Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Characteristic of a Best Selling Shoe Store

Having a shoe store where you can get to sell your personal designs or the brands you trust is like a dream come true for shoe lovers. It’s like being to do something you are passionate about while earning an income at the same time. Aside from that, you can also get to meet different people who share the same passion over shoes and everything about footwear.

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But if the sales are slow and you’re not getting many positive feedbacks from your customers, maybe there’s something wrong somewhere! Take time to identify it and work on it so you don’t just increase sales but improve popularity as well. Check on these characteristics of a best-selling shoe store and see it you have the following:

Stand out Store Name and Logo
Repeat your store name over and over again or ask someone to say it for you. Does the store name sound great? Catchy? Easy to Pronounce? Listen how well your store name sounds and make sure it caters to your target market. Take for example Payless or Foot Locker, they got short store name and easy to remember.

Neat and Interesting Window Display
Sometimes, if your store is located on a high traffic and busy location, the disadvantage is that people are most likely to walk way past your shoe store than taking time to step inside your shop. To gain an upper hand on the competition and to convert the high traffic of people into possible sale, create an impressive window display that will let the passersby stop and take a look at your shoe display.

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Inviting Store Exterior
As much as you want your store design to match with your target market, it is also important to make sure that other people won’t feel alienated inside your store. The most advisable way to have a well-known shoe store is to have an exterior design that can attract even those who are not really into buying shoes. Make it welcoming and accommodating so people will feel comfortable and positive before entering your store.

Wide Variety of Product Selection
As long as you can strategically place your display, you can definitely sell wide selection of shoes such as boots, sandals, pumps, sneakers, rubber shoes and many others. Ask your wholesale women's shoes supplier about their latest products and offer a variety of footwear in your store. Help your customers find their right pair of women’s shoes by giving them enough options in different colors, size and designs. You can also feature some kid’s shoes, imported brands or big sized footwear every once in a while to diversify your display.

Proper store lightning
Make sure all your shoe designs can get the attention they deserve by putting sufficient lights inside your store. Consult a professional or do a proper research on store lighting and let your shoes be noticed by shoe lovers in your area.

Shoe industry can be tough sometimes, and to be able to survive you must really be creative and receptive to change. Make sure you have all these characteristics and you can be sure to make it big in this industry.

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