Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Your Titles Right With Your Wholesale Shoes

The internet presents a whole array of websites where wholesalers can sell their products. From wholesale shoes to wholesale jewelry, from wholesale led signs to wholesale beauty products, absolutely everything can be sold on the internet. Amazon and eBay are some of the best places online to sell wholesale products. However, with the stiff competition it’s important to stand out when selling wholesale shoes on online auction sites.

Here are some tips to make your wholesale shoes stand out in the online marketplace:

  • Titles are important.

Titles are important to bringing you good sales when selling wholesale shoes online. First and foremost, you should think of attention-grabbing titles when placing your wholesale shoes on online auction sites. It’s not enough that you have the lowest selling price or if you offer free or low cost shipping. If people don’t find titles for your wholesales shoes interesting enough, they won’t even bother checking out your listing.

  • Keywords are the key to increasing sales on wholesale shoes. 

Consumers use keywords when searching for products which are why titles should contain the right keywords. When thinking of an attention-grabbing title, remember to infuse as many keywords as possible without sounding annoying or redundant. For example, to sell wholesale ankle boots, you can put the words “Wholesale Women’s Shoes – Sexy Ankle Boots“. There is a 55-character limit on eBay, so you want to make sure that each character is relevant to maximize the title with important keywords.

  • Online auction sites are also very particular on how you should layout your titles in regards to grammar. 

Keywords placed in the title should be separated by a single space and punctuation should be used as minimally as possible. Punctuation takes up much needed space required for essential keywords. Additionally, it confuses the search system and your listing for gorgeous wholesale shoes may not come up on the search at all.

  • Finally, check out your competition. 

Other wholesalers are also selling wholesale shoes online. Their products may range from wholesale boots to wholesale wedge sandals, so it’s important to know what you’re up against. If other sellers use all capital letters, then use lower-case letters to stand out from your peers.

Titles don’t have to be special. When selling wholesale pumps or wholesale sandals, the right use of keywords will guarantee the best results.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Women, Know How to Pick Wholesale Shoes

Wholesale shoes are accessories women collect and invest in. Mixing shoes with a range of different ensembles brings out different looks for a woman. Before buying pairs of wholesale fashion shoes, there are a few reminders women should know. Women should determine if the shoes actually go with the type of feet they have. Not all shoes can go well with any type of feet, depending on the style of shoes such as high heels, wedges, or flats.

Knowing your weight and height is important as well. This will help you decide what feature you would like to emphasize. High heels make legs look longer and are perfect for short-legged women. Tall women can look good in mary janes or flat shoes. Women with thicker legs should avoid chunky shoes such as wedges or else those wholesale shoes could make your legs look even bulkier.

Because of the tough economic times, remember that wholesale shoes should be purchased only if you know they look good on you. One mistake women often commit is simply following fashion trends  without thinking if it looks good on them or not. Money goes to waste and the wholesale shoes could have gone to a better-suited owner.

When picking the right wholesale shoes, opt for the classic ones because they never go out of style. Wholesale shoes in black is a good choice for a color if you can’t decide which one to pick or what  looks best for a certain dress or outfit. Also, because the trend nowadays is for fashion styles to go back after a number of years, the timeless designs in wholesale shoes assure you of being a fashion forward gal who always look not only glamorous, but elegant too.
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Your Summer Wholesale Shoes Ready!

Everyone’s style evolves around a variety of factor that can trigger the change. While some will enjoy copying their favorite celebrity, others pick up styles from the people they meet. And every summer, when most people are out of school, they tend to pick up a different fashion style altogether.+

As an owner of a shoe store and a businessman (or woman), it is essential for you to take note of these things, especially once seasons change.

This summer, a variety of shoes have become quite famous, especially with some celebrities out and about donning these new fashion shoes. If you want to boost your sales this summer, it may be wise to consider these styles and purchase wholesale woman's shoes for your store as soon as possible.

Ankle or Platform Boots
Everyone loves boots. Unfortunately, they cannot wear it all the time, especially during the summer when the weather is too hot to have your feet cramped up in all that covers. This is what ankle boots are for – those summers when you want to wear boots, but you need lighter ones to keep your feet less heated up inside. Just like these boots worn by Kristen Stewart, Hollywood’s scorned highest-paid actress, fashionistas can now enjoy wearing their’s without heating up their feet.

