Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Shipping on Ceriwholesale!

Nothing is ever too late! Despite the fact that it’s Christmas season and everything else is priced way too high to take advantage of the upcoming festivities, Ceriwholesale will be giving shoe shop owners a chance to save some money while they buy wholesale women’s shoes to restock their stores. You won’t have to worry about blowing all of your cash on stocks anymore.

When you have a supplier like Ceriwholesale, one of your biggest worries – besides getting the stocks you want – is paying for the shipping fee, which is usually paid above the total amount of your shoes. If you happen to buy more shoes, then you’re entitled to pay a bigger amount of shipping fee. As a store owner, this can be a big hassle. Of course, you really can’t just go pick them up, after all, if you’re ordering a lot, you won’t be able to handle all of it. Thus, paying for the shipping fee is an essential part of your investment.

This Christmas, Ceriwholesale gives shoe store owners a special promo that will help them during the highly sought out season.

From December 1 to December 21, Ceriwholesale offers its clients a free shipping promo for those with purchases over $150! This means everyone who buys a pack of shoes worth $150 or more can enjoy their shoes shipped straight to their homes for free! For those who own shoe stores, this may just be the lucky break that you need. Since shipping fees can be quite a hefty investment, now is the time to beat the odds and purchase the shoes you want and need without worrying about extra overhead prizes.

To help you pick out the shoes to buy, here are a few suggestions:

Boots – since Winter is slowly creeping in, your shoe store has to be ready with the best winter boots possible. Besides winter boots, you can always count on thigh-high boots, fur boots and leather boots, which are all popular types of shoes for a cold season. Usually, boots can be pretty expensive. But if you buy them now with Ceriwholesale’s discount, you might be able to sell your shoes at a cheaper price – and still get a good profit out of it!

High heeled Booties – Winter and Christmas isn’t exactly a weather-friendly combination. Because of the festive season, this means there will be several women looking for shoes to wear to special Christmas parties. But because it’s Christmas, they’ll end up looking for boots. Give them the option to wear high heels and remain warm by selling booties. Nothing like a little style and comfort to make your customers happy.

What are you waiting for? Ceriwholesale’s free shipping promo will last until December 21.

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