Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Four Factors You Need to Remember in Wholesale Shoes

When it comes to buying wholesale women’s shoes for your retail shoe store, you have to be smart, calculative and thorough. Buying shoes for yourself is easy because you know what you want. But when you’re buying shoes for a store to sell to other people, you can’t base all of your decisions on what you want. Instead, you need to know every detail about your supplier first before you make your purchase.

Here are 4 of the most important details you need to know before you shell out any money and complete the transaction.

1. Style of the shoe 

Never make the mistake of purchasing the shoes without overseeing the designs first. Have you ever experienced someone buying shoes from you only to realize you hate them? That’s what it’s like. If you don’t see the shoes you’re buying, you don’t know if these styles are currently fashionable or sellable to your market. If you buy shoes that are currently old fashion, no one will buy them and you’ll end up having a whole storage room full of shoes.

2. Quality of the shoe 

This is just as important as checking out the styles of the shoes you buy. If you really want to sell well, you have to make sure that the shoes you buy are made out of quality materials. This means that the heel won’t break, there aren’t any loose threads and the shoe should be in perfect condition when it reaches your shop. If you buy low quality shoes from your supplier, it could easily affect your reputation. Your customers will complain and soon, you’ll have a bad reputation ruining your sales. The quality of the shoes will be critical to the success of your business.

3. Terms of the wholesale deal 

As a wholesale buyer, you are entitled to discounts, promos, slashed off prices and exclusive deals. Ask your supplier if they can grant this to you because it will definitely help with the funds you have. If you have a contract, always read it over before you make any decisions. Suppliers should be responsible for their shortcomings and the contract should state this as well.

4. Price per wholesale package

Consider the price of the shoes before you finalize the purchase. Is it reasonable? Can you afford it? While the shoes may be stylish and made of high quality materials, if the price is too expensive, you may have to hesitate before you buy. Otherwise, you can also strike a deal with your supplier on how you can pay for the shoes on a contractual basis.

Don’t risk your business on an urge to buy wholesale shoes. This is business. Everything has to be calculated in order to ensure its success.

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