Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Color Your Shoes Right

Women may own pairs and pairs of trendy wholesale shoes but there are styles that not only go perfectly well with any outfit but make a woman stand out as well. The right pair of shoes can exude glam and sophistication in a formal setting. Though new styles of footwear come out every season, there are wholesale shoes styles that never go out of style.

Gold shoes are funky and chic for formal occasion. Anything in gold will make everyone take a second look. May it be gold pumps, gold sandals, women everywhere are sure to envy you once they see you in a pair. Gold is a color that doesn’t overpower but glimmers understatedly that one can’t help but look. Gold shoes can be worn all year round, not only making it practical, but classic as well. 

Silver shoes, on the other hand, can match any outfit and bring out the sophistication in you. No matter what dress you wear, silver is the perfect match. Silver high heels are sexy and attractive while silver mules are causal but fabulous.

Red shoes bring out the sexiness in any woman. They are confidence builders and the ultimate attention getter. Women who sport red pumps or red sandals know that red shoes can be a woman’s best friend. Men adore women in red shoes and these pairs are perfect with dresses.

What about white? Unfortunately, when we think of white shoes, the images we conjure in our heads would either be that of a hospital or laboratory, sneakers, and shoes brides wear to their wedding. White shoes are not really the pair you would go for if you want to look elegant, but you’re in the office or even at a party. Go for something classy but muted instead, like beige, ecru, orchid, or champagne. 

Just like every girl needs to own a little black dress, black shoes are a must-have too. Black pumps match every style and every color. They are perfect for evening dresses but can also be used for work-related affairs or corporate events. Go to work with the perfect black shoes and everyone will not just love your work, but your shoes as well.

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