Friday, September 13, 2013

Building a Good Business Relationship with Your Wholesale Shoes Supplier

Having a successful business is just a fruit of having a healthy relationship with your customers, your business partners as well as you suppliers. If you’re willing to communicate properly and engage with the people in your business, all the transactions within your company will be smooth and easy.

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We all know how important it is to find professional and reliable wholesale shoes suppliers. But when you find supplier that is easy to work with and has the ability to deliver on time, you should know how to keep them and treat them like a rare treasure. Working hard in building a relationship with your suppliers can help you do more and succeed more in your shoe business.

Learn how to build a successful business relationship with your suppliers with these tips.

  1. Keep communication lines open

  1. It’s no surprise how words can make or break any kind of relationship including a business-supplier relationship. Make sure to establish a good communication between you and your sales person to minimize delays and other misunderstandings. Keep them on the loop about your key products, promos and new personnel.

  1. Give reasonable lead time

  1. It is always important to set realistic schedule and reasonable demands when transacting with your wholesale women’s shoes supplier. As much as possible, place your order in advance especially before the peak season. Keep them abreast with any significant changes and always try to be courteous when dealing with any supplier.

  1. Pay on time

Being a good customer means paying your dues on time. This good habit can definitely build confidence between you and your suppliers. If you want to negotiate about payment terms, be honest and upfront about it. Doing this is better than playing games with your suppliers. If you know how to pay on time, your business partners will treat you with more confidence and work to give you what you need as much as possible.

Building a good business relationship with your suppliers is a good investment that can help you succeed in your business. Take time to communicate with your suppliers and address them with respect when it is due. These little efforts can come a long way in achieving your business goals.

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