Friday, November 29, 2013

Wholesale Shoe Trends: Ankle Strap Shoes

From the runway to the streets, high fashion shoes with ankle straps are becoming more and more popular to shoe loving ladies. The way it fits everyday casual office wear to weekend outfit makes it a perfect option for our fashion forward ladies. Dress up an average outfit into something chic and stylish with stylish pumps and dressy sandals with thin and feminine ankle straps.

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With a flattering effect that is sure to make your legs look leaner and longer, this shoe trend is definitely something that you should not miss. Our New Arrival page at is filled with lovely wholesale shoes with ankle strap that you can use in attending parties, or just going for a stroll on weekends.

Here are our top picks!

Blush Wholesale Pumps


A beautiful cocktail dress deserves to be paired with equally lovely shoes. Perfect for attending weddings, debuts and dinner dates, these lovely shoes will surely complement your fair skin. Flatter your feet with a flesh-toned ankle strap shoes for long, lean looking legs. Ankle strap shoes can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants or walking shorts.

Tiger Print Pumps

This animal print pumps deserves to be on the red carpet. With the perfect mixture of femininity and fierceness, these shoes can surely steal the show and can capture the eyes of ladies around you. Boasting a six inch heels and two inches platform, with smooth upper and a removable ankle strap, you will definitely be more confident in these wholesale shoes.

Velvet Red Pumps with Ankle Strap


Highlight your sexy side with these red velvet single sole pumps. The added bow tie and sparkling stars on top of this footwear added a chic and cute detail that everybody will surely love. Also available in colors black, light taupe and blue.

Never slip out of your shoes ever again and strut with ease knowing your foot is secure. Visit our website for more trendy wholesale women’s shoes and never run out of shoes to wear everyday.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Essential Tips for Online Shoe Retailer this Holiday Season

With the presence of smart phones and tablet pc, more and more customers find online shopping as a way of life. Aside from virtually avoiding the crowd and traffic of Holiday rush there are a lot of other advantages of shopping online that no physical store could ever match. Everything a woman may want on her shoes when it comes to designs, sizes, materials and style is easily available with just a click of a mouse. If you’re a shoe retailer, taking advantage of this on going trend is a great leap for your business.

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However, building your brand online is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of patience, an unbeatable marketing strategy, customer service and quality products to win the competition. Aside from that, hiring an expert or having a technical know-how on how to sell wholesale shoes on line is also a must.

Take your business to the next level with these simple tips for your online shoe stores.

1. Get Social
Social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are just some of the favorite hangouts of people on line. Promoting your business using these social media sites, along with other popular platforms like Youtube and Pinterest, can help you establish your business faster. Interact with your audience to grow considerable number of fans and followers. After a while, the word of mouth and recommendations can surely help you get on top of the game.

2. Offer Free Shipping or Gift Wrapping Services
According to research, customers value free shipping services than a regular price cut on wholesale shoes and other fashion items. Offer a free shipping service and choose the best shipping company that delivers efficiently to build the confidence of your customers. You can also offer to gift wrap some items that will be delivered as gifts especially during the Holiday season.


3. Get customers informed through useful contents
Another way to improve your brand’s authority is by creating or sharing useful and relevant contents in your website or Social Media platforms. You can write blogs and articles that answer the most popular questions about shoes or give quick tips on how they can wear some items on your website. Write about Holiday shoe trends and styling tips and encourage your customers to share their thoughts as well.

The internet offers endless possibilities when it comes to small businesses and start up entrepreneurs. Grab the opportunity to improve your brand and get ahead of competition this season.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Shoe Shopping for Office Parties? Read this first!

It’s the day to let your hair down, ditch the office uniform and get rid of that usual black office shoes. Everyday office wear can be pretty restricted because of some regulations, but at least once a year, we’re all allowed to dress differently and have fun with what we wear. Holiday parties is about getting a little tipsy, dancing till you drop and having fun after all!

While we still have to try our best to behave during Holiday parties, it’s also the best time when your officemates will show up in their carefully planned outfits. So instead of just picking up your usual weekend dress and shoes, why not hit your nearby wholesale shoes store and grab a new pair of high heeled pumps to glam up your party dress.

