Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don’t Delay the Success of Your Wholesale Shoes Business

Do you find yourself with a brilliant idea like a wholesale shoes business only to be stalled by none other than yourself? Do your plans always end up as nothing more than plans? Are your pipe dreams left in the pipe? Can you see any fruition of your to-do-list? There’s a huge chance you are one big procrastinator.

While it is true that being confident in doing great things at the last minute and holding off matters for later can have its advantages (are there?), the disadvantages of procrastinating always end up outweighing them. The thing is, while you are taking your sweet time delaying matters, someone may already be sneaking behind you and doing the exact thing you are planning. In the end, you end up being too late for the party!

For example, if you are thinking of getting your plans of putting your shoes business online and you keep on delaying it, there's a huge possibility that someone else somewhere in the world also has the same idea, but is not wasting any time and has his  business website up tomorrow. While you have finally mustered the motivation and urge to start your project, that other businessman has already established a market. That's a good number of customers less from you.

So, how can you avoid procrastinating and have your wholesale business plans up and running before anyone else beats you to it? 

Here are some points to consider to be successful in the Shoe Industry:

  • Procrastinators tend to delay mainly because of being overwhelmed.  Work for them should be broken to smaller chunks.
If you find yourself staring at a very long to-do list and thinking, "This is too much. Let me have a vacation first," then snap out of it. Break down even your to-do list into a more manageable list. Have 3 items on each piece of paper. You'll see yourself more motivated because you are "on a roll" with finishing your much shortened lists.

  • Procrastinators tend to be easily bored.  A change of environment can excite them.
Try to work somewhere you will be "pressured" to. Go to a coffee shop or a library once in a while where everybody is focused on working. You'll find yourself embarrassed as you're just doodling around, wasting time. Besides, there's always something new to look at in a different place, so that's something to make you less bored.

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