Colorful Wedges
Summer is usually the time for bright and bold colors. This summer is definitely no different. With wedges available in various colors, fashionistas can now join the ranks of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin, who all enjoy the addition of these colored wedges to their style. Ceriwholesale provides sellers with a wide range of choices for these fun wedges. Choose from strappy wedges, to ankle boot wedges and even peep toe wedges.

High-heeled Pumps
There’s rarely a season when pumps are not trending. After all, pumps are appropriate for nearly all types of events. But now, it seems the higher the heels, the better. Just like Emma Roberts who enjoys spicing up her outfits with high-heeled pumps, your customers can also enjoy a selection of colored, strappy or peep-toe pumps with heel size never lower than 3 inches. Hopefully, your customers can handle these heels well.

So, if you are thinking of buying wholesale shoes for women, you may want to keep these types of shoes in mind. After all, everyone loves to look like a celebrity once in awhile.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things to Look For in a Wholesale Shoes Supplier

When you’re looking for a supplier of wholesale women’s shoes online, you might want to check if they have all of these characteristics before trusting your money with them.

1. Variety of shoes

A good wholesale shoe supplier should have a wide selection of shoes. What good will it do you if your supplier has a limited amount of shoes for you to choose from? None. You need a supplier who has many different types of shoes, designs and styles so you can freely choose the pairs you want or need in your shop.

2. Updated shoes styles

If your shoe supplier has a good selection of shoes, you also need to know if they have all the latest shoe styles on sale. Why? Because if your supplier is always late with the goods, you’ll also end up late selling the latest in the fashion world. By then, your competitors would've already gotten hold of what’s hot in fashion and people would be flocking to their store.

3. Updated website

Having an updated website is a factor that will determine your supplier’s consistency when it comes to their online businesses. If they don’t continue updating their terms, conditions, discounts and promos, that’ll mean that they don’t check their website too often. Not a good sign.

4. 24 hour customer service

As a customer who shops shoes online, it is important to have someone to talk to when you need help. Even if this means during the night or just before dawn, having someone to talk to will mean that the supplier really cares for their customers.

5. Helpful and friendly customer service

Even if they do have 24 hour customer service, what good will it do if the customer representatives are mean and unhelpful? As a customer, you’d want to talk to someone friendly and accommodating.

6. Shipping

You also need to know if the supplier has a trustworthy shipping partner. The rates should be reasonable and delivery should be fast too.

7. Discounts and sales

Online shops are popular because they can give discounts and sales. If they don’t, you’ll probably find one with regular sales.

8. Flexibility of payment methods

Being limited to only a few payment methods can be a bad thing for a customer. A good shoe supplier should always have more than 1 payment method to provide customers with flexibility when it comes to paying their goods.

9. Offers warranty or money-back guarantees

It’s normal to be disappointed with a product you bought online. In fact, once or twice, you’ll probably find yourself pondering over your choice of style. Besides, when a shoe supplier offers warranty or money-back guarantees for their products, they can assure their customers more about their reliability.

10. Good quality materials

If you've used a shoe supplier once or twice, then you can see how honest they are about their products. Do they really sell shoes made out of good quality materials? Can you trust the pictures they post online? If you find a shop that can offer quality shoes on a consistent basis, then you’ve found yourself a reliable shoe supplier.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: What Shoes Rocked in the Past

It’s a Thursday! And you know what that means: time for Throwback and reminisce on the past. For today, let’s look back at the hottest wholesale shoe trends that marked the past decade.

1. Platform and wedges.

High-heels never go out of style but platform and wedges, in particular, rocked the last decade. With their bold colors and even bolder designs, wholesale shoe catalogs are never complete without these two.

2.     Ballet flats.

They’re fun, they’re comfortable, they’re colorful and they’re everywhere. Ballet flats are so fun that expect them to last through the next fashion season.

3.      Boots.

The higher they go, the better. Boots are another staple of wholesale shoes, and they just get better and better with each passing fashion season. Once upon a time, boots were synonymous with just plain black leather. Today, boots come in all sorts of colors, prints and designs. The funkier, the better.

