Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Have a Worry Free Vacation for Entrepreneurs

Have you finally convinced yourself that you deserve a break from your wholesale shoes business or startup retail store? Well, maybe it’s about time!

If you’re a startup entrepreneur, you may have experienced a boat load of stress over the past year. Definitely, you can use a few days off with your family or friends. Although it’s ideal to just pack up your bags and leave, small business owners are notorious for not taking vacations over the years. Even those who do take time find it difficult to relax while on vacation.

Learn how to resist the urge to make a client call, check your mails or worry about everything going wrong while you are gone on a holiday. Think about the beach or your favorite holiday activity and just enjoy your vacation.

Here are some ways how to enjoy your vacation:

Create a Schedule and Stick with it

Maybe you have promised not to open your email over your five day vacation but failed to keep it as soon as you rode the plane. Keep yourself from feeling guilty by dedicating a time to check and reply to important emails and be on the loop. Keep it to a minimum and shut down your laptop and keep it away when you’re done. It takes a little discipline but the result can be rewarding for you and your family.

Trust your Employees

If you have given them the right instructions and if your vacation is planned in advance, your staff can actually manage a few pleasant days without you. Assign a point person whom you can trust to keep the business running until you’re back from your vacation.

No Business Calls

Call your wholesale shoe suppliers, settle bills and notify your clients the day before you go on your trip. Tell them that you will be unreachable in a couple of days and encourage them to leave an important message for you if something important comes up. Make sure to give them a call after the Holidays to resolve any possible issues as soon as possible.

Keep Family First

Focus on your family and your vacation. Give them the attention they need from you. This is the best time to make up for those late nights at the office! Don’t miss the opportunity to play with the kids, spend intimate moments with your other half and create fun memories! These small things will surely help you feel better and more inspired as you come back to work after the holidays.

Just consider this as a gift to yourself and your family. After a few days off, you will gain a better perspective and feel more charged to work again. 

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