Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome 2014 with a Bang! Tips for Small business and Startup Entrepreneurs

Another year means another set of challenges. And while most of us are busy wrapping up our year and celebrating everything we had in the past, it’s also the perfect time to think ahead and welcome a new beginning.

New trends, new economic activities, new business goals – the year ahead has a lot in store for us, but whether or not it can work to our advantage depends on how well we prepare for the best. If you are a wholesale shoes business owner or a start up shoe retailer, starting the year right can affect the direction and the success of your business in the next year. Make 2014 your best year ever by planning ahead, learning from the past, and keeping yourself updated about the industry.

Here is short of list of things you can do to keep your business running at full speed this year of the horse.

1. Have a Clean Slate

Welcome the New Year with a clear mind by getting rid of unfinished business before the year ends. Pay your employees, settle dues and bills, and clear out seasonal inventory. Make sure all your transactions are completed and time bound projects are finished before planning for the next set of activities for your business. This will help you gain more perspective and clearer view instead of carrying past problems to the next few months.


2. Get rid of clutter in your store

After the chaos and the stress of the Holiday season, allot a certain day or time when you can close down the store for a round of thorough cleaning. You can get rid of clutter, throw away discarded boxes and clear shelf away from damaged shoes or . After all the unnecessary items are taken away, you will surprised how much your shoe store has and you can have more space for new collection.

3. Update tools and equipment

Do you have tools or other items in your store that need to be replaced or repaired? Take time to update your shoe display shelves or window display to suit the season. Check the conditions of equipment being used to ensure safety and security of your store. Make sure your wholesale shoes business is ready to accommodate new customers and improve the quality of service to further your brand in the year ahead.

Look forward to a more fruitful and successful days ahead and prepare your business for the challenges of the coming year.

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