Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Prepare for the Christmas Rush of Shoe Shopping

As a shoe store owner, there are certain occasions where you need to prepare for what they call the “shopping rush.” This is the time of the year when almost everyone seems to be at the mall, searching for something, everything. One of these moments is during the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for giving gifts and trying new things, especially for Christmas parties. Besides the clothes and jewelry to wear, shoes are also an issue. This is why many shoe stores are cramped during this season. Sellers make sure to buy wholesale women’s shoes and fill up their racks in order to meet the demands of people on that day. If you are not prepared for the Christmas rush, you could lose a lot of opportunities to make money and garner some loyal customers.

To help you prepare for the Christmas rush, here is a guideline on keeping your store up and ready for whenever the working class decides to make their shopping sprees.

1. Order shoes at least 3 weeks to a month before the rush

For many shoe sellers, buying shoes on a budget can be an issue, especially during the holidays. If you buy your stocks of shoes during peak season, you might end up spending over your budget. Unfortunately on Christmas, your supplier might end up increasing their prices as well. In order to avoid this increase, order your shoes 3 weeks or a month beforehand. At least, by Christmas time, you still have a lot of shoes for sale and you’ve only invested at regular price. You won’t have to worry about paying extra money just because you bought your stocks during peak season. Rent a good storage space to keep the shoes in good condition while you’re preparing for the Christmas rush. It’s always better to buy beforehand to save money and avoid running out of shoes during peak hours.

2. Be updated with the latest fashion

What good will it do you and your shoe store if you buy stocks of shoes and end up not selling them because they are not the current trend? You need to make sure that every design or style of shoe that you buy is currently trending in the fashion industry. You cannot buy outdated shoes and expect them to sell of the racks. You need to give your customers what they want – updated fashion.

3. Get the schedule of your employees prepared

It’s not good to come to an empty shoe store. If there are a lot of shoppers on that day, then there should also be a lot of employees to help them pick out the shoes they need. When it’s peak season like Christmas, be prepared with a good schedule for your employees. Give them bonuses so they’ll be prepared to extend their hours or add new days to their schedule just for the Christmas rush. The more people to help your customers, the better it’ll be for your business – profit and reputation wise.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Suggested Types of Shoes for Christmas

Christmas is a time of gift-giving and parties. If people won’t be looking for shoes to give to friends and family, they’ll end up buying something to wear to their company Christmas party. Christmas season is definitely a time to prepare your shoe store for more possible sales. If you have bought enough fashion shoes on wholesale, then you just might impress your customers with the extensive variety and collections you have at your store. And when it’s Christmas, everyone wants one or two of these types of shoes.

1. Boots – in some places, Christmas equals winter. So once the Christmas season starts, it’s also time to start selling your best boots. This means you need to restock your stylish leather boots collection, calf boots, winter boots collection and any other thick-material made boots that any girl might be interested in. Although fur boots and Uggs aren’t all that popular anymore, there may still be a few people who might look for those kinds of boots. After all, when it’s winter, not all people dress for fashion anymore. Despite that, it’s always best to look for warm, thick but fashionable boots for those who like to take a risk for fashion.

2. Booties – because of Christmas parties, not all boots may be appropriate at times. In fact, if you’ll be attending an indoor party, fur boots may not be recommended at all. Instead, you might want to look for a pair of warm booties to fill your feet instead. Booties are almost like boots, covering up most parts of your foot up to your ankles. However, they still have high heels and are quite fashionable to wear. If you want to look your best for a party, booties may be your best option.

3. Knee high boots – not everyone wears these kinds of boots. But for an outdoor event, knee-high boots may be a good idea on a cold day. Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also keep your feet and legs warm inside the boots. At the same time, with a good heel height, you won’t need to stray far from long skirts or trench coats either. Give your customers a good selection of knee-high boots just for this season.

4. Flat shoes – when you’re taking a time out from work and parties, it’s time to settle down with friends and family at home, with a fire and some hot chocolate. During these downtimes, people will need a pair of shoes where they can simply relax without any pain or discomfort. Flat shoes are the best types of shoes to enjoy a quiet evening with. Flat shoes are warm and comfortable, especially for use inside the house.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Shipping on Ceriwholesale!

Nothing is ever too late! Despite the fact that it’s Christmas season and everything else is priced way too high to take advantage of the upcoming festivities, Ceriwholesale will be giving shoe shop owners a chance to save some money while they buy wholesale women’s shoes to restock their stores. You won’t have to worry about blowing all of your cash on stocks anymore.

When you have a supplier like Ceriwholesale, one of your biggest worries – besides getting the stocks you want – is paying for the shipping fee, which is usually paid above the total amount of your shoes. If you happen to buy more shoes, then you’re entitled to pay a bigger amount of shipping fee. As a store owner, this can be a big hassle. Of course, you really can’t just go pick them up, after all, if you’re ordering a lot, you won’t be able to handle all of it. Thus, paying for the shipping fee is an essential part of your investment.

This Christmas, Ceriwholesale gives shoe store owners a special promo that will help them during the highly sought out season.

From December 1 to December 21, Ceriwholesale offers its clients a free shipping promo for those with purchases over $150! This means everyone who buys a pack of shoes worth $150 or more can enjoy their shoes shipped straight to their homes for free! For those who own shoe stores, this may just be the lucky break that you need. Since shipping fees can be quite a hefty investment, now is the time to beat the odds and purchase the shoes you want and need without worrying about extra overhead prizes.

To help you pick out the shoes to buy, here are a few suggestions:

Boots – since Winter is slowly creeping in, your shoe store has to be ready with the best winter boots possible. Besides winter boots, you can always count on thigh-high boots, fur boots and leather boots, which are all popular types of shoes for a cold season. Usually, boots can be pretty expensive. But if you buy them now with Ceriwholesale’s discount, you might be able to sell your shoes at a cheaper price – and still get a good profit out of it!

High heeled Booties – Winter and Christmas isn’t exactly a weather-friendly combination. Because of the festive season, this means there will be several women looking for shoes to wear to special Christmas parties. But because it’s Christmas, they’ll end up looking for boots. Give them the option to wear high heels and remain warm by selling booties. Nothing like a little style and comfort to make your customers happy.

What are you waiting for? Ceriwholesale’s free shipping promo will last until December 21.
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