Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shoptalk: Are Inventory Control Systems Only for Big Businesses?

For anyone who has ever been to one of those big retailer stores that sell almost anything like K-Mart or Wal-Mart, the efficient and seemingly smooth sailing operations of these giant establishments can be attributed to one of the biggest triumphs of modern logistics - inventory control systems.  Almost every week, or in some cases, every day, retailers from the local neighborhood store, online stores with wholesale shoes for women to mega supermarkets welcome thousands of items into their stock sourced from different parts of the world. 

Yes, stores these days do not only get items from their respective countries alone, and despite this seemingly unmanageable situation where deliveries of new items are being done while customers buy items by the minute, the systems implemented by these stores to control inventory has become a central in their smooth operations.

It has become imperative for businesses these days to adapt inventory control systems not only to maintain a smooth flow of operations, but also to inform them of which items in their inventory are “moving” fast, meaning are selling, that they need to stock up on.  Knowing which products among a lot, for example, particular models among wholesale shoes, are selling and which are just occupying shelf space would give the business owner enough information to know which items he would like to get more of, which to move from the warehouse to the store, and which to store for an upcoming spike in demand. 

As of the moment, it can be argued that systems to manage or control inventory would only be a need for bigger business and just a whim for small vendors.  However, implementing a system would also be beneficial for small and medium enterprises.  By having inventory control systems, small stores can be more effective in maintaining as little stock as possible while making sure that there’s enough for the customer’s demands to be met. This is crucial especially for small shoe businesses that deal with bulk items, so that the business owner will know which among the models he or she has are selling like hotcakes and which ones are not faring so well, which can be avoided in the future. 

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