Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Things You Need to Own to Care for Your Boots

When it comes to the chilly weather of fall and the freezing nights of winter, a pair of leather calf boots or knee high boots is probably your best friend next to heater and a hot cup of coffee. It allows you to comfortably walk through your everyday errand and keep your toes warm on your way to the office. With the available designs and styles, boots can even keep you looking great despite the weather.

However, the rain, snow, mud and extra miles of walking can pose some danger to your beloved boots. Equip yourself with the right caring tools and spend some quality time to care for your boots. This will not only make your shoes look less abused but will also let you save money on repairs. Instead of buying more pairs from a nearby wholesale shoes store, why not just invest on a proper caring tool for your boots.

Here are 5 things you need to own to care for your winter footwear.

1. Cedar Boot Tree

After a long day, take off your boots and slip a cedar boot tree into each shoe to absorb the moisture quickly and naturally. If you happen to get your boots wet, make sure to put the boot tree within an hour to avoid ruining the shape of your boots.

2. Boot Bag

Boots is even more difficult to pack when traveling that you specifically need to invest in a proper bag that is big enough to cover the whole thing. This will save your boots from being scuffed up by belts, zippers, jewelry and other sharp object in your luggage. More than anything else, it will also protect your clothes from the dirt in your boots.


3. Leather Conditioning Products

Dabbing it on your shoes seals them from water and can recondition the leather to make it look better after a long day. Take note of different chemicals used in conditioning products to keep your boots from harmful elements.

4. Brush and Cleaning Bar for Suede Boots

Suede materials need a special care. So if you own a couple of suede ankle boots and dress boots, a brush and cleaning bar is definitely a must have on your cleaning tools.

5. Travel Kit

When traveling during the Holidays, it’s always safe to secure a boot care kit wherever you go. Include a brush, cleaning bar, conditioning products and cloth for cleaning you boots.

Save yourself from often trips to wholesale shoes store by taking care of your boots. Invest in proper shoe caring kit and enjoy your favorite footwear for a longer period of time.

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