Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Choose the Type of Shoes to Sell at Your Store

Setting up a shoe shop can be really hard. But what makes it even harder is the fact that you need to choose the type of shoes to sell at your store. If you’re buying wholesale shoes for women and men, then there’s a possibility that you won’t get the chance to return them if these shoes don’t sell.

Before you make your choice on which shoes to pick, here are some factors you may want to consider first:

Your target market 

Number one factor in picking your shoes should be your target market. Who are you hoping to sell these shoes to? Who buys shoes the most in your area? Are you hoping to cater to those who have more money? These are just some questions you should be asking yourself. Once you’ve answered this, you’ll know whether you should buy high heels, sandals, boots or more. This should be easy; after all, your market will wholly decide what type of shoe store you’d like to open up.

The location of your store

While your market may be the number one factor in picking out the type of shoes, the location of your store can also be an important factor. If you’re setting up shop at a nearby beach, then most likely, your customers will be looking for sandals, slippers or anything you can wear on the beach. If your shop is located in a place where it gets cold during winter, different types of boots may just be a popular choice for customers.

The latest trends 

Just like clothes and jewelry, shoes also vary, depending on the latest shoe trends. What did Taylor Swift wear to her last event? What was Miley Cyrus donning during the opening of her new movie? It may help to read celebrity fashion news once in awhile. Sometimes, once a celebrity wears a pair of shoes, everyone else wants it and you can easily make money on this if you’re quick to catch the trend. Look for wholesale shoes distributors who are as concerned about the latest trends as you.

Here’s a little business tip: don’t buy all of your shoes at the same time. Trends change by the season and sometimes, a type of shoe just doesn't cut it anymore. Shoe stores have to learn to change and develop, depending on what’s needed and wanted by their market.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Make Your Wholesale Shoes Business Safe

Prevention is better than cure, so goes the adage. As a wholesale shoes entrepreneur, you should know that this maxim does not only apply to one’s health. It also applies to business. Awareness and early preparation are your key defenses against business fraud. You may think that no one would want to prey on you especially if yours is just a start up shoe enterprise but think again. You are, in fact, more vulnerable because you do not have established safety and security protocols to safeguard your business.

When it comes to the safety and security of your livelihood, you can never be too prepared. So, here are some tips to help you protect your wholesale shoes business from fraud and other unscrupulous elements.

1. Get insurance for your business. 

Home-based or small-time wholesale shoes entrepreneurs may fall into the trap of thinking that their business is small enough to not need insurance. This is a security risk that you need to address. Depending on the kind of coverage that you want and the budget that you are willing to allot to it, there are different kinds of insurance policies you can get for your business. You can choose between a business owner’s policy (which has a broader coverage) or an in-home business policy (which is an “in-between” between a homeowner’s policy and a business policy). Talk to your insurance specialist about your options.

2. Back up. 

You've heard about students and writers “backing up” their important files. Here’s news for you. As an entrepreneur, you can also back up your shoe pieces online. Aside from keeping hard copies of your important business files, you can utilize free online tools such as Google Docs for your documents, Flickr for saving photos of your wholesale shoes items, and bookmarking sites such as Delicious for constantly visited webpages. Of course, it is important to save your business files in removable file saving devices such as flash drives and external hard disks. These are ideal for “grab and go” situations.

3. Listen to your gut feel. 

If you have a bad feeling about a customer or a supplier, act on it. Double check their credentials and ask around. Check the Internet for well-known scams and join online communities.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Beginner's Guide to Wholesale Shoe Shopping

Women are simply in love with wholesale shoes. However, despite years of experience in shopping for shoes, women still make common mistakes when looking for the perfect footwear.

Here are a few basic tips and factors to consider when searching for those ideal wholesale shoes.

  • Know what your body shape is.

 Determine whether you are have an apple, pear, or hourglass figure. This is important because this lets you decide what wholesale shoes to purchase to emphasize a particular part of your body. Top-heavy women should opt for shoes that give attention to legs such as metallic or brightly colored shoes. Meanwhile, bottom-heavy women should pick neutral shoes.

  • Height is important as well because women often want to appear taller than they really are. 

Shoes that streamline your height and add length to your legs are perfect choices for wholesale footwear. For women with thick calves and ankles, they could never go wrong with high heels, knee-high boots, and pointy-toed shoes. On the other hand, women with thin and skinny legs have the option of downplaying or emphasizing their legs and can purchase shoes like ankle-strapped boots, closed toes, and horizontally-designed shoes.

  • What kind of lifestyle do you live?

 As a general rule, buy shoes that will match at least five of your outfits. If you’re a workaholic who spends most of her time at work, it’s best to purchase shoes such as classic pumps, leather shoes, and closed-toe high heels. However, if you’re the type who likes painting the town red, bright-colored high heels, strapped wedges, or sexy platform pumps will go perfectly well with your ensemble.

  • Have the basic essentials when it comes to wholesale shoes. 

