Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Shoe Store Spring Ready

After months of wearing snow boots, thick fur coats and sweaters, we are now ready to enjoy some warmth brought to us by spring season. The best thing about it is that, shoe shoppers all over town can have all the time they need to enjoy their spring shoes or better yet, buy new pairs or booties or pumps!

If you are a shoe store owner or a retailer, today is the right time to buy new stocks and prepare for that big spring sale. But first of all, let us give your store some makeover to make sure that your store is totally ready for spring. Here are 5 simple ways to give your business some spring vibe.

Buy New Stocks

Contact your supplier for new batch of fashionable wholesale shoes and line up your store with floral shoes, chunky heels and transparent footwear. Shoes in emerald green are also hot this season so make sure to include that on your shoe shelf.

Colorful shoes in neon green, zesty lemon or poppy red can be a great addition to your shoe stocks. Sexy footwear with metallic accent can also capture ladies’ attention.

If you think tall boots are out, cute booties can still be a great pair for your spring dress and skinny jeans.

Show them how to wear it

Putting posters of cool spring outfit can give your customers some idea on how to fashionably wear your items. Show them how to have fun in spring outfit and catch the attention of the trendiest ladies in your area.

Another way is to post posters of celebrities wearing the trend in different events such as concerts, festivals, premiere nights and even awards night. Also show your customers how models grace the runway in colorful fun filled outfit to make them more confident in wearing fashion shoes.

If you have social media networks, you can also post photos of different people wearing your products and ask them to comment about their overall shopping experience.

Give your store a makeover!

You don’t need to have major construction to give your store some good vibes this spring. All you need to do is to move your display racks, change store signage and put new stocks.

If you want to go an extra mile, you can repaint your walls or put on some wall papers to set a brighter mood inside your store. You can also consider adding small items like mirrors with floral frames, fitting room curtains in cool exotic prints and hanging cabinets in lighter shades. Whatever you do, just make sure than your interior design complements your inventory so that everything in your store is all about giving your customers a whole new shopping experience.

Do you think your store is ready for spring? Share us your thoughts and tell us the things you do in your store for spring.

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