4.      Gladiator sandal flats.

This fashion tribute to ancient Roman warriors capped the last fashion season and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. If you’re planning on stocking up on wholesale shoes, make sure this fresh take on sandal flats are on your list.

Fashion trends come and go but some just won’t fade easily. That is why it’s important for you to know what wholesale shoes you should splurge on. With online wholesale shoes manufacturers like Ceriwholesale, keeping up-to-date with the latest shoe trend is simply one click away.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Colors and Your Wholesale Shoes Options

When it comes to buying wholesale women’s shoes, you have to do a little research first in order to make sure that the shoes you buy will sell to your market. The better you know your market, the more you’ll be able to sell.

One of the factors that you have to consider when choosing shoes is the color to get. If you have a big retail shop and a lot of customers, you can buy every color available for each type of shoe. But if you’re only a start-up, you might have to break it down a little. Instead of getting a pair for every color, you have to choose the colors that will sell better.

Here are a few tips on choosing colors for wholesale women's shoes

  • Black

This is always a good choice. Black is staple for many women and if they can use it to work, they will. Even if it’s not as fun-looking as other colors, black is one of the colors that you can count on to sell, no matter the type of shoe.

  • White

Now, this is a little trickier. White is a good color. Not as popular as black, but it’s a definite close second. While white is a popular color for business shoes and events, it’s not the usual choice for formal events. Pumps look great in white and so do boots, but glittery white sandals are barely noticeable.

  • Red

This is a great color for casual wear. Boots, dress sandals, flats, pumps and sneakers look great in red color. They might not be a good choice for office wear, but they stand out well when it comes to parties and standing out in the crowd. Teenagers and young adults also love the color red.

  • Brown and Gray

Both are alternatives to white and black. They can be used for formal wear and casual wear, even dress sandals. However, when it comes to dressing up for formal events, they can be pretty dull. Great colors for fall.

  • Pink and Blue

If your town or community will be holding dances or formal events in the near future, pink and blue may be a good color to consider. These colors are best sold during the summer when youthful colors are popular.

  • Yellow, Mustard and Light blue

Usually, these three colors sell well during the summer season. But recently, mustard has been a pretty popular color for autumn, as well.

Other colors like orange, purple and green are all dependent on the type of shoe and the current season.
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Your Wholesale Shoe Supplier: 5 Things You Need to Know

Did you think buying shoes from any wholesaler marks the end of your search for a reliable shoe supplier? Then you’re wrong.

When it comes to online businesses, it’s important to take extra caution in finding the right suppliers for your shop. The internet is a very tricky place to establish a business and if you’re too trusting, you might find yourself losing more money than you thought you would. So before you enter any agreement with a shoe supplier and buy wholesale women’s shoes, you need to know these 5 things first.

1. Company name and business address 

Before you enter a business contract with a wholesale supplier, you need to know who you’re dealing with first. Who are they? How did they begin their business? The more you know about the business you’re dealing with, the more you’ll feel safer about making your payments. Never forget to learn about your supplier. If you do, you might end up dealing with an online scammer.

2. Available feedback channels

If you really want to feel a little safer with your chosen wholesale supplier, always find time to look for any feedback about the company. Many people post reviews and feedback about online suppliers. Look in forums or make a Google search for feedback. By reading testimonials about the business you’re dealing with, you know how the company works with their clients and you have an idea of how to approach them.

3. Terms and conditions 

This is one of the biggest mistakes of starter retail sellers. They forget to read the terms and conditions of their suppliers. This is very important because there are some terms and conditions mentioned that may be essential once you've bought your items from them. Do they conduct return and exchange programs? Will they replace items that have been damaged due to shipping? These are the things you find out just by reading the terms and conditions. This set of rules will help you determine the responsibilities of your supplier. If the supplier happens to fall short with their promises, you can always make a complain using their terms and conditions.

4. Discounts or special partnerships

As a retail seller, you need to be on the lookout for good deals. Discounts and special partnerships will help you gain advantage over the possibilities for your profit. If your supplier offers special discounts, use them to get more products for a lower price. The better relationship you build with your supplier, the better for your business.

