Friday, December 6, 2013

Fit for the Red Carpet: Velvet Shoes

Some big events this season call for red carpet-ready shoes. With all the Holiday parties and celebrations, it’s best to be prepared by getting the best footwear that spells elegance and luxury. When shopping for the shoes that you’re going to wear in some of the biggest events in your life this year, the rich color and lavishing texture of velvet shoes can easily come to mind.

One of this year’s biggest Holiday trends, velvet shoes has become extremely popular among the celebrities, bloggers and icons in the fashion industry. From sky high heels to comfy flats, the extravagance of this footwear is a perfect match for your chosen Holiday outfit. To top it all, velvet shoes are also available in different shopping malls and wholesale shoes stores in very affordable price.

Can’t wait to wear this plush footwear? Here are some quick tips to let you walk with style while wearing velvet shoes.

1. Add some sparkles

Pick something that has sheen to it to come up with a chic and playful look. If you’re going to a casual event but still want to dress up a little, charming velvet pumps with studs and sparkling details on it can be your best bet. Get your finest cocktail dress and slip on a high heeled pumps then complete your look with minimal and tasteful accessories.

2. Play with contrasting colors

Pair up a stylish white dress with an impressive velvet black booties for that sleek and neat fashion ensemble. High contrast trend is totally hot this year so you can definitely give it a go when attending corporate parties and events. Another fashion tip: if you’re wearing boots with gold chain or zipper on it, you can match your accessories accordingly for that fashion forward attitude.


3. Wear it over printed dress

What makes velvet wedge shoes or pumps one of the go to shoes for the red carpet is its versatility. It can fashionably look great with any prints without getting lost with all the details. If you’re in the mood for dress in floral, geometric or animal print, you can fashionably do so with this famous lady’s footwear.


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