Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Your Summer Wholesale Shoes Ready!

Everyone’s style evolves around a variety of factor that can trigger the change. While some will enjoy copying their favorite celebrity, others pick up styles from the people they meet. And every summer, when most people are out of school, they tend to pick up a different fashion style altogether.+

As an owner of a shoe store and a businessman (or woman), it is essential for you to take note of these things, especially once seasons change.

This summer, a variety of shoes have become quite famous, especially with some celebrities out and about donning these new fashion shoes. If you want to boost your sales this summer, it may be wise to consider these styles and purchase wholesale woman's shoes for your store as soon as possible.

Ankle or Platform Boots
Everyone loves boots. Unfortunately, they cannot wear it all the time, especially during the summer when the weather is too hot to have your feet cramped up in all that covers. This is what ankle boots are for – those summers when you want to wear boots, but you need lighter ones to keep your feet less heated up inside. Just like these boots worn by Kristen Stewart, Hollywood’s scorned highest-paid actress, fashionistas can now enjoy wearing their’s without heating up their feet.

Colorful Wedges
Summer is usually the time for bright and bold colors. This summer is definitely no different. With wedges available in various colors, fashionistas can now join the ranks of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin, who all enjoy the addition of these colored wedges to their style. Ceriwholesale provides sellers with a wide range of choices for these fun wedges. Choose from strappy wedges, to ankle boot wedges and even peep toe wedges.

High-heeled Pumps
There’s rarely a season when pumps are not trending. After all, pumps are appropriate for nearly all types of events. But now, it seems the higher the heels, the better. Just like Emma Roberts who enjoys spicing up her outfits with high-heeled pumps, your customers can also enjoy a selection of colored, strappy or peep-toe pumps with heel size never lower than 3 inches. Hopefully, your customers can handle these heels well.

So, if you are thinking of buying wholesale shoes for women, you may want to keep these types of shoes in mind. After all, everyone loves to look like a celebrity once in awhile.

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