Friday, September 27, 2013

Time Management Tips for Shoe Store Owners

As a small business owner, how do you really manage your time? Do you find yourself stuck with a long list of things to do but find so little time to fulfill those tasks? When you’re into managing your wholesale shoes business, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with a lot of things to do, but how you manage your time and how well you deal with everyday works will mean a lot to your success and growth.

At this of the year, the holiday rush will be kicking in and you need to come up with a way to effectively budget your time. Check out this list of things to do to manage your business.

1.     Set your goals and priorities
Listing down your goals gives your business a clear direction. It makes it easier for you to set up plans based on what you want to achieve for the month or for the whole year. It’s also important to set your priorities so you will know which projects need to be done first and how much time you have to allocate for the completion of a certain task.

2.     Delegate Tasks
There are reasons why we need to hire efficient employees. We need to delegate some tasks to make sure that each will be fulfilled effectively and on time. Assign different persons in your company to work on the projects you have in mind and talk to them about your plans and expectations. Remember that you don’t have to do everything to run your business. All you need is a great leadership skill and staff members who are willing to help you.

3.     Create routines
Determine the works that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and create a system that will let you cover your tasks easily. Establish a process which you can easily follow day in and day out so you won’t forget anything. Schedule your day to day activities to monthly activities and include simple routines that will help you perform your job easier.

4.     Write it down
When our mind is full of worries, we tend to be forgetful of other things and focus ourselves on the things that concern us most. Avoid being stuck by writing down your plans, meetings, appointments with your wholesale women’s shoes suppliers and other stake holders to keep your mind clutter free all day.

5.     Be organized
Having a well organized store and work station lets you think clearly and work efficiently. Keep your store organized from your displays, inventory and stocks to make sure that all tasks can be fulfilled without unnecessary interruptions.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Holiday Shoes You Have to Watch out for This Season

As we finally welcome the last quarter of the year, this is a great time to put together a shoe collection that will impress your customer and will make them wear your shoes to holiday parties and events.  Special occasion needs special footwear so make sure to bring out the best in your shoe display this season.

Aside from company parties and different community events, the months of October to December are also filled family reunions, weddings, and exciting get together with friends. With all these events happening, ladies will sure be looking for pair of women’s shoes that will let them shine for a night.

Here are some shoes that will surely capture the hearts of your lady friends.

Platform Pumps
wholesale platform pumps

When choosing what shoes to wear during parties, ladies will surely look for something that will make them look unique and stunning. The towering 6inches Lucite heels of Barbara wholesale platform shoes from Blush will surely make any girl stand out. Available in colors black, coral pink and while, these shoes can be easily paired with different types of dresses for all occasions.

Rhinestone Shoes

wholesale rhinestone shoes

Nothing speaks about merry making more than this pair of dressy sandals. The red hot color of this women’s footwear is definitely a strong fashion statement. Made even more beautiful with rhinestones on the heels and straps, these shoes can be best paired with any cocktail dress.

Silver Wedges

wholesale silver wedges

The combination of black and silver in these dress shoes from Bumper is a perfect fit if you want to have that elegant and classy look. Best worn with full length gown and paired with gorgeous jewelry pieces. Take this and enjoy the attention you get from admiring men and even women.

Platform Booties
wholesale platform booties

Boots are one of the most reliable shoes in the world. And if you’re going to a party or will just go for a late night get together, this pair of royal blue high heeled shoes will never let you down. Wear this on other special occasion or even after the holidays.

Are you ready to shop for new collection of shoes for this season? Enjoy shopping for wholesale women’s shoes today and make your store the go to place for holiday party wear.
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Updating Your Shoe Inventory This Fall? Here are Some Quick Tips

Just few more months and the holiday rush will officially kick in. Ladies will start making their holiday wish list and moms will soon be buying gifts for the families and friends. But before we approach the busiest time of the year for retailers around the world, let us take the remaining days of September to jazz up your shoe store by updating your shoe inventory and display.

image from
Order in advance

As the trend changes, you want to make sure to be the first to offer the new styles of shoes to your customers. However, your competitors might be thinking of the same thing! Get ahead of the competition by calling your wholesale shoes suppliers about your orders. It’s also great to build a good business relationship with different suppliers to be constantly updated with the new items. This way you can make your order in advance and ask it to be delivered in time for your store update.

Clear off season shoes

As the weather gets colder, you won’t probably sell open toe shoes and other summery footwear. Make sure to get rid of them by putting them on sale or by creating a small space in your store for off season items.

Watch out for new trends

Fashion blogs, websites, celebrity shows, magazines and news are good sources information about the latest when it comes to shoe trends. This will help you get to know your products well and will help you understand what you’re customers are looking for. As you try to familiarize yourself with the different designs and colors that look fashionable this season, you can also learn more techniques on how you can sell it to your visitors.

