Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things to Look For in a Wholesale Shoes Supplier

When you’re looking for a supplier of wholesale women’s shoes online, you might want to check if they have all of these characteristics before trusting your money with them.

1. Variety of shoes

A good wholesale shoe supplier should have a wide selection of shoes. What good will it do you if your supplier has a limited amount of shoes for you to choose from? None. You need a supplier who has many different types of shoes, designs and styles so you can freely choose the pairs you want or need in your shop.

2. Updated shoes styles

If your shoe supplier has a good selection of shoes, you also need to know if they have all the latest shoe styles on sale. Why? Because if your supplier is always late with the goods, you’ll also end up late selling the latest in the fashion world. By then, your competitors would've already gotten hold of what’s hot in fashion and people would be flocking to their store.

3. Updated website

Having an updated website is a factor that will determine your supplier’s consistency when it comes to their online businesses. If they don’t continue updating their terms, conditions, discounts and promos, that’ll mean that they don’t check their website too often. Not a good sign.

4. 24 hour customer service

As a customer who shops shoes online, it is important to have someone to talk to when you need help. Even if this means during the night or just before dawn, having someone to talk to will mean that the supplier really cares for their customers.

5. Helpful and friendly customer service

Even if they do have 24 hour customer service, what good will it do if the customer representatives are mean and unhelpful? As a customer, you’d want to talk to someone friendly and accommodating.

6. Shipping

You also need to know if the supplier has a trustworthy shipping partner. The rates should be reasonable and delivery should be fast too.

7. Discounts and sales

Online shops are popular because they can give discounts and sales. If they don’t, you’ll probably find one with regular sales.

8. Flexibility of payment methods

Being limited to only a few payment methods can be a bad thing for a customer. A good shoe supplier should always have more than 1 payment method to provide customers with flexibility when it comes to paying their goods.

9. Offers warranty or money-back guarantees

It’s normal to be disappointed with a product you bought online. In fact, once or twice, you’ll probably find yourself pondering over your choice of style. Besides, when a shoe supplier offers warranty or money-back guarantees for their products, they can assure their customers more about their reliability.

10. Good quality materials

If you've used a shoe supplier once or twice, then you can see how honest they are about their products. Do they really sell shoes made out of good quality materials? Can you trust the pictures they post online? If you find a shop that can offer quality shoes on a consistent basis, then you’ve found yourself a reliable shoe supplier.

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