5. The products they sell 

Last, but never the least, always make the point to know about the products sold by your supplier. Are they made of quality materials? Are they from branded companies? Were they described well? If your supplier sells good products, then you've chosen a good supplier to buy from.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Four Factors You Need to Remember in Wholesale Shoes

When it comes to buying wholesale women’s shoes for your retail shoe store, you have to be smart, calculative and thorough. Buying shoes for yourself is easy because you know what you want. But when you’re buying shoes for a store to sell to other people, you can’t base all of your decisions on what you want. Instead, you need to know every detail about your supplier first before you make your purchase.

Here are 4 of the most important details you need to know before you shell out any money and complete the transaction.

1. Style of the shoe 

Never make the mistake of purchasing the shoes without overseeing the designs first. Have you ever experienced someone buying shoes from you only to realize you hate them? That’s what it’s like. If you don’t see the shoes you’re buying, you don’t know if these styles are currently fashionable or sellable to your market. If you buy shoes that are currently old fashion, no one will buy them and you’ll end up having a whole storage room full of shoes.

2. Quality of the shoe 

This is just as important as checking out the styles of the shoes you buy. If you really want to sell well, you have to make sure that the shoes you buy are made out of quality materials. This means that the heel won’t break, there aren’t any loose threads and the shoe should be in perfect condition when it reaches your shop. If you buy low quality shoes from your supplier, it could easily affect your reputation. Your customers will complain and soon, you’ll have a bad reputation ruining your sales. The quality of the shoes will be critical to the success of your business.

3. Terms of the wholesale deal 

As a wholesale buyer, you are entitled to discounts, promos, slashed off prices and exclusive deals. Ask your supplier if they can grant this to you because it will definitely help with the funds you have. If you have a contract, always read it over before you make any decisions. Suppliers should be responsible for their shortcomings and the contract should state this as well.

4. Price per wholesale package

Consider the price of the shoes before you finalize the purchase. Is it reasonable? Can you afford it? While the shoes may be stylish and made of high quality materials, if the price is too expensive, you may have to hesitate before you buy. Otherwise, you can also strike a deal with your supplier on how you can pay for the shoes on a contractual basis.

Don’t risk your business on an urge to buy wholesale shoes. This is business. Everything has to be calculated in order to ensure its success.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pointers When Buying Shoes in Bulk

If this is your first time to buy wholesale women’s shoes, then you should definitely listen up, especially because buying in wholesale is not as simple as buying shoes for yourself. When you buy your own pair of shoes, the only thing you have to worry about is the style you want and your size. However, when it comes to starting your own shoe business and buying shoes in bulk, things are a little different. You have to be conscious of what you buy in order to make sure that you don’t end up with lots of unsold stocks in your store.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you buy shoes in wholesale:

Don’t buy too many of the same pair of shoes 
Sometimes, suppliers of wholesale shoes require you to buy a minimum amount of pairs in order to be considered as a bulk purchase. Most likely this requirement is at 6 pairs per style or design (always make sure to ask though). If you’re only a start-up shoe retailer, avoid purchasing more than the minimum amount of pairs per style. Unless you’re sure that you can sell of the pairs, that’s the only time you can buy more. Instead of buying more than the minimum pairs of shoes per style, invest in a variety of styles so you can give your customers a good selection of shoes.

Do remember to ask for a discount 
If you intend to buy a lot of wholesale shoes, make sure you ask for a good discount. Even if your purchase is already discounted, there are several situations where a wholesale supplier will guarantee you another discount for a required amount of purchase. As long as you meet this amount, you might be able to get another percent off. Ask your supplier and discuss for any possible options.

Do make your research before going off to buy 
Buying shoes for your store without research can end up in disaster. If you don’t know what’s currently trending, how would you know what pairs of shoes will most likely sell? Make your research before going off to buy wholesale shoes. Being updated with the latest in fashion will help you to know the shoe styles that will help you make money.

Do check each pair of shoes first 
If your shoes will be delivered straight to your doorstep, make sure you check every pair first before you make the courier leave. Excitement always gets the better of retailers, but it is important to ensure that each pair you receive is in good condition. Check the soles, the colors, the heels and make sure every part of the shoe is perfect and brand new.

Getting a good shoe supplier is essential to the success of your business. Make sure that your shoe supplier is every bit as reliable to avoid mishaps, wasted investments and time.
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