Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Trendy Low Heels to Try this Spring

Women who are wearing sky high heels to keep up with the past trends can finally rest their feet this season. A lot of fashionable and stylish footwear is available this spring but the best part is most women can absolutely enjoy wearing it without straining their feet. If you've been ditching trendy women’s shoes just because of its killer heels, you can now rest your case because shoes in low heels are also hot this season.

Spring is about enjoying the breeze and the good weather while doing your favorite activities with friends and family. Buying shoes that will allow you to comfortably enjoy your day are a priority this season.  Below are some low heeled shoes available at Ceriwholesale in very affordable prices.

Low heels sandals

If you’re planning to go on a weekend brunch date or teatime with friends, this low heeled pair of sandals is definitely perfect for your day. Enjoy a laid back spring while comfortably wearing footwear that can let you freely walk around in a busy day. Available in colors of blue, red and grey, these sandals feature a 1 ½ inch heel.

Elegant Royal Blue 

Put a splash of color in your wardrobe this spring with these blue pumps. A perfect footwear to go with skinny jeans of mini skirt, these pumps will look good on casual to semi formal wear. Wear this with a bag in complementing color and enjoy the season in a fun and exciting way.

Black Pumps

Simplicity is a form of elegance and these black pumps can be all that you need to look great at the office and even for your after-work dates. Pair with pencil skirts or straight cut slacks for a more professional but trendy look. The two inches heel lets you move freely in the office and won’t easily tire your feet letting you have the energy to enjoy the rest of the day.

Rose Gold Evening Sandals

Are you looking for evening sandals that look good on your dress but don’t want to risk tripping on high heeled shoes? This rose gold evening sandals exudes glamour and elegance and will surely light up your evening wear in an instant. Pair it with silver purse and minimal accessories to pull off a red carpet ready look.

Cut Out Shoes

The best transition shoes you could ever wish for now comes in low kitten heels. Cut out shoes gives you the airiness of sandals but the structure of shoes. Make sure to have your feet cleaned and pampered before putting on these shoes because your feet will surely get a lot of attention if we wear these shoes.

In the end, it’s not about how high or low your heels are but how you carry yourself in those shoes. Pick pair of shoes that won’t make you look awkward and will let your walk with confidence no matter what your wear. If you think high heels are simply not for you, why not give these low heels a try.

Shop for wholesale women's shoes here at Ceriwholesale and enjoy fashionable low heels this season!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Shoe Business 2013: Keeping up with the trend

Most part of the country is beginning to warm up for spring. Because of this, shoe lovers all over are most likely to be in search for the perfect shoes that go well with the season. If you’re a shoe retailer or store owner, now is the perfect time to make sure that all your stocks are updated and follows the latest trends.

Keeping up with the trends makes your store a go to place for ladies who love changing their shoes depending on what’s in and what’s hot. Although trends come and go in fashion world, it can still greatly benefit your business if you know how to feature the latest shoe trends in your store.

How to be updated with the trends

The time it takes for a trend to go from runways to the streets has dramatically decreased because of the presence of social media and photo sharing platforms such as Lookbook and Pinterest. If you want to be updated with what shoes women are wearing this season, you can easily do so with just a simple click on your computer. Read blogs, online fashion magazines or look at what celebrities are wearing because sooner or later, your costumers will start looking for the same fashion items.
Emphasize your latest collection

If you decided to include the latest women’s shoe collection on your display, don’t forget to do simple things that will get your stocks noticed easily. Put a signage next to the shoe shelf announcing your latest collection and ask you staffs to suggest it to the incoming buyers.

Also make sure that you only purchase the kind of shoes that most likely to fit the lifestyle of your customers and the culture of your location. Research how each trend is best worn and how to style a particular shoe, so you can give a sound suggestion if ever your customers ask for help. Look for shoes that you personally believe will look good on them to make sure that each pair will be sold easily.

Discount Promo

Since a trendy item can sell like hot potato, you can also take this opportunity to sell more pairs by doing discount promos like buy 1 get the second pair at half the price or other promos with similar mechanics. This will encourage budget conscious ladies to shop for shoes without having to break the bank. This is also a good opportunity to sell the slow selling items in your inventory.

Keeping up with the trends can be tricky sometimes, but if you know how to use the trends in your advantage, you can definitely use it to further improve your sales and brand image.