Here are some quick tips to help you through your shoe shopping!

Plan Ahead!

It’s just a one day event but you surely want to leave an impression to your workmates about being well dressed outside of your office. Research on what’s in by looking at online wholesale shoe stores and shoe blogs for trendiest footwear in the market.

Save Up!

Let’s admit it. A good pair of women’s shoe can be pretty expensive but investing on high quality footwear can save you from foot aches and other foot injury. It can specially make you look extra fashionable in your Holiday outfit and can help you look more presentable in front of your colleagues and bosses.

Choose Comfort

Wearing sky high heels can totally look sexy but having to walk barefoot after hours of dancing and walking, can look a little offbeat. Stick to mid high heels or bring extra flat shoes so you can have fun as much as you want. 

Think Neutral

Because we’re sure office party is not the only party you’re going to attend to this season, it’s best to keep your shoes in neutral shade of color. This way, you can easily change your dress and wear the same footwear to different occasions. Aside from black dress shoes, you can also go for pumps in royal blue, nude, silver or white.

Take this opportunity to show off your personal style. Shop for the trendiest wholesale shoes at and discover gorgeous shoes in a very affordable price. 
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Get These Lovely Bow Shoes at Ceriwholesale!

There is something about ribbons and bows that can turn even the most usual looking shoes into chic and fashionable footwear. Whether it’s everyday casual shoes, office shoes or high fashion party shoes, a lady can surely use some whimsical bow tie on her foot. From fashion runways to the streets, shoes with lovely piece of bow can easily win the hearts of many shoe lovers.

Flats, pumps or sandals with bow, big or small, are popping out in every department store or shoe boutiques. They add a romantic vibe to bridal shoes and a little elegant flirtation to women’s dress shoes. No matter what the occasion is, you can find affordable wholesale shoes with lovely bow that goes well with your outfit.

Looking for wholesale bow shoes? Here our top picks!

This elegant velvet pumps will surely brighten up your mood. The lovely mustard color of this woman’s shoe will surely make everyone looking at your toes. Grab your favorite evening dress and make it work with these lovely shoes and add a couple of accessories for that perfectly pulled together look.


Choosing what shoes to wear to a party can be real challenging. But these lovely wholesale red shoes can make looking fashionable become easier. Enjoy the added height and walk with a confident stride when you wear these lovely shoes, accentuated by an embellished bow.


Your delicate feet deserve to be adorned by fabulous shoes. Made even more superb by a cute bow, this pair of women’s pumps can be worn with your best evening dress or little black dress. Wear something a little above the knee for that playful and chic look.

Office shoes need not to be dull and boring with this pair of shoes from Ceriwholesale. Slip on this lovely singe sole pumps, beautifully outlined with the color white and finished with an innocent white bow and enjoy looking fashionable even in your office uniform. You can also shift from your usual office attire to a lovely evening wear for an after office date without spending extra effort on your footwear.

Here at Ceriwholesale we have a lot of stunning wholesale shoes that are made to impress women from all walks of life. Get yourself updated with the latest shoe trends when you shop at our online store.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Things You Need to Own to Care for Your Boots

When it comes to the chilly weather of fall and the freezing nights of winter, a pair of leather calf boots or knee high boots is probably your best friend next to heater and a hot cup of coffee. It allows you to comfortably walk through your everyday errand and keep your toes warm on your way to the office. With the available designs and styles, boots can even keep you looking great despite the weather.

However, the rain, snow, mud and extra miles of walking can pose some danger to your beloved boots. Equip yourself with the right caring tools and spend some quality time to care for your boots. This will not only make your shoes look less abused but will also let you save money on repairs. Instead of buying more pairs from a nearby wholesale shoes store, why not just invest on a proper caring tool for your boots.

Here are 5 things you need to own to care for your winter footwear.

1. Cedar Boot Tree

After a long day, take off your boots and slip a cedar boot tree into each shoe to absorb the moisture quickly and naturally. If you happen to get your boots wet, make sure to put the boot tree within an hour to avoid ruining the shape of your boots.

