Friday, November 22, 2013

Shoe Shopping for Office Parties? Read this first!

It’s the day to let your hair down, ditch the office uniform and get rid of that usual black office shoes. Everyday office wear can be pretty restricted because of some regulations, but at least once a year, we’re all allowed to dress differently and have fun with what we wear. Holiday parties is about getting a little tipsy, dancing till you drop and having fun after all!

While we still have to try our best to behave during Holiday parties, it’s also the best time when your officemates will show up in their carefully planned outfits. So instead of just picking up your usual weekend dress and shoes, why not hit your nearby wholesale shoes store and grab a new pair of high heeled pumps to glam up your party dress.

Here are some quick tips to help you through your shoe shopping!

Plan Ahead!

It’s just a one day event but you surely want to leave an impression to your workmates about being well dressed outside of your office. Research on what’s in by looking at online wholesale shoe stores and shoe blogs for trendiest footwear in the market.

Save Up!

Let’s admit it. A good pair of women’s shoe can be pretty expensive but investing on high quality footwear can save you from foot aches and other foot injury. It can specially make you look extra fashionable in your Holiday outfit and can help you look more presentable in front of your colleagues and bosses.

Choose Comfort

Wearing sky high heels can totally look sexy but having to walk barefoot after hours of dancing and walking, can look a little offbeat. Stick to mid high heels or bring extra flat shoes so you can have fun as much as you want. 

Think Neutral

Because we’re sure office party is not the only party you’re going to attend to this season, it’s best to keep your shoes in neutral shade of color. This way, you can easily change your dress and wear the same footwear to different occasions. Aside from black dress shoes, you can also go for pumps in royal blue, nude, silver or white.

Take this opportunity to show off your personal style. Shop for the trendiest wholesale shoes at and discover gorgeous shoes in a very affordable price. 

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