Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Get These Lovely Bow Shoes at Ceriwholesale!

There is something about ribbons and bows that can turn even the most usual looking shoes into chic and fashionable footwear. Whether it’s everyday casual shoes, office shoes or high fashion party shoes, a lady can surely use some whimsical bow tie on her foot. From fashion runways to the streets, shoes with lovely piece of bow can easily win the hearts of many shoe lovers.

Flats, pumps or sandals with bow, big or small, are popping out in every department store or shoe boutiques. They add a romantic vibe to bridal shoes and a little elegant flirtation to women’s dress shoes. No matter what the occasion is, you can find affordable wholesale shoes with lovely bow that goes well with your outfit.

Looking for wholesale bow shoes? Here our top picks!

This elegant velvet pumps will surely brighten up your mood. The lovely mustard color of this woman’s shoe will surely make everyone looking at your toes. Grab your favorite evening dress and make it work with these lovely shoes and add a couple of accessories for that perfectly pulled together look.


Choosing what shoes to wear to a party can be real challenging. But these lovely wholesale red shoes can make looking fashionable become easier. Enjoy the added height and walk with a confident stride when you wear these lovely shoes, accentuated by an embellished bow.


Your delicate feet deserve to be adorned by fabulous shoes. Made even more superb by a cute bow, this pair of women’s pumps can be worn with your best evening dress or little black dress. Wear something a little above the knee for that playful and chic look.

Office shoes need not to be dull and boring with this pair of shoes from Ceriwholesale. Slip on this lovely singe sole pumps, beautifully outlined with the color white and finished with an innocent white bow and enjoy looking fashionable even in your office uniform. You can also shift from your usual office attire to a lovely evening wear for an after office date without spending extra effort on your footwear.

Here at Ceriwholesale we have a lot of stunning wholesale shoes that are made to impress women from all walks of life. Get yourself updated with the latest shoe trends when you shop at our online store.

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