2. Boot Bag

Boots is even more difficult to pack when traveling that you specifically need to invest in a proper bag that is big enough to cover the whole thing. This will save your boots from being scuffed up by belts, zippers, jewelry and other sharp object in your luggage. More than anything else, it will also protect your clothes from the dirt in your boots.


3. Leather Conditioning Products

Dabbing it on your shoes seals them from water and can recondition the leather to make it look better after a long day. Take note of different chemicals used in conditioning products to keep your boots from harmful elements.

4. Brush and Cleaning Bar for Suede Boots

Suede materials need a special care. So if you own a couple of suede ankle boots and dress boots, a brush and cleaning bar is definitely a must have on your cleaning tools.

5. Travel Kit

When traveling during the Holidays, it’s always safe to secure a boot care kit wherever you go. Include a brush, cleaning bar, conditioning products and cloth for cleaning you boots.

Save yourself from often trips to wholesale shoes store by taking care of your boots. Invest in proper shoe caring kit and enjoy your favorite footwear for a longer period of time.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Shopping Shoes with Your Best Friend is a Great Idea

Let’s admit it. Shoe shopping is a lot of fun but it can also be stressful sometimes. From deciding what kind of shoes to buy, to going from one shoe store to another, to trying on different shoes and lining up to cashier, it pays to have someone with you in this crazy journey. So before you hit the nearest wholesale shoes store or shoe boutique near you, why not pick up your phone first and call your best shopping buddy.

Here are some other reasons why shopping with your best friend can help shoe shopping easier.

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1.       She knows what you really want

Unlike your mother or your boyfriend, your girl best friend can give you an advice that can be close enough to what you want. Because of years of being together, she can suggest a pair of sandals, or pumps that can fit your personal style and taste. She’s most likely to understand your needs and can easily pick up shoes for you without being imposing.

2.       She can be completely honest with you

When we want to try shoes that are far from our usual, we definitely need someone who can be brutally honest about how well it looks on our feet. That person can tell you that yellow is not really your color and that knee boots only make you look even shorter without hurting your feelings.

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3.       She can stop you from making wrong purchase

She’ll tell you to drop a shoe you think is lovely but doesn’t exactly fit your feet and she’ll tell you when a pair of wholesale shoes is overpriced. She’s also quick to tell when a sales person is just trying to get you with her sales pitch and will remind you not to buy shoes that are too tight or too high for you. Please remember to thank her later.

4.       She’s willing to wait as you try on different shoes

If you’re the kind of girl that is very picky when it comes to shoes that you wear, having a best friend with you can save you a lot trouble. She will let you try on different shoes and will help you examine each pair with her scrutinizing eyes. You won’t also hear her complain when you want to visit one shoe store from another.

Make shopping more efficient by doing it with your best friend and treat her with a sweet cup of coffee after a day of hard work. 
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Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Habits That Are Hurting Your Shoe Business

It’s always there but sometimes it’s hard to notice the small things that are negatively affecting your business. These small bad habits can hinder productivity in your business and can even turn off your potential customers. If you've noticed something off about your wholesale shoes business or retail shoe store, it’s time to reconsider your everyday habit that might affect your business.

When you’re finally able to pinpoint the cause of problem, you can easily take the necessary steps to minimize its effect in your business.

Take a look below and see if you've been doing these little things that affect the quality of your business.

1. Not Communicating With Your Staffs

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s important that you maintain an open communication line with your store staffs. This will make planning and execution of different marketing programs easier and can help avoid loss of sales for your shoe store. Good communication can also help your staffs perform better especially when you are not around to supervise them.

2. Being disorganized and untidy

Customers will come over and try different pairs of shoes before they finally make a purchase. They often won’t consider putting everything back to where they get it that your store will eventually become a mishmash of pumps, sandals and boots. Train your staffs on how to keep your store organized as much as possible and install shoe shelves that can make organizing shoe display a lot easier.

3. Overpricing

Do you sell your shoes at competitive price? Are other shoe stores in your area put it on the same price? If you've been over pricing your products just to get more sales, you will eventually lose a large number of your costumer. Make sure that all your product and services are rightly priced to fit the purchasing ability of your customers. Go for small and fast revenue than big yet slow sales.

