels Blog
While you probably cannot get the exact pair of shoes at a discounted or wholesale women’s shoes section, it’s not a crime to hope. After all, nowadays, there are many more affordable, but similar pairs of shoes that you may find from a variety of brands.

Scanning through the lovely ex-Mrs. Cruise’s fashion sense since they got married, here are the must-have types of shoes to have for various occasions:

Simple and plain shoes
Image source: NY Daily News
Every girl should always have a simple and plain pair of shoes. Just like Katie Holmes who has extravagant outfits to wear, she can easily dress down by donning simple and plain shoes. Best of all, these shoes will always look good on any type of outfit, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant look.

Casual boots
Image source: Style Bistro
Ankle length boots are essential to any shoe collection because it can be used for either formal or casual events. Whether it may be to accentuate your legs while wearing a short skirt or shorts or to protect your ankles from the cold, these casual boots can match almost any outfit.

Knee high boots
Image source: Style Bistro
What’s a shoe collection without knee high boots? If casual boots protect your ankles, knee high boots protect your legs and they make a pretty nice finish for a laid-back, rock-style fashion. Boots like these are elegant, but casual at the same time and you can wear it, no matter the current season. Most probably, these knee high, black leather boots will never run out of season.

Comfy flats
Image source: Style Bistro
A girl can’t walk on heels forever. Sometimes, she’d be better off wearing comfortable flats that won’t hurt her feet muscles. For long walks, shopping and travel, comfortable flats will always be the ideal footwear. Not only is there a wide variety of flats to choose from, you can also wear these flats, no matter the occasion. Depending on the type of flats you choose, you can also partner it with any outfit – formal or casual.

Elegant shoes
Image source: Style Bistro
If you’re like Katie Holmes who has several formal events to attend, then having a pair of elegant evening shoes is also essential for your shoe collection. Whether these may be strappy sandals, high-heeled pumps or peep-toes, these shoes have to be chosen carefully to match the dress or outfit to be worn in the formal event. Now, if you have some red carpets to walk, picking the right pair is definitely important to complete your look.

Sure, you may not have as much money as Katie Holmes has (or had when she was still lovey-dovey with the highest paid actor of 2011-2012, Tom Cruise), but having at least one pair of each will allow you to dress appropriately – whatever the occasion may be.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Princesses Who Rock Their Shoes

If adults always look up to celebrities for style inspiration, young kids have idols too. Now if you have a shoe store catered to selling shoes for kids, you’ll need this list to help you buy wholesale women’s shoes.

Here are 5 stylish young stars with shoe styles most kids want to copy.

Selena Gomez
Image source:
One of the original Disney stars who didn’t go bad. Instead, she went from young teen star to a fashionable young lady that even young adults can’t get enough of! From her casual, rather tomboy-ish look in the first seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place to the grown-up, girly but definitely age appropriate style that she has now, Selena Gomez still manages to wow fashionistas with her outfits and shoes. It looks like young kids will still want to copy her style for a few more years.

Debby Ryan
Image source:
On the other hand, someone who’s had longer exposure on Disney, Debby Ryan is the star of Suite Life on Deck. With inspirations like Debby Harry and Freddie Mercury, Debby Ryan’s fashion ranges from casual rock to glam rock. She likes to play around with colors so her shoes and outfits are usually interestingly matched. She does like to wear a lot of wedges though so her fans may also be into that.

Bella Thorne
Image source:
She didn’t get the role of Reneesmee in the highly fantasized Twilight series, but she is definitely making her way up without it. One of the younger stars of Disney, Bella Thorne is all girly with a lot of accessories. She likes to play around with her style too. Bella Thorne does like the glitter and accessory when it comes to shoes. And boots.

Brenda Song
Image source: What She Wore Fashion

Girly rock is Brenda Song’s style. This is probably because she’s all girly, but was once engaged to Trace Cyrus. Her style includes glitzy outfits, girly mini dresses paired with matching pumps. And boy, can she carry out those pumps. Now that she and Trace Cyrus is over, she still manages to come out pretty stylish and remains a fashion icon for teenagers everywhere.

Brittany Robertson
Image source: Zimbio
Despite starring in two canceled TV shows since her Disney days, Secret Circle and Life Unexpected, she is still one of the most stylish Disney star ever. Unlike the other Disney stars, Brittany is classic when it comes to fashion. Her style includes feminine pieces, high, high heels and for casual looks – comfy sandals.

