Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Footwear on the Red Carpet

The awards season has begun! That means the entire fashion industry is having a field day again, with all the trends and events going on. Of course, aside from the gowns and accessories, footwear are also in the spotlight, which is why wholesale shoes businesses should be alert.

So, what shoes rocked the first “legit” event of the year, the Golden Globes?

Emma Thompson

Image source: Mirror

What the shoes were: Emma Thompson definitely surprised the people when she walked down the stage barefoot carrying her shoes on one hand and a martini glass on the other.  She wore a peep-toe high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes which is easily recognizable because of its signature red soles.

Rating: 8 in terms of going with the dress. 10 for the acting during the awards proper.

Did it work?: Wearing a Christian Louboutin does not disappoint especially when you have an established shoe brand on your soles.  It worked well with her dress as well as with getting the audience’s attention during her wacky moment during the awards show.

Emma Watson

Image source: Tom and Lorenzo

What the shoes were: The shoes that Emma Watson wore during the Golden Globes were definitely a pop of color that broke the monotone red color of her outfit.  The cobalt-blue suede heels were a refreshing sight to see and no one could pull it off elegantly other than her.

Rating: Definitely a 10 for style and drama.

Did it work?: It worked well for the overall dramatic look of the outfit.  What she had was something that only she could pull off well. It looked like a plain red gown with a high slit and bow in front but the drama of the dress could be found at the back. This was what caught the attention of the fashion police as it was probably the most expensive apron created.  She definitely stood out from the crowd that night with her stylish look and outfit.

Drew Barrymore

Image source: Vogue

What the shoes were: Drew Barrymore wore a pair of red high heeled open toe shoes in red that definitely matches her Monique Lhuilier floral piece from the designer’s Spring 2014 collection.

Rating: 8 for the cuteness factor.

Did it work?: The red open-toe high heeled shoes, which you can see often in the wholesale shoes business, worked well with the floral outfit. The frock was decorated with floral embellishments that were in the red color palette.  It made Drew look refreshing to the eyes of the audience and it showed her glow radiating from within most probably because of the baby bump she was proudly showing off.

Paula Patton

Image source: Daily Mirror

What the shoes were: She matched her floor-length gown with Charlotte Olympia “Paloma” platform heels which was definitely of the same shade of the gown.

Rating: 5 due to the over the top ruffles that proved to be a distraction

Did it work?: The whole outfit definitely caused a stir when she walked down the red carpet.  Although it was something that hugged and showed off her great figure, the oversized ruffles ruined the look for her.  It was something over the top and not a lot of people were happy about of her choice of outfit for this year’s awards.

Zoe Zaldana

Image source: Fabsugar

What the shoes were: Christian Louboutin in almost the same shade of pink that accented her glamorous outfit made by Prabal Gurung.

Rating: 8 for stylish and simple elegance that the outfit had

Did it work?: The pink Louboutin definitely worked well with her outfit. It was almost, if not the same shade of the pink accent of her outfit and Bottega Veneta clutch.  The whole look spoke of simple elegance wherein one is showing off just enough skin and leaving the rest to the fantasy of the viewer.

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