Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wholesale Shoes for the Professional Woman

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially for a career woman. Wearing the right kind of footwear plays an important role as they make a mark in their professional lives. The shoes give it all – it denotes taste and leaves an impression on employers, clients, and colleagues.
For wholesale shoes resellers out there, it is about time to offer women the right kind of wholesale shoes that will never compromise credibility for fashion.
Wholesale pumps are classics. Any woman will never go wrong with owning a pair of wholesale pumps. Be it pointy or round-toe, wholesale pumps speak of simple class and elegance. Do not, however, offer animal-inspired or bizarre colored wholesale pumps as these are and never will be professional.
For women out there who find wholesale pumps too conservative, a better option would be peep-toe or sling back wholesale shoe. This shows a little bit of skin without giving away professionalism.
For lovers of wholesale boots, it is best to stash these wholesale shoes styles at the back of your closet, as these would not look good in the workplace. One may get away with simple-styled wholesale boots only if worn underneath dress pants.
While any woman would rather wear wholesale flats for extreme comfort, flats will not look great on client calls, board meetings, and office functions. However, wholesale shoes resellers may still offer flat wholesale shoes for women as an alternative as this can be worn during regular days spent in front of the desk or when walking outside.
As for colors and patterns, it is best to stick to the basics. Black wholesale shoes are the most accepted. You may want to throw in a few wholesale shoes in the neutral shades like gray, brown, tan, burgundy, and navy blue. In designs and patterns, go for plain leather.
Remember, a work place is not the venue to showcase individual style and flair. Professional wholesale shoes should reflect a woman’s sound taste and should always be on the elegant side. With the many available wholesale shoes styles to choose from, any woman can always make a commanding yet professional fashion statement. 

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