Keep these girls on a watch list if you hope to target the younger market. The shoes they wear are likely to be the current trend for teenagers nowadays.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Own a Successful Wholesale Shoes Business in Four Steps

Are you ready to start your own shoe business?

Starting a retail shoe store is not easy. There are several things you need to consider first before you can engage in the actual selling of your shoes. Before you can open up and buy wholesale women’s shoes to sell, you have to consider 4 important aspects of starting a shoe business.

Image source: Chron

1. Planning 
Every business starts with planning. If you think you can get by without actually creating concrete plans for your business, then you’re wrong. Unfortunately, the planning stage is a very wide topic to discuss. There are so many things to plan that you will need to list down your priorities in starting a shoe business. Be organized because this will help you in the future. List your objectives, future plans and goals and engage in a step by step process of how to attain those goals. If you’re an idealist, get down to business and plan a day-by-day or month-by-month plan to get to your goals. Breaking plans down make a process easier.

2. Budget 
The most important aspect of every business. If you cannot get sponsors from other bigger companies (like how some other companies do it), you might have to get your budget from your own money. It might take years but if you plan your business well, your capital will serve its purpose.

3. Strategizing and Allocation
After planning and budgeting for your business, the next step is to strategize and allocate. Now that you have a budget for your business, you need to know what you’ll be doing with it. Allocate an amount of money per aspect of your business. How much should you spend renting the business space? How much should be spent on the wholesale shoes? How much can you allocate on marketing and staff? Strategize well because you need to be thrift and smart when it comes to your budget.

4. Marketing
No shoe business can survive without a good marketing plan. If you have plans to expand your business online, then you need to come up with a good plan. You can hire an internet marketing company or you can also start marketing on your own. If you plan to start small and wish to cover only your community, you can start by using posters and tarpaulins to spread the word. Otherwise, word of mouth is a great way to market your business to the people around you.

If you’re truly ready to start a business, then you should be ready with these 4 aspects.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Be Free of Fraud When Shopping Online

Fraudulent transactions are everywhere. Fraudsters victimize both individuals and businesses. For retailers on the wholesale shoes business, great caution is a must when it comes to dealing wholesale shoes suppliers. It is important that retailers are able to trust their wholesale shoes suppliers for a pleasurable business experience. To avoid fraudulent transactions, here are some helpful tips:

Image source: Parda Phash

Research wholesale forums. 
Thanks to the internet, it is most likely that your wholesale shoes supplier has an online website and is actively participating in forums to make the most of the World Wide Web. Additionally, consumers today are active engagers in online communities and they give feedback to whatever products they purchase. This is why it is important to check forums and research the feedback from customers who have given input to your potential wholesale shoes supplier. Consumer feedback is particularly important when deciding to invest in something.

Double-check the prices wholesalers suggest. 
Often times, wholesale shoes suppliers give suggested retail prices for the consumers and likewise list the wholesale price. There are those, however, who give inflated potential retail prices, trying to make it look like a good deal. When in doubt, check the manufacturer. Keep an open eye to wholesale shoes suppliers who offer competitive pricing for the best deal in retail sales.

Get the manufacturer’s information.
Authentic manufacturers of wholesale shoes have physical locations of their warehouses. An audit of the factory and the business is advisable especially if you are planning to deal with wholesale shoes from China. Some may pretend to be agents but will probably steal from you in the end.

Ask for proof of business registration.
If legal, wholesale shoes suppliers are registered companies. There are directories where you can search for the legality of your potential wholesale shoes supplier. Make sure that the information given to you by the manufacturer is similar to that listed in directories.

Stay away from suppliers who will only conduct business via Western Union or MoneyGram.
While these wire services are great for individuals, retailers should be wary of suppliers who only do business via Western Union or MoneyGram. They are scammers and these services are not typically utilized for business transactions. Additionally, check if your supplier has a secured website when conducting business transactions online.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Your Titles Right With Your Wholesale Shoes

The internet presents a whole array of websites where wholesalers can sell their products. From wholesale shoes to wholesale jewelry, from wholesale led signs to wholesale beauty products, absolutely everything can be sold on the internet. Amazon and eBay are some of the best places online to sell wholesale products. However, with the stiff competition it’s important to stand out when selling wholesale shoes on online auction sites.

Here are some tips to make your wholesale shoes stand out in the online marketplace:

  • Titles are important.

Titles are important to bringing you good sales when selling wholesale shoes online. First and foremost, you should think of attention-grabbing titles when placing your wholesale shoes on online auction sites. It’s not enough that you have the lowest selling price or if you offer free or low cost shipping. If people don’t find titles for your wholesales shoes interesting enough, they won’t even bother checking out your listing.

