Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Choose the Type of Shoes to Sell at Your Store

Setting up a shoe shop can be really hard. But what makes it even harder is the fact that you need to choose the type of shoes to sell at your store. If you’re buying wholesale shoes for women and men, then there’s a possibility that you won’t get the chance to return them if these shoes don’t sell.

Before you make your choice on which shoes to pick, here are some factors you may want to consider first:

Your target market 

Number one factor in picking your shoes should be your target market. Who are you hoping to sell these shoes to? Who buys shoes the most in your area? Are you hoping to cater to those who have more money? These are just some questions you should be asking yourself. Once you’ve answered this, you’ll know whether you should buy high heels, sandals, boots or more. This should be easy; after all, your market will wholly decide what type of shoe store you’d like to open up.

The location of your store

While your market may be the number one factor in picking out the type of shoes, the location of your store can also be an important factor. If you’re setting up shop at a nearby beach, then most likely, your customers will be looking for sandals, slippers or anything you can wear on the beach. If your shop is located in a place where it gets cold during winter, different types of boots may just be a popular choice for customers.

The latest trends 

Just like clothes and jewelry, shoes also vary, depending on the latest shoe trends. What did Taylor Swift wear to her last event? What was Miley Cyrus donning during the opening of her new movie? It may help to read celebrity fashion news once in awhile. Sometimes, once a celebrity wears a pair of shoes, everyone else wants it and you can easily make money on this if you’re quick to catch the trend. Look for wholesale shoes distributors who are as concerned about the latest trends as you.

Here’s a little business tip: don’t buy all of your shoes at the same time. Trends change by the season and sometimes, a type of shoe just doesn't cut it anymore. Shoe stores have to learn to change and develop, depending on what’s needed and wanted by their market.

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