Get trendy ones but keep the classics

Younger ladies will probably look for the latest in shoes, but older ladies will probably stick to something comfortable and familiar. Create a section where ladies can look at the latest in your store, but always have an area where women can find their most trusted brands and styles. You can order different types of wholesale shoes to create variety and to cater to wider customers in your store.

Take time to update your business before the holidays with these simple tips!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Customer Complaints in Your Shoe Store

Every once in a while, any kind of business will encounter a customer who aren’t pleased with a product or services she get. That’s completely inevitable. Like we always say when we’re faced with difficult situations, we can’t really please everybody. But in wholesale women’s shoe business, handling a complaining shopper is crucial to the image of the company and the overall shopping experience of your customers.

The way your company responds to complaints can have a great impact in your business. Train your shoe store staffs about the proper way of dealing with your costumers and make them aware of the proper procedure of handling complaints so you can properly address it before it escalates.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of handling dissatisfied customers.

Do: Listen and Listen well

Most of the time, when people voice out their complaints, some store owners tend to be defensive about their business that they fail to sincerely listen to their customers. Sometimes, just staying calm and hearing out your customers can make a lot of difference. Understand their valid points and acknowledge that they have the right to complain if they find anything unsatisfying about the shoes she purchased. 

Don’t: Get into an Argument

Arguing will get you nowhere and may even damage your relationship with customers permanently. Most of the time, a customer will only complain because something made her rightfully upset and dealing with an upset person can be a little tricky. Always try to keep your cool and try not to get into an argument you cannot resolve.

Do: Go the extra mile to resolve complaints

Addressing complaints can go for hours and can even jeopardize your whole business transactions. However, this is not enough reason to just shove off the complainants and play deaf about their concerns. Instead, if they complain about a wrong shoe size or damaged product, make them feel better by giving the extra attention and going extra mile about their requests. This way you can make a great opportunity to build customer relationship out of her complaints.

Don’t: Think it’s no big deal

We all try to provide quality customer service, we get our supplies from a reputable wholesale shoes store and we’re pretty confident about the quality of our products. But the thing is, there are some people that will complain one way or another. And even if that complain only comes from one person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t just shrug it off and ignore it. You don’t want to have your name in review sites and see how bad you handle a customer complain all over the internet.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Building a Good Business Relationship with Your Wholesale Shoes Supplier

Having a successful business is just a fruit of having a healthy relationship with your customers, your business partners as well as you suppliers. If you’re willing to communicate properly and engage with the people in your business, all the transactions within your company will be smooth and easy.

photo source:

We all know how important it is to find professional and reliable wholesale shoes suppliers. But when you find supplier that is easy to work with and has the ability to deliver on time, you should know how to keep them and treat them like a rare treasure. Working hard in building a relationship with your suppliers can help you do more and succeed more in your shoe business.

Learn how to build a successful business relationship with your suppliers with these tips.

  1. Keep communication lines open

  1. It’s no surprise how words can make or break any kind of relationship including a business-supplier relationship. Make sure to establish a good communication between you and your sales person to minimize delays and other misunderstandings. Keep them on the loop about your key products, promos and new personnel.

  1. Give reasonable lead time

  1. It is always important to set realistic schedule and reasonable demands when transacting with your wholesale women’s shoes supplier. As much as possible, place your order in advance especially before the peak season. Keep them abreast with any significant changes and always try to be courteous when dealing with any supplier.

  1. Pay on time

Being a good customer means paying your dues on time. This good habit can definitely build confidence between you and your suppliers. If you want to negotiate about payment terms, be honest and upfront about it. Doing this is better than playing games with your suppliers. If you know how to pay on time, your business partners will treat you with more confidence and work to give you what you need as much as possible.

Building a good business relationship with your suppliers is a good investment that can help you succeed in your business. Take time to communicate with your suppliers and address them with respect when it is due. These little efforts can come a long way in achieving your business goals.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wholesale Shoes Highlight: Printed Platform Pumps

If you’re updated with the fashion trends when it comes to this season’s footwear, you will notice a lot of gorgeous designs and styles that will surely look great on your shoe display. With these collections of footwear, you will definitely capture the hearts of your customers who are looking for the latest in the shoe industry.

Shoes in neutral colors like black, dark brown or navy blue are must haves in any woman’s closet, but footwear that has interesting prints are becoming more and more popular among fashion savvy ladies. With the celebrities, fashion icons and bloggers who are wearing this trend, we can expect that these will be the next big thing when it comes to women’s footwear this season.

Keep your wholesale shoes inventory updated with the latest collection of printed platform pumps. Here are some wholesale printed shoes you can find here at Ceriwholesale.

