Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Habits That Are Hurting Your Shoe Business

It’s always there but sometimes it’s hard to notice the small things that are negatively affecting your business. These small bad habits can hinder productivity in your business and can even turn off your potential customers. If you've noticed something off about your wholesale shoes business or retail shoe store, it’s time to reconsider your everyday habit that might affect your business.

When you’re finally able to pinpoint the cause of problem, you can easily take the necessary steps to minimize its effect in your business.

Take a look below and see if you've been doing these little things that affect the quality of your business.

1. Not Communicating With Your Staffs

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s important that you maintain an open communication line with your store staffs. This will make planning and execution of different marketing programs easier and can help avoid loss of sales for your shoe store. Good communication can also help your staffs perform better especially when you are not around to supervise them.

2. Being disorganized and untidy

Customers will come over and try different pairs of shoes before they finally make a purchase. They often won’t consider putting everything back to where they get it that your store will eventually become a mishmash of pumps, sandals and boots. Train your staffs on how to keep your store organized as much as possible and install shoe shelves that can make organizing shoe display a lot easier.

3. Overpricing

Do you sell your shoes at competitive price? Are other shoe stores in your area put it on the same price? If you've been over pricing your products just to get more sales, you will eventually lose a large number of your costumer. Make sure that all your product and services are rightly priced to fit the purchasing ability of your customers. Go for small and fast revenue than big yet slow sales.

There are other things that might be hindering the success of your shoe business. Take note of your small everyday practices that needs improvement and decide on different ways to address it.

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