Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Function and Fashion Combined in Leather Boots

Leather boots were thought to have been worn first by the ancient Mesopotamians 5,000 years ago. Of course, leather boots during ancient times are not the same as those being sold as wholesale shoes for women on websites. Their first incarnation was simple leather foot coverings stuffed with straw.

Later on, at around 3,000 BC it evolved to calf-high laced-up boots. Initially, leather boots were used as protection for the feet and legs from extreme weather and rough terrain. Thus, their first users were horseback riders and military personnel. At the start of the 17th century, leather boots began to be used as everyday wear. During this time, the boots’ functionality was enhanced and many more fashionable styles were designed.

Popular Styles

At present there are an almost infinite variety of leather boots available in websites that sell wholesale shoes, or in the nearest shoe store in your area. Different brands of leather boots come in various sizes and styles. They can be ankle length, cut up to the mid-calf, knee-high, mid-thigh, and even thigh high boots. Heel size can range from flat heels to very high heels measuring five inches. Toes can either be round, square-shaped, pointed, or open.

While colors like black and brown are popular, boots can nevertheless bought in many other colors. Different styles include ankle boots, lace-up boots, motorcycle boots, riding boots, cowboy boots. They can come with accessories such as fringe, snakeskin, studs, zippers, and fur. They can be worn almost anywhere a woman wants to step foot – at home, at work, at a party, at church, at a club, any many other locations. Most leather boots offer protection against rain and snow. As a rule of thumb, the more stylish it is, the less likely it will be waterproof.

Proper Care

It is not that expensive to take care of leather boots, but you just have to be diligent with it by maintaining it regularly. Even if worn every week, leather boots can last for years if you clean them at regular intervals. Shoe care oil, a brush, and a boot dryer would be the handy things you will need to clean your pair. If course, you may need a reliable shoe repair person or cobbler in case your boots need repair.    

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