With black pumps, black or brown knee boots, and black flats in your shoe collection, you can never go wrong. This ensures that you’ll never go out of style whatever outfit you wear because they can match just about anything.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Wholesale Shoes Should Be Worn

When selling wholesale shoes, it’s important to have a unique and distinct selection to offer customers because most people are looking for a store that offers a variety of merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, when planning a store’s wholesale shoe collection, it’s important to factor in the activities that your clients are typically involved in because having the right selection will lure customers in and help increase sells. Here’s a quick guide:

Everyday Shoes 

Women, especially moms, are very active and usually always on-the-go. They run errands, do household chores and are constantly trying to keep up with their kids. Sneakers are perfect for these types of consumers because sneakers are comfortable and durable, which is great for moms and active women who are always on their feet.

Wholesale High Heels 

Fashionable high heels or pumps make every woman feel sexy and attractive. High heels are perfect for evening occasions and formal events. Similarly, pumps create an unforgettable look that any girl’s friends will envy and desire.

Wholesale Flats 

Although flats look simple, they are very fashionable. Pairing flat shoes with a skirt creates the Audrey Hepburn-look of the fifties and sixties. For women who stand all day, flats are perfect because they prevent calves from aching after a whole day of walking.

Wholesale Boots

Boots are bestsellers throughout the entire year. It is important to know that most women prefer to have at least two pairs of boots. Not only are boots functional, but they are extremely stylish too. Ankle boots are perfect for jeans and tall boots are great for winter. Remember, it doesn’t have to be winter for women to sport boots. Boots are worn all-year long, although not so much during the summer months.

Women’s different roles require different pairs of wholesale shoes. Overall it’s essential that a store carries shoes that are functional and fashionable because women like style and comfort when it comes to their feet.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Driving a "Wedge" in Your Shoe Collection

It's a woman's prerogative to own a number of shoes in different styles - may they be pumps, wedges, sneakers, or training shoes. One of the most sought after wholesale shoes for the past years are wedges. Though chunky, wholesale wedges have become a fashion statement because they can be easily paired up with any outfit. And now that we're getting into the warmer months, chunky heeled open-toed shoes and sandals are getting more prominence in wholesale shoe displays once again.

However, though they are perfect with most ensembles, there are still a few tips the ladies who love wearing them must consider in wearing wholesale wedges. Read on and find out:
  • Wholesale shoes such as wedges don’t normally fit with ultra-tight jeans or any tight-fitting clothes. It draws attention to your legs and the bulkiness of the wedge, the type of attention you don’t want to draw to yourself. Unless you're model stick thin, you are going to look very bulky or worse, like an overly stuffed encased sausage with tight clothes and wedge footwear.

  • Slingback wedges can look good on women with thick ankles. Women with thin-looking ankles will look very awkward on these types of wholesale shoes. The effect is opposite with ladies who have thick ankles. Compared with chunky wedges, their thick ankles would appear slimmer, which should make them look better. 

  • Strappy wedges can go well with long skirts that reach just below your knees. Additionally, wedges are the best match for dresses, wrap up skirts, and flare bottom pants. They achieve a classic look that is sophisticated and attention grabbing.

  • Espadrilles are wedges made of canvas and are perfect with denim and pants. These wholesale shoes are available in open-toe, closed toe, and slip on styles. Espadrilles would look beautiful with pants that have flared bottoms or with dresses, completing a carefree look perfect for the summer (or even spring). 

  • Though wholesale wedge shoes are often used for casual days or events, they can also be worn to work. However, opt for closed-toe wedges for a more formal outfit that invites respect and authority. Of course, other rules for more formal footwear apply - nothing too flashy, more subdued designs, and nothing noisy!
Wedges are best worn during summer. However, they can also be worn all year round. Just like any wholesale shoes, proper care is a must for this type of footwear to live a longer life.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Color Your Shoes Right

Women may own pairs and pairs of trendy wholesale shoes but there are styles that not only go perfectly well with any outfit but make a woman stand out as well. The right pair of shoes can exude glam and sophistication in a formal setting. Though new styles of footwear come out every season, there are wholesale shoes styles that never go out of style.

Gold shoes are funky and chic for formal occasion. Anything in gold will make everyone take a second look. May it be gold pumps, gold sandals, women everywhere are sure to envy you once they see you in a pair. Gold is a color that doesn’t overpower but glimmers understatedly that one can’t help but look. Gold shoes can be worn all year round, not only making it practical, but classic as well. 

Silver shoes, on the other hand, can match any outfit and bring out the sophistication in you. No matter what dress you wear, silver is the perfect match. Silver high heels are sexy and attractive while silver mules are causal but fabulous.

Red shoes bring out the sexiness in any woman. They are confidence builders and the ultimate attention getter. Women who sport red pumps or red sandals know that red shoes can be a woman’s best friend. Men adore women in red shoes and these pairs are perfect with dresses.

What about white? Unfortunately, when we think of white shoes, the images we conjure in our heads would either be that of a hospital or laboratory, sneakers, and shoes brides wear to their wedding. White shoes are not really the pair you would go for if you want to look elegant, but you’re in the office or even at a party. Go for something classy but muted instead, like beige, ecru, orchid, or champagne. 

Just like every girl needs to own a little black dress, black shoes are a must-have too. Black pumps match every style and every color. They are perfect for evening dresses but can also be used for work-related affairs or corporate events. Go to work with the perfect black shoes and everyone will not just love your work, but your shoes as well.
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