  • Keywords are the key to increasing sales on wholesale shoes. 

Consumers use keywords when searching for products which are why titles should contain the right keywords. When thinking of an attention-grabbing title, remember to infuse as many keywords as possible without sounding annoying or redundant. For example, to sell wholesale ankle boots, you can put the words “Wholesale Women’s Shoes – Sexy Ankle Boots“. There is a 55-character limit on eBay, so you want to make sure that each character is relevant to maximize the title with important keywords.

  • Online auction sites are also very particular on how you should layout your titles in regards to grammar. 

Keywords placed in the title should be separated by a single space and punctuation should be used as minimally as possible. Punctuation takes up much needed space required for essential keywords. Additionally, it confuses the search system and your listing for gorgeous wholesale shoes may not come up on the search at all.

  • Finally, check out your competition. 

Other wholesalers are also selling wholesale shoes online. Their products may range from wholesale boots to wholesale wedge sandals, so it’s important to know what you’re up against. If other sellers use all capital letters, then use lower-case letters to stand out from your peers.

Titles don’t have to be special. When selling wholesale pumps or wholesale sandals, the right use of keywords will guarantee the best results.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Women, Know How to Pick Wholesale Shoes

Wholesale shoes are accessories women collect and invest in. Mixing shoes with a range of different ensembles brings out different looks for a woman. Before buying pairs of wholesale fashion shoes, there are a few reminders women should know. Women should determine if the shoes actually go with the type of feet they have. Not all shoes can go well with any type of feet, depending on the style of shoes such as high heels, wedges, or flats.

Knowing your weight and height is important as well. This will help you decide what feature you would like to emphasize. High heels make legs look longer and are perfect for short-legged women. Tall women can look good in mary janes or flat shoes. Women with thicker legs should avoid chunky shoes such as wedges or else those wholesale shoes could make your legs look even bulkier.

Because of the tough economic times, remember that wholesale shoes should be purchased only if you know they look good on you. One mistake women often commit is simply following fashion trends  without thinking if it looks good on them or not. Money goes to waste and the wholesale shoes could have gone to a better-suited owner.

When picking the right wholesale shoes, opt for the classic ones because they never go out of style. Wholesale shoes in black is a good choice for a color if you can’t decide which one to pick or what  looks best for a certain dress or outfit. Also, because the trend nowadays is for fashion styles to go back after a number of years, the timeless designs in wholesale shoes assure you of being a fashion forward gal who always look not only glamorous, but elegant too.
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Your Summer Wholesale Shoes Ready!

Everyone’s style evolves around a variety of factor that can trigger the change. While some will enjoy copying their favorite celebrity, others pick up styles from the people they meet. And every summer, when most people are out of school, they tend to pick up a different fashion style altogether.+

As an owner of a shoe store and a businessman (or woman), it is essential for you to take note of these things, especially once seasons change.

This summer, a variety of shoes have become quite famous, especially with some celebrities out and about donning these new fashion shoes. If you want to boost your sales this summer, it may be wise to consider these styles and purchase wholesale woman's shoes for your store as soon as possible.

Ankle or Platform Boots
Everyone loves boots. Unfortunately, they cannot wear it all the time, especially during the summer when the weather is too hot to have your feet cramped up in all that covers. This is what ankle boots are for – those summers when you want to wear boots, but you need lighter ones to keep your feet less heated up inside. Just like these boots worn by Kristen Stewart, Hollywood’s scorned highest-paid actress, fashionistas can now enjoy wearing their’s without heating up their feet.

Colorful Wedges
Summer is usually the time for bright and bold colors. This summer is definitely no different. With wedges available in various colors, fashionistas can now join the ranks of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin, who all enjoy the addition of these colored wedges to their style. Ceriwholesale provides sellers with a wide range of choices for these fun wedges. Choose from strappy wedges, to ankle boot wedges and even peep toe wedges.

High-heeled Pumps
There’s rarely a season when pumps are not trending. After all, pumps are appropriate for nearly all types of events. But now, it seems the higher the heels, the better. Just like Emma Roberts who enjoys spicing up her outfits with high-heeled pumps, your customers can also enjoy a selection of colored, strappy or peep-toe pumps with heel size never lower than 3 inches. Hopefully, your customers can handle these heels well.

So, if you are thinking of buying wholesale shoes for women, you may want to keep these types of shoes in mind. After all, everyone loves to look like a celebrity once in awhile.

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