Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Increase the Value of Your Wholesale Shoes

 The common perception with selling items in bulk like wholesale shoes for women is that you are providing customers with affordable products, but not really high in the way of value and quality. You will get a lot of comments from customers saying that shoes that are sold in bulk are cheap and therefore, can easily get damaged. You know as a businessman that this mentality is not always correct. Wholesale shoes are affordable because of the quantity you have brought them, driving their process down. But it doesn't automatically mean that they are poor in quality.

Knowing that your products have that kind of reputation, you need to known how to add value to them. That way, you can proudly offer them without being on the defensive all the time. But how is value added in products, anyway?

Here are some tricks in increasing the value of your wholesale shoes :


A brand should be created, then established, and then promoted.  Anything unknown or has no distinct identity scares consumers. It does not have to be a high-end brand. You don’t need to lie to customers. Just put a brand to your merchandise and cement its reputation by offering products that are affordable but have sterling quality.


After setting an affordable introductory price, jack your price up, as higher-priced products are more often than not, associated with superior quality. This will definitely take time, so make sure that when you are in the introductory stages of your price, that the quality is really top-notch so that by the time you will increase your prices, you have your customers hook, line, and sinker.


Endorsements and associations with established personalities gives products credibility and in turn, value. These personalities, especially if they have credibility and a reputation for the finer things in life, will jack up the profile of your product.

After-sales service
Excellent customer support is a must-have for legitimate businesses. There is nothing that says “credibility” and “legitimacy” then letting customers have ways of reaching you or improving their products. For example, is a customer has a broken hell on her shoe, how can she have it repaired? If your company assists customers like her, she and the rest of the consuming public will think your company is top-notch. 

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