There are other things that might be hindering the success of your shoe business. Take note of your small everyday practices that needs improvement and decide on different ways to address it.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Work Your Way to a Successful Shoe Store this Holiday Season

Few days from now, we will experience an increase in foot traffic in shopping centers and department stores in different parts of the country. This, along with the installation of colorful decorations and playing of Christmas songs on the radio, is just another sign that Holiday season is officially here. If you’re a wholesale shoes store owner or a local shoe retailer, this season is a great opportunity to make more sales and build connections with your customers.

However, making the Holiday season fruitful for your business takes a lot of preparation and hard work. But with the right planning and execution, you will eventually realize that everything is really worth it. Have your businesses running in full gear and take advantage of this season. Here are some tips to help you work your way this holiday season.

Be Organized

I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sea of people visiting your wholesale shoes store this Holiday season that is why it is even more important to have everything organized. Make sure to organize your display according to what ladies may need most and include a label and tag price clearly to make shopping easier for your customers.

Update your Marketing Tools

Are you using brochures, flyers or social media for your business? Take time to update your promotional tools to fit the mood and the season. Remember to keep your company information accurate and free of any typographical error. Holiday season is a great opportunity to promote your business so you can establish connection that can help you get through even to the off peak season.

Be aware of the trends

Fashion is always changing. What worked last year may not work for your shoe store this year. Keep yourself updated with the trends by reading blogs, looking at different fashion websites or keeping an eye on popular personalities and fashion icon. If you’re going to look online, you will see a lot of fashionable yet affordable women’s wholesale shoes that can fit your store this season.

Watch out for competitors

Know thy enemies. Take note of their holiday promos, how they reach their target market and how they price their shoes. This will give you a clear guide on what to do in your shoe store and how well you do in the competition. Although business is all about providing the best product and services, knowing who and what your competitors do can help you do better in this industry.

Whatever you plan to do this season, remember that your efforts must result to a long term success for your business. Don't forget to enjoy your holidays!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Complete Your Boots Collection with These Five Women’s Boots

Boots is every woman’s must have during fall and winter season. If you have a collection of different types of boots in your closet, you can surely survive this season by mixing and matching it with your entire fall outfit. Make sure to dedicate some time to visit an online wholesale shoes store or a nearby fashion boutique to get the best pair of boots for your fall fashion needs.

Invest in good pairs of boots and you will never run out of great things to wear this fall season. Wear it with skirt, dress, jeans or simply anything to glam up your fall outfit. To give you a quick guide on what you should have in your closet this season, we put together a short list of five different types of boots to include in your closet.

  1. The Sleek and Sexy Black Boots

On top of our list is the most versatile and sexy black boots. If you’re new to wearing boots, black booties or ankle boots is enough to get you through office wear and weekend getaways. It works with the most of your everyday casual wear and can surely add some glamour to the usual blouse and skinny jeans outfit.

  1. Neutral Boots
For everything else that won’t work with black boots, there’s neutral colored boots. They usually come in brown, beige or grey. If you’re wearing fancy floral dress and wants to keep the attention to your dress, just go for light colored boots. It softens up your look and can help you look more relaxed and youthful.

  1. Ragged Boots
Keep a pair of riding boots or combat boots ready for those dress down or too-lazy-to-dress-up days. These types of boots will give you the warmth and comfort you deserve when you just want to enjoy a fuss free day. Pair it with skinny jeans and boyfriend checkered polo and you’re all set for a lazy weekend.

  1. Knee High Boots
Get out of your fashion comfort zone and buy yourself a top quality knee high boots. It gives you great amount of warmth during fall and winter nights while making you look a real fashionista. That’s comfort and style rolled into one!

  1. Statement Boots
Instead of just going for your usual black boots when attending a weekend party with friends, why try slipping on a pair of statement boots that will surely steal the show. Think animal print and studded boots and you’re ready to rock the night away.

Update your boots collection today and enjoy shopping for different gorgeous pairs of shoes this season. 
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