Sleek Geometric Print

Create a stunning fashion statement with these wholesale pumps. This sexy footwear has six inches pointed heels and up to three inches hidden platform. It can be worn with a semi formal business attire or casual late night outfit. Perfect for ladies who are looking for neat and smart printed shoes to adorn their feet.

News Paper Print Wholesale Pumps

Experience England with these English flag newspaper inspired wholesale pumps. Everybody will surely love the print on this footwear and can help spark interesting conversation about different shoe trends. Get it at affordable price when you buy 12 pairs packed.

Christian Louboutin Inspired Serpentine Print

When you’re getting tired of wearing the same shoes everyday, this pair of snake print pumps can give your look an updated look. Inspired by the designs of one of the industry’s leading designer, you can never go wrong when you include these unique printed pumps in your shoe display.

Getting the best deals when it comes to buying shoes just got even better with these platform pumps. Be the talk of the town by displaying this season’s most stylish designs and fashionable women’s shoes.

Want to discover different available designs from Ceriwholesale? Visit our website or subscribe to our blog for more fashion and business tips.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Your Shoe Store More Comfortable For Customers this Fall Season

Fall season is an important time of the year for shoppers and small businessmen. It’s the best time to start preparing for thanksgiving and holiday season. After all the hustle and bustle last summer, fall allows us to relax and shop for the latest fashion finds and cool items that can keep us warm this coming weeks.

photo source:
If you’re a businessman, this is a great opportunity to start gearing up your store for the coming months. Use this time to make sure that when your customers step inside your shoe store, they will notice the efforts you make to make their shopping experience more comfortable for them.

Here are some few tricks on how you can enhance the looks of your store for fall season.

  1. Add Fall Colors to Your Display
Chilly weather leaves a cozy mood and it’s great to imbibe it in your store by using fall colors such as coffee, taupe color brown and rust red. Bringing this color palette to your store is a great way of redoing your store interior without having to spend a lot of money.

Make your wholesale shoes display more attractive by using newly painted shoe racks or shoe shelves. To keep a warm feeling inside your store, you can use warm colors of curtains or drapes and match it with welcome rugs.

  1. Complete your Fall Season Must Have
One way to give your customer a one of a kind shopping experience is by making sure that you have the latest in shoe fashion as well as other fall season must haves such as ankle boots, leather shoes, and closed-toed shoes along with others. Offer discounts to your whole shoes customers and get their feed back on what they want to see on display this season.

  1. Monitor the Temperature
As we transition to fall and into the cooler months, it’s important to take notice of the temperature inside your store to make sure that it fits the needs of your customers. During warmer days, people will appreciate a shoe store with air conditioning units but on cooler days, they will look for a place that can give them a little warmth after escaping the chilly winds.

To make your business more successful, you must be ready to adapt to the season and the needs of your customers. Doing these simple tips along with other fall preparation, you can be assured that your business can go with the changes in the industry.  
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 Lovely Boots You can Wear at Work

The boots season is back! With the weather getting cooler as we reach the holiday season, it’s time to look at the different trendy boots to include in your wardrobe. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm and fashionable this season, we have a wide selection of wholesale women’s shoes especially for you, working ladies!

Ankle boots and calf boots are a popular choice of footwear for those women who want to keep their toes covered up. But with the creative and unique styles of boots in the market today, you can walk confidently knowing that you are wearing the best boots in town. These boots is not just limited to your weekend getaway, but can even be worn during work hours.

Here are some lovely boots you will love wearing to work everyday.

  • Elle Women Platform Booties

Best paired with pencil cut skirt and long sleeve polo, this high heeled platform shoes can let you stride with class and elegance. The smooth velvet finish is made even more interesting by the glitter sprinkle and inner side zipper. Get these shoes and be confident wherever you go.

  • Roger Wholesale Women Low Cut Combat Boots

If comfort is your priority, a studded combat boots is perfect for you. These military inspired boots are made to last with its quality and style. It also promises comfort that can make you fulfill your everyday task without even hurting your feet.

  • Foldable Women Combat Boots

If you’re enjoying a laid back environment in your work place, these combat boots is an impressive addition to your fall collection. Wear it as a calf boots against your skinny jeans or fold and reveal a stylish plaid over short skirts. With its stylish designs, you can create different look to fit your mood and personality.

  • Knee High Boots

It’s a little tricky to wear, but if you can wear it like Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada, you can surely look great in wholesale knee high boots. Just remember to keep your outfit simple and coordinated to make sure that your overall look will have that perfectly put together appearance.

Are you looking for more ways to wear boots to your office this season? Just purchase different types of boots and mix and match it with your everyday office wear.

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