Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flats are Back

As the spring edition of the New York Fashion Week 2014 proclaimed, it seems that flat shoes are back in vogue. Many designers used flat shoes to display their expensive and elegant designs in their fashion shows, even those who are into haute couture. For businesses into wholesale shoes for women, this is the perfect opportunity to move flat shoe stocks. On the other hand, for fashionistas who don’t really love being in heels all the time, this trend is a welcome treat.


So, here are some pointers for those who want to join the bandwagon and wear some flat shoes. After all, just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean anybody can just wear them without careful consideration of some factors!

How to Wear Flat Shoes               

Skirt length is important


Flats are worn best with short skirts that are at least an inch above the knee. With short skirts, you will still be able to create the illusion of having longer legs even without the help of height usually provided by heels of your footwear. While wearing flats with short skirts is very chic, pairing flat shoes with very long skirts is the exact opposite. The combination of long skirts and flat shoes will not give you a flattering silhouette.

Choosing the right pants


When wearing pants, flats are best paired with capri pants or cropped pants. You may also wear pants that are longer but the length should just be enough to graze the top of your foot. If the hem of your pants even just grazes the back of your shoe, it will make your look more on the shabby rather than chic side. Slightly flared pants as well as straight cut pants also work well with flats especially those that have pointed toes. Tight pants such as skinny jeans and leggings may also work well with flats but this combination offers more misses than hits especially for those who are too skinny.

Get the current styles and avoid being dowdy


If you are into buying wholesale shoes, it is best to know first which are the latest styles and go with them. Choosing styles and designs that are out of season will be such as waste as they will just end up in making you look dowdy instead of being on top of the trend. Find out as well the embellishments that are hot for the current season, whether these are metal buckles or bows made from lush fabrics. The colors and materials used can also determine whether a pair of flats is dazzling or dowdy.

Image Source: lookbook

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