How about you? How do you keep your shoe store up to date? Do you follow the trends or sticks with the classics? Let us know your thoughts. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Shoe Store Spring Ready

After months of wearing snow boots, thick fur coats and sweaters, we are now ready to enjoy some warmth brought to us by spring season. The best thing about it is that, shoe shoppers all over town can have all the time they need to enjoy their spring shoes or better yet, buy new pairs or booties or pumps!

If you are a shoe store owner or a retailer, today is the right time to buy new stocks and prepare for that big spring sale. But first of all, let us give your store some makeover to make sure that your store is totally ready for spring. Here are 5 simple ways to give your business some spring vibe.

Buy New Stocks

Contact your supplier for new batch of fashionable wholesale shoes and line up your store with floral shoes, chunky heels and transparent footwear. Shoes in emerald green are also hot this season so make sure to include that on your shoe shelf.

Colorful shoes in neon green, zesty lemon or poppy red can be a great addition to your shoe stocks. Sexy footwear with metallic accent can also capture ladies’ attention.

If you think tall boots are out, cute booties can still be a great pair for your spring dress and skinny jeans.

Show them how to wear it

Putting posters of cool spring outfit can give your customers some idea on how to fashionably wear your items. Show them how to have fun in spring outfit and catch the attention of the trendiest ladies in your area.

Another way is to post posters of celebrities wearing the trend in different events such as concerts, festivals, premiere nights and even awards night. Also show your customers how models grace the runway in colorful fun filled outfit to make them more confident in wearing fashion shoes.

If you have social media networks, you can also post photos of different people wearing your products and ask them to comment about their overall shopping experience.

Give your store a makeover!

You don’t need to have major construction to give your store some good vibes this spring. All you need to do is to move your display racks, change store signage and put new stocks.

If you want to go an extra mile, you can repaint your walls or put on some wall papers to set a brighter mood inside your store. You can also consider adding small items like mirrors with floral frames, fitting room curtains in cool exotic prints and hanging cabinets in lighter shades. Whatever you do, just make sure than your interior design complements your inventory so that everything in your store is all about giving your customers a whole new shopping experience.

Do you think your store is ready for spring? Share us your thoughts and tell us the things you do in your store for spring.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Characteristic of a Best Selling Shoe Store

Having a shoe store where you can get to sell your personal designs or the brands you trust is like a dream come true for shoe lovers. It’s like being to do something you are passionate about while earning an income at the same time. Aside from that, you can also get to meet different people who share the same passion over shoes and everything about footwear.

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But if the sales are slow and you’re not getting many positive feedbacks from your customers, maybe there’s something wrong somewhere! Take time to identify it and work on it so you don’t just increase sales but improve popularity as well. Check on these characteristics of a best-selling shoe store and see it you have the following:

Stand out Store Name and Logo
Repeat your store name over and over again or ask someone to say it for you. Does the store name sound great? Catchy? Easy to Pronounce? Listen how well your store name sounds and make sure it caters to your target market. Take for example Payless or Foot Locker, they got short store name and easy to remember.

Neat and Interesting Window Display
Sometimes, if your store is located on a high traffic and busy location, the disadvantage is that people are most likely to walk way past your shoe store than taking time to step inside your shop. To gain an upper hand on the competition and to convert the high traffic of people into possible sale, create an impressive window display that will let the passersby stop and take a look at your shoe display.

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Inviting Store Exterior
As much as you want your store design to match with your target market, it is also important to make sure that other people won’t feel alienated inside your store. The most advisable way to have a well-known shoe store is to have an exterior design that can attract even those who are not really into buying shoes. Make it welcoming and accommodating so people will feel comfortable and positive before entering your store.

Wide Variety of Product Selection
As long as you can strategically place your display, you can definitely sell wide selection of shoes such as boots, sandals, pumps, sneakers, rubber shoes and many others. Ask your wholesale women's shoes supplier about their latest products and offer a variety of footwear in your store. Help your customers find their right pair of women’s shoes by giving them enough options in different colors, size and designs. You can also feature some kid’s shoes, imported brands or big sized footwear every once in a while to diversify your display.

Proper store lightning
Make sure all your shoe designs can get the attention they deserve by putting sufficient lights inside your store. Consult a professional or do a proper research on store lighting and let your shoes be noticed by shoe lovers in your area.

Shoe industry can be tough sometimes, and to be able to survive you must really be creative and receptive to change. Make sure you have all these characteristics and you can be sure to make it big in this industry.

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