Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Shopping Shoes with Your Best Friend is a Great Idea

Let’s admit it. Shoe shopping is a lot of fun but it can also be stressful sometimes. From deciding what kind of shoes to buy, to going from one shoe store to another, to trying on different shoes and lining up to cashier, it pays to have someone with you in this crazy journey. So before you hit the nearest wholesale shoes store or shoe boutique near you, why not pick up your phone first and call your best shopping buddy.

Here are some other reasons why shopping with your best friend can help shoe shopping easier.

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1.       She knows what you really want

Unlike your mother or your boyfriend, your girl best friend can give you an advice that can be close enough to what you want. Because of years of being together, she can suggest a pair of sandals, or pumps that can fit your personal style and taste. She’s most likely to understand your needs and can easily pick up shoes for you without being imposing.

2.       She can be completely honest with you

When we want to try shoes that are far from our usual, we definitely need someone who can be brutally honest about how well it looks on our feet. That person can tell you that yellow is not really your color and that knee boots only make you look even shorter without hurting your feelings.

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3.       She can stop you from making wrong purchase

She’ll tell you to drop a shoe you think is lovely but doesn’t exactly fit your feet and she’ll tell you when a pair of wholesale shoes is overpriced. She’s also quick to tell when a sales person is just trying to get you with her sales pitch and will remind you not to buy shoes that are too tight or too high for you. Please remember to thank her later.

4.       She’s willing to wait as you try on different shoes

If you’re the kind of girl that is very picky when it comes to shoes that you wear, having a best friend with you can save you a lot trouble. She will let you try on different shoes and will help you examine each pair with her scrutinizing eyes. You won’t also hear her complain when you want to visit one shoe store from another.

Make shopping more efficient by doing it with your best friend and treat her with a sweet cup of coffee